Cquote1 Oh my God! Do I seriously sound that much like her?! Even Knuckles used to do that! Cquote2
Tails from Lippies V.3.

Miles "Tails" Prower is a fictional, anthropomorphic golden-yellow fox, and one of the main characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series as Sonic's sidekick. In Lippies V.3 however, since Sonic had gone crazy and disappeared, Tails became a closer friend of Knuckles'. Other than this, his overall character in Lippies V.3 is quite similar to his official counterpart.


Tails is a golden-yellow red fox with a white underbelly and markings. He has blue eyes, and wears white gloves and socks with red and white shoes. His most notable feature is his twin tails that he can use to fly by propelling them.


Tails is a kind, smart and helpful individual, though he is also quite naïve. Tails would never hurt a soul, and tries his best to be as helpful and friendly as he can to others. The only times when Tails will get upset is if someone is doing something he believes evil, or hurting one of his friends, though he still wouldn't get violent unless his life depended on it. Generally instead he will stand up for himself or his friend, which can be surprising to others. At times, Tails may struggle to be independent, and similarly to how he used to rely on Sonic at times, he relies on Knuckles at times in Lippies V.3. Tails is very intelligent, and loves working on new inventions and building planes.



Not much of Tails' backstory is known, and while it's not really explained in Lippies V.3, it's thought that he was found by Sonic at a young age. They later meet Knuckles at Angel Island, which is supposed to be the events of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It's supposed that Sonic, Tails and Paws were all part of an experiment of Dr. Lee Thompson's when they were young, causing the existence of their "powers".

Current life in story

Since Lippies V.3 takes place four years after the general game canon, Tails is older and events from the games, more or less, are in the past. Since Sonic had gone crazy the four years earlier, Tails now lives at his workshop, near Sonic's older house, where Knuckles now stays. The two don't leave the area, in fear of encountering Sonic again. It's not until Knuckles' 20th birthday that they finally decide to head towards the town. Starting on this day is the beginning of a bad turn of events for the both of them.


"Approximately one second away is a hit to your robotic face!" - When Tails encounters an Omochao at the Lippies fair.

"*Sniff* I just wish everything ... was back to *sniff* normal!"

"My butt hurts ..."

"Oh my God! Do I seriously sound that much like her?! Even Knuckles used to do that!" - When Fangs mistakes Tails for Julie-Su.

"I don't know...but I think...I...uh...she hurt Knuckles!!!" - When Paws asks Tails what's wrong.


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