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Tailsalyn is Tails's  daughter/sister. She has pink fur, 4 tails, and wears bows. She's very kind, overwhelming, and give out goodies!Neo has a crush on her.She was crated by Kendal345.

If you want to know more about Tailsalyn check Neolyn.


Early life

Tailsalyn was made by Tails because he wanted a sister(also Tails, but he wanted her to have a brother. So he made Shimmer the hedgehog. But since mobius was taken over by bad guys. Tails threw both of them out different ways before he got arrested by Dr. Eggman.Tailsalyn was thrown so far she landed on earth. A girl named Malia picked her up and took her in. Malia educated Tailsalyn and tought right from wrong. At age 5, Tailsalyn started going to pre-school and was the smartest person in the class. At age 8, Tailsalyn went to elementary school. Thats when she found out she had telekinesis and how to control it.     

Preteen years

At 11 she went to middle school and got all A+'s. Tailsalyn made some new friends. Malia was so proud of her.

Teen years

At 16, Tailsalyn went to high school. She also graduated college. After, she said her good-byes then went back to Mobius.

Present day

When Tailsalyn got back to Mobius looked around and saw Shimmer. They fought and Shimmer cut one of her tails off, but it grew back very quickly. But then they found who each other were. Then Tailsalyn educated Shimmer. Now She has a boyfriend named Neo Tranquil the Fox.


She a nice, kind 4 Tailed Fox. Overwhelming, and hyper, and wants to befriend anyone who wants to be friends. She joined a Group called the Shimmer Clan. Members are Shimmer the Hedgehog, Penelope the Hedgehog, Shuckz the Hedgehog, and Her Tailsalyn the Fox.


Quadruple Tails

Tailsalyn's unique trait is her genetic abnormality that has granted him 4 large, fluffy tails that can twirl together. During her lifetime, Tailsalyn has learned to use his 4 tails to his advantage in many situations, which is usually for transportation or unique combat moves. Also if one of her tails gets cut off, it grows back very quick.

Friends/Allies (add here)

Rivals/Eniemes (add here)

  • Amy (friendly rival)
  • Rouge (rival)
  • Dr. Eggman/Ivo Robotnik
  • Shadow
  • Sliver
  • Scourge
  • Snively
  • Enemies; The Trinity Organization (Solar has seen enough of these long lost sisters)


Sonic the hedgehog

They're very close friends. Once a day they have a race then after, they have a picnic.

Amy Rose

They're pretty much in the same fashion. They always dream there gonna be fashionistas. Sometime when one of them are hurt, One of the friends come to to help.

Knuckles the Echidna

They always go digging together. When they find a Chaos Emerald, They share the Emerald. One them takes

Cream the rabbit and Cheese the Chao

Her and Tailsalyn love flowers. They pick them every day!

They make bouquites and crafts together.

Shimmer the hedgehog

Tailsalyn and Shimmer are brother and sister.

They go and play together every day!

Shuckz the hedgehog

He is Tailsalyn's  second best friend.

He and her go and travel alot.

Fran the Merbat

Tailsalyn andFran first met in Roleplay:The Way Past Cool Party.

Fran made this special drink for Tailsalyn.

Jake the hedgebat

Jake and Tailsalyn have a Crush on each other.

They always hang out together.

Penelope the Hedgehog

She and Tailsalyn are good friends. They go shopping, read magazines, and talk about boys. Together, along with Shimmer, Shuckz, and Sonic and friends work together to protect the world.

Neo Tranquil the Fox

She has sort-of a crush on him. She first met him in Everwinter.



Off the grid

The way past cool party

Lost in the forest

That spoiled brat

Ability School

Love Stinks

Life at Hix High

Summer Camp

Other Stuff


Love interest: Neo Tranquil

Born: Cocoa island or Westside island(where ever Tails was born)

Boyfriend:Neo Tranquil

Theme Song

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