Milena is a demonlike creature that is often worshipped by her many followers and feared by many more. She is a formidable threat as she retains a hefty amount of power and strength to her name. She is often seen in the companionship of the chaotic Velkorah, assisting him by stoking the flames of war, casting blame unto anyone that may be the cause of the afflicted's fears, when they actually aren't.

She pushes parties to ear by way of seeding doubt amongst a group of people ranging from a small group of friends to an entire society, regardless of size. She resides with Velkorah in the Krin Gorohk Prison, a large prison that was made for lawbreakers, but was then repurposed to house war criminals and P O.W s for the Silver Comet Battalion.

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It is believed that Milena; like most demons, is a possession-based shapeshifter, taking on the gender and physical race appearance of any being she possesses.

The primary form that Milena has been observed in is that of a 20-year-old female otter; though it is uncertain whether or not this is her true form. In her case, she appears a little more curvaceous rather than sleek; with moderate definition of the hips and a moderate-size bust; confirming the indication of her physical sex As with many otters, Milena appears to have a short muzzle with a rounded nose, whiskers on either cheek, small rounded ears atop her head and a long, thick tail.

Her fur is primarily golden yellow, a rather eye-catching color even on the corrupted footage that constitutes her profile, with the color darkening into an orange yellow around her muzzle, chest and tail tip. The footage also showed no obvious pupils or irises within Milena's eyes; leaving them completely white. It is uncertain whether this is a sign of vision impairment; or an attribute of her clan.


Unusually, Milena appeared to be rather light on attire in a manner similar to traditional Mobians; simply wearing a vest the color of platinum as well as boots. She also wears a white, short sleeved slik dress shirt under the vest, as well as a silver skater miniskirt.





In the footage captured by the G.U.N forces in battle with Milena; she appeared to have a number of beasts fighting alongside her. The first and most prominent appeared to be some sort of Wind-elemental judge, with features similar to that of a tengu covered in many gemstones. However, due to the corrupted video file lacking audio; there is no observed name for this beast. It appeared to be unleashing galeforce winds with gestures of it's webbed clawed hands, but at the same time appeared to be devouring the Aura of the G.U.N soldiers by manifesting it into monster.


Personal Skills

It is noted as highly likely that Milena has all the expected physiological powers expected of a pureblooded demon; with physical attributes comparable to if not on par with Shadow the Hedgehog. Her observed strength is indeed highly impressive; with it likely that her speed and reflexes also match up. Similarly, she is expected to be an omnikinetic, though her powers seemed to be emphasizing Nature as befitting a summoner.

During the recorded battle, Milena appeared to be only semi-active; fighting behind her beasts and pointing orders. On a number of occasions she was observed to be directly shot to no effect, suggesting either highly enhanced muscle density to a hardness similar to tank armor, or more likely some form of magical hardening. Another portion of the footage appeared to display her stabbing a soldier with little more than both index fingers, the man collapsing shortly after.

One of the more surprising moments of the fight occurred before Milena called upon her summons, with the woman appearing to make a request of a group of soldiers from the missing force, with the group of ten lowering their weapons and approaching the woman with what appeared to be a very friendly stance. This has been suggested to have been a psychic domination technique incorporating a suggested order; implying in turn that Milena is an extremely powerful psychic. Indeed, the three soldiers that have survived encounters with Milena have nothing but positive remarks to be made about the demonic figure; all very heavily emotionally invested with the entity to the point that suggested a psychological addiction. This group of soldiers were slain by a barrage of razor-sharp leaves launched by the woman before her summons even emerged.







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