Tails the Fox is a 4 and a half year old fox who's Sonic's best friend.


Tails is an orangey brown fox with two cream-tipped tails, a peach muzzle, a white furry patch on his chest, and wears red and white shoes.


Tails is a young, innocent fox who's wise beyond his years. He knows a lot about machinery and how to build things, but isn't good at calculating big numbers nor computers. He's a bit impulsive and chases after his two tails. He wants to be friends with people like Sonic.


Tails was born on West Side Island. He was bullied due to his two tails. One day, he heard of the Station Square born hero Sonic the Hedgehog and started idolizing him, thus being surprised when Sonic himself came to West Side Island to stop Dr. Robotnik for the second time. Sonic met Tails and the two became fast friends, saving the world once more.


Tails can go Super and even Hyper with the power of the Chaos and Super Emeralds.


Tails has the ability to hover in the air using his two tails. He's also pretty quick.


Tails is an expert at machinery and builds machines of all shapes and sizes.


Like Sonic, Tails cannot swim and will drown if he can't find an air bubble in time.

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