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Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower, is a fictional anthropomorfic fox created by SEGA. He is an inventor, who has the mind of a college student. He is currently the boyfriend of Cosmo the Seedrian and the best friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. 


Early Life and Childhood

Tails was born on Westside Island. As a child, he was always aware of things and tried to help out his parents in every way possible. Not very much was known about his very early life, though.

When Tails was 4, his parents and him moved to Mobius.He wasn't familiar with his surroundings and was very shy. Then, he met a boy named Sonic. The two became pretty good friends and always spended time as friends. Tails also became interested in machinery.

At the age of 8, Tails decided to focus on becoming an inventor. By now, he met Sonic's other friends. Tails always spent long hours working on lots of machines. His inventions were amazing, and his friends found them really useful.

Teenage Years

Tails is only 13, but he's a really big help to the group and makes a great sidekick to Sonic. His inventions are beyond belief. He also met Louis's circle of friends on the way.


Tails is very energetic. He always cheers on his friends and always says encouraging things to brighten the mood. This always happens when his inventions fails. Tails never gives up and always works on a project until it's right.

Tails is very patient and takes his time to work on projects. He doesn't rush his thinking and always tries to take short breaks to get his confidence back.

Physical Appearance

Tails currently stands at 3 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 60 pounds. His fur is a yellow-orange color. His skin underneath it is white, and has white chest fur. His eyes are big and split apart. He has a furry muzzle with four points on each side. His eyes are a sky blue. 

Tails's attire is very simple. He wears white gloves with sock cuffs. He wears no shirt or pants. Underneath it, he wears white rolled up socks. He also wears red shoes with a white tip and grey soles.

Abilities and Powers

Supernatural Abilities

Tails has excellent hearing. He hears from a good 300 feet away and is very suspicious of his surroundings. However, he sometimes has trouble sleeping because of this. This comes in handy during steakouts with Sonic or Knuckles.

With Tails's two tails, he is able to fly. It is unknown how he trained his tails to work this way, but apparently, he could fly to great heights. However, sometimes he gets tired if he flies too long, and starts falling down slowly.

General Skills

Tails has always been a great mechanic. He comes up with brilliant ideas and it takes him a while to build. Critics come to see Tails's machines and describe them as machines from another time and call him a mastermind for it.

Lists of Tails's Inventions

X-Tornado: Tails's most famed invention. He uses this as a plane to fly to far distances with his friends. It has an "X" shape to it. This machine can also turn into a destruct bot.

X-Torando Model 2.0: This model of the X-Tornado fits up to 10 people. It was first introduced in The Body Swap Room so all of his friends can get to the island.

Protectatron The main source of Tails's defense. It looks like a tiny upside down umbrella. When you crank it, the rotating umbrella spins, and any kind of attack goes through the hole and has no effect on the user.

Extension Arm This is a somewhat helpful device Tails made. It is shaped like an arm and a hand. This arm reaches up to one and a half miles.


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