Michelle the Cat GW

Michelle the Cat is a character on the My Sweet Life series. She is an Olympic Gymnast who is one of the Eight Mates, until one of their members disappeared...


  • Name: Michelle Sabrina Fifi
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23
  • Species: Fox
  • Hair Color: Amber
  • Eye Color: Sky blue
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Birthday: May 12, 1997
  • Occupation:
    • Student at MCA (Graduated)
    • Olympic Gymnast
    • Actress
  • Status: Alive
  • First Appearance: My Sweet Deal
  • Last Appearance: TBA...


My Sweet Life

Summer of Sweet Secrets/Golden Secrets

Physical Appearance

Michelle didn't change her appearance that much; she is an amber brown cat, with matching hair, the bangs on the right side of her face, and sky blue strong eyes. She wears her black sleeveless leotard underneath a white geometric short skirt with black lining on the bottom. For footwear, she wears grey socks under black boots with grey laces, a large white tip, and grey soles.

As of Summer of Sweet Secrets, she wears a light cream comfortable dress with ruffles at the bottom and dark yellow lining on the top. She also has a dark yellowish belt with a bow on the front left side. For footwear, she wears lime green shoes with white socks, a white middle, and white tips. As an accessory, she wears a black necklace, and two dark yellow golden cuffs on her hands.


Michelle no different from her canon self, very upbeat, energetic and fun. She gets excited very easily and gets hyper over many things. Even at five in the morning, during rehearsals, she is always seemed to be very hyper and full of energy. She seems to be more active and tells everyone to get off their "lazy bums" to be active. She especially gets excited in fights and gymnastics training. She is mostly happy, and seen with a smile.

She is also extremely easy to talk to. Social and outgoing, she tries to make as many friends as possible to maintain a good impression on higher ranked critics. She happens to also have a habit of not really being able to shut up. Despite her talking about 'how awesome she is', she is always interested in what other's do as well.

Despite this however, she also tends to brag. She sometimes says, "I'm the best!" or "Haha! I won!" or "Look! I scored higher!" She sometimes doesn't even know it, and feels bad about it after on. Contradicting this, she has extremely good sportsmanship when she doesn't get carried away with bragging. She shakes other people's hands usually saying, "That was fun! Let's do this again some time!"

Michelle can immature at some points. She seems to hysterical jokes, most of them that she made up by herself.She also seems to be shown slacking off sometimes in school, or falling asleep in class. Sort of like a child, her attention span isn't that long, mainly because she has things to do or she just got bored by listening to them. Michelle also is very impatient and aware of her time. She doesn't like it when people keep her waiting for a long time, and has a tenancy of tapping her foot when they do. She also says, "Come on!" or "Hurry up!". This relates to her being hyper and wanting to do things.

Being an actress, Michelle sometimes appears to be fake in front of movie star directors, and other critics to make herself look more professional. She does the exact opposite of what she usually does, by keeping her mouth shut, maintaining proper posture and being patient; the three things that she is worst at.


Sebastian Parker: Broken Up

  • Started:Before My Sweet Deal
  • Ended: Bye, Bye, Blondie
  • Reason: Sebastian embarrassed her by picking a fight with Lili and making a fool out of himself;she didn't want to date a fool and slapped him
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