Mij the Dog

Mij the Dog , also known as Anti-Jim, is the Moebian counterpart to Jim the Dog.


Mij looks very much like his Mobian counterpart, but with a few minor differences. Mij wears a different hairstyle; his hair is much neater than Jim's. Mij also wears different attire. Mij wears black and grey clothing and unlike Jim, is fully clothed. He wears a black ascot, black military boots, light grey (almost white) dress gloves, a very formal dark grey jacket that covers an undershirt, and light grey trousers. His face is also scarred.


Mij is a callous dog who cares little for his peers and mentors. He is also very mature and serious, avoiding showing emotions. Mij speaks very eloquently, having been educated well. He also uses flowery speech because it makes him seem "smarter", though he denies this. Mij looks down on lowbrow entertainment and humor. Mij is often seen as pretentious, snobbish, and ostentatious in his tastes. He is a very theatrical individual and has a liking for opera. However, Mij despises Broadway-style theatre.


Mij was born on Moebius fifteen years ago to a young couple. He had an older sister who was often sick. When Mij was a toddler, his sister had to be hospitalized. Mij often blamed himself for her illness, despite the fact that she was sick before he was born. His parents were wealthy, however, and were able to pay for the medical expenses needed.


Mij shares some powers with Jim, such as crystallokinesis


Mij is able to use his claws and teeth to scratch and bite.


Mij is a very adept swordfighter. He is also skilled at marksmanship, albeit less so than swordfighting.


Mij gets fatigued very easily.


  • Unlike Jim, who has an Australian accent, Mij speaks with a Received Pronounciation accent.
  • Mij was created years ago; his original name was Gym the Dog.
  • He takes slight inspiration from the characters Dr. Frasier Crane and Sideshow Bob from Cheers/Frasier and The Simpsons, respectively. However, the inspiration from Sideshow Bob is more evident.
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