This is an article about Mike the Fox, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 12/14/2014.

"Open a package? NEVER!!!! The mail symbolizes the only freedom left in this world of chaos, the mail is and will always be worthy of risking one's own life to deliver, the mail is the very fabric that civilization is built upon! So stop trying to open my packages, okay?"

PERSONAL NOTE: This article is NOT a joke article. It may seem like one and even carries many of the traits of a joke article, but it is not one. This is a serious article and the creator wishes for it to be treated as such.


Mike is a somewhat tall (at least for a mobian) fox clad in standard mail-officer clothing. A light-blue shirt covered in patches of all kind, beige cargo shorts, and a beige sunhat make up most of his wardrobe, even when not working. His tail is somewhat thin, as he believes that a big, fluffy tail shows signs of laziness and leads to disorganization.


Mike is one to care more about work than anything. No matter how hard the job, what the cost is, he WILL deliver the mail or die trying. He's very passionate about his work and takes great pride in the line of duty he has taken up. Mike is also one to not chat for long, as he always needs to be doing something to pass time. He seems to easily lose track of thoughts, and could basically go from simply wondering about prices for food to planning his funeral years in advance with little provocation or explanation. Mike also suffers from a severe case of Obessive Compulsive Disorder, meaning that everything must be neat and fully organized for him to be clear of doubt in his mind.


Mike lived an absolutely normal life. Day in and day out, he would go through the same daily routine of going to wherever he needed to be (school, work, etc.) and coming home to relax for the next day. Nobody important to him died by the hands of some mad bird-fetus themed tyrant, his home was never seiged by war or discontent, only pure, average living, while just happening to be able to run fast. Overall, nothing tragic ever really happened... and that was the problem.

Mike, constantly seeing the actions of the worlds many heroes through news sources, wished to be a hero himself and try to help his local town, but had found that there was absolutely no help needed. No crimes broke out, no overly corrupt politicians took power, nothing. Just the same old boring, status-quo life he had known since birth. By the time he had reached adulthood, Mike had pretty much given up on that dream in favor of something more suited to his capabilities, while still having a high level of new areas and potential adventures to be had while doing so... this of course being postal service and package delivery. Ever since he was hired years ago all the way to today, Mike lives to serve in the brave line of work involving delivering packages and small letters to the correct people.


Mike has the (not really that much) unique ability of moving really fast. Not exactly speed of sound levels of speed, but still an admirable distance can be covered in short time. Rather than trying to fight people however, Mike usually opts to use his speed to evade capture, simply continuing on his way when things get too dangerous.


Mike's only real "weakness" is that he is quite physically weak. With no real physical strength or training for combat, Mike often tries to go a more safe and pacifistic route by simply watching events unfold from the outside rather than directly getting involved. This is conditionally voided by his other flaw, where when he starts a delivery, he will be dead-set on completing it. Whether through rain or snow, storm or apocalypse, he will try with all of his might to deliver so much as a simple letter to the correct recipient. He also will protect the mail he's delivering with his life, even if the object he's delivering is worth much overall.

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