Michelle has a lot of connections with her friends, rivals and enemies.


Maranda the Hedgehog

(Adopted Sister)

Maranda is Michelle's adopted older sister. The girls loved to spend time together when they were little. As of now, Michelle really misses her big sis after she went to college. Sometimes. they'd have Wrestling vs Boxing fights.

Mildred the Cat


Mildred is Michelle's cousin. They don't see each other very often. As kids, the two loved to play together. As time moved on, when Mildred became a cheerleader, they love to practice together.

Romantic Interests

Sebastian the Fox Hybrid


Sebastian is be Michelle's boyfriend. Unlike Michelle, he is well mannered. The two have been great friends until they started to go out. The two often go out to fancy restaurants together so they could have fun, and they see each other a lot, usually to make Michelle try skateboarding.

Kester the Echidna


Kester is Michelle's ex-boyfriend. When the two went out, they were very happy together, and he was lucky to have her. Then, he started to limit them to not to what she wants, but he always dragged her into his schemes and disgusting experiences, until she had enough and broke up with him.


Alyssa the Dog

(Best friend;Honorary sister)

Michelle and Alyssa are best friends. To Alyssa, Michelle is like a big sister to her. Michelle first meet Alyssa when Alexis had introduced her to Alyssa. It could upset Alyssa if Michelle has a lot of things to do. Luckily, they do hang out often. Both are very good with helping each other. For instance, if Alyssa asked for a new dance routine for a competition, she would come up with a few moves of her own. Michelle often likes to train Alyssa to help her out with her acrobatic dances.
Michelle and Christina

Michelle with her best friend, gymnastics student and sister in-law, Christina at Lina's wedding

Christina "Christie" the HedgeCat

(Sister-In-Law;Gymnastics Student;Best Friend)

Michelle and Christina are best friends. The two meet in middle school, when Christina noticed Michelle's spectacular athleticism. They started to become friends, until they grew closer into best friends. They love to spend time at the mall together and just hang out a lot. They also work together on their projects for movies and other things. Michelle also is Christina's coach in gymnastics and tries to mold her into the gymnast that Michelle is today. 

Alexis Petals

(Best Friend;Honorary Sister)

Michelle and Alexis have been friends for a very long time. Both have almost everything in common and are classified as Dopplegangers. Both are in Performing Arts when Michelle Acts, Alexis sings. Both like to go to the same mall, usually order the same food, as of the present day go to the same school, and even more. 

Lina the Hedgehog

(Former Babysitter)

Lina first meet Michelle when she was 3. Lina was her babysitter back then, but now she's a close friend. The two don't see each other as often, with Lina being in college, but when they do, they love to catch up and have fun.

Candlelight the Echidna

(Close acquaintance)

Candlelight and Michelle are like close acquaintances. The two seem to have the complete opposite of each other's personalities. They talk a lot when they see each other, and try to grow closer as they move along.

David the HedgeFox

(Good friend)

Not much is known about David and Michelle. They don't interact a lot. Both seem to be good friends. They first meet at a live play at her school Christina starred in.

Knuckles the Echidna

(Good friend)

Michelle and Knuckles have a rather odd relationships. They come off as pretty good friends, but they seem to always tease each other as they try to see who is more strong, even though Knuckles would knock out Michelle. However, he admits that she isn't as weak as his friends.


Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog

(Arch Rival)

Michelle and Nikki used share a fierce rivalry together. They first meet at a cheer expo. Nikki was practicing pyrokinetics outside the stadium and the psychic force controlling the flame actidentlly ended burning Michelle's tail. After that incident, Michelle and Nikki became rivals, as they compete in everything they do, but later on, she makes up, although they share a rivalry.

Nightfall the BatCaracal

(Gymnastics rival)

Nightfall and Michelle are rivals in gymnastics. They seem to compete so see who is a better gymnast. They have been battling each other in fights as well, and they always seem to end up in a draw. Usually the two don't get along that well even when not in combat.

Sonic the Hedgehog

(Friendly Rival)

Sonic and Michelle seem to be considered rivals. They aren't good friends. Michelle would be considered a great opponent. However, Michelle finds Sonic's stories a bit of a stretch if you ask her. While Michelle is blown away by Sonic's speed, he is somewhat amazed by her gymnastics skills.

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