Midnight Casino is the fourth zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 5. It's unlocked after defeated Dr. Eggman in Marine Ruin Zone. It's a casino/carnival themed zone built by Eggman's forces. It contains many casino elements like pinball bumpers, slot machines, and a new gimmick with a casino wheel. This zone contains the infamous "barrel of doom", but they give instructions on how to do it before you get on it. This is one of the only zone where Fang does not appear in.

Act 1

The level starts off in a pool from the Marine Ruin Zone. Then it continues into a casino theme with wheels, pinball machines, electric pinchers, and the "barrel of doom". At the end of the level, you go into a cannon avoiding electric ceilings and flying grenades.

Act 2

This level is a carnival level this time. You ride on lots of carnival gimmicks to get to the goal like a giant ferris wheel, roller coasters, a fun house, and a giant swing. At the second half, you go on top of circus tents avoiding Badniks and falling bombs in the dark.


Wattsofunny: An electric clown Badnik. It shoots electric sparks out of its nose.

Crawl mkII: An improved version of Crawl from Sonic 2. It now homes its claw at you.

Ruthless Rainbow: A spinning rainbow wheel. It shoots lasers from its chest.

Boss Battle

The battle will be in a pinball machine. It will have two phases. The first phase will have Eggman is watching Sonic suffer inside the machine. There is a weak spot in the pinball machine that the player has to hit 7 times. Eggman attacks by firing spike balls at you. After the first phase, the mad doctor comes in the Egg Mobile with spikes all over it. You can't hit it. The only way to defeat him is to avoid Eggman's charge attack at you. If done correctly, the Egg Mobile will tear up and Eggman will flee in his jetpack.

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