Clide and Mike the Rooster with Two Heads
21 (Clide was born 1.2 seconds before Mike)
White and red rooster with two heads
Varies,they usually cut an extra hole in shirts
Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father Unnamed Adoptive Mother (Deceased)

Unnamed Adoptive Father (Deceased)
Romantic Interest
Three former girlfriends,Two Mike's,One Clide's
High I.Q. (Clide's), Good at Sports (Mike's),
None so far
None so far
Mike and Clide is a rooster with two heads. The two do everything together and usually have a hard time fitting into clothes.


Early life

When the two were born they're parents fled the hospital and the two were thrown in the streets shortly after they were born. The two went to school together and were always feared. They didn't have much friends but they didn't really need friends since the two always stuck together.


One day when the two were in second grade they went to an orpahnage where they were treated bitterly. School was slightly more bearable since they started to make friends but they were still outcasts. At the orphanage the two didn't talk much and never stood up for themselves until one day, the day they were adopted.

Adoption and Betrayal

The two were adopted by two megamillionairs who treated kindly and spoiled them. At that point the two became home shcooled to avoid bullies. For them it seemed they had everything they had ever wanted. Then one day their adoptive parents told them that they were going to put the two in a circus. The two refused but their parents signed them up for a local circus just to get more money. The two brothers finally stood up for their rights and killed their adoptive parents and took the house.

High School

The two went to a local highschool were they excelled in many subjects, impressing peers in the process the two were then know as "The two faces of genius". Even though they were widely popular they couldn't ever get dates since the duo's personalities would clash and often cause confusion for others. The two then graduated and were carried home.

Money Makers

The two then started making money by making gadgets and selling them and became even more rich. Even with all this money though they still longed for friends.

New Friends

One day when the two were grocery shopping Mike spotted a cute girl and started flirting with her. Freaked, the girl called her friends,Droget and Krinkinko to help her fight them. In a long and gruesome battle Team Twerunka Jungle came out victorius after Clide apologized for his brother's actions the five (four if you count Clide and Mike as a single person) had dinner together and became good friends.


Mike tends to be shy and quiet, rarely moving out of his comfort zone to talk to other people. He mainly enjoys reading and watching anime. Although quite meek, he tends to get stubborn streaks when someone tries to make him go out of his comfort zone. He is very ritualistic and messy.

Unlike his brother, Clide is very loud and rash. He likes meeting new people and greets everyone he meets, aggravating his brother to no end. He is very athletic and enjoys partaking in rigorous sports such as hiking, jogging, and American football. He is a womanizer and hits on almost every female he encounters, regardless of age. He is very impulsive, which tends to land him in toruble often.



Although Mike and Clide have an appearance that many would call "goofy" underestimating them could prove fatal. Mike and Clide posess very potent telekinesis which automatically triggers when threatened. In addition to telekenesis, Mike and Clide are a very fast runner, which allows them to flee from foes when their telekinesis backfires which it often does. Although Mike and Clide's telekinesis is rediculously powerful, it comes with a fatal flaw that being that it only functions when both of the brother's thoughts are in perfect unison. If the two have an arguement or even a minor disagreement over an action, their telekinesis abruptly stops.

Theme Song


  • It's often hard to decide what two call Clide and Mike,him or them.
  • Strangely the duo's favorite food is fried chicken.
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