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Cquote1 You say I'm not ready for the Olympics. I say that the Olympics aren't ready for me! Cquote2
Michelle's line from her Stanson 2017 Olympics Commercial

Michelle the Cat is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a gymnast at heart, training in the sport since she was small, and is known all around her area for it. Her talent in gymnastics got her qualified as one of the three female gymnasts for the 2017 Summer Olympic Games. Because of her fame, Michelle inspires not only other gymnasts, but all athletes to never give up and always believe in themselves.

Although most people think Michelle is already busy with her life as a gymnast, Michelle also takes an interest in other activities, her most noticeable one being her acting. Being a gymnast, she lands many roles as the star of movies. She also takes part in diving to improve her acrobatic skills, and wrestling to improve her power. Aside from her professional career(s), Michelle is gifted with the power to manipulate electricity and nature at her own will. Using those two elements, she is part of The Eight Mates, a group of heroes who fight many villains, even though she misses many of the missions.

Michelle is one of the eight main protagonists in the My Sweet Life series, an alternate universe of what happens in the lives of her and her friends. Although there are a few differences than her original counterpart, she still retains the personality of the fun and hyper girl she is now.


Michelle's first design was actually a Tikal recolor. She and Alexis were originally long lost twins, who didn't even like each other. She looked oddly similar to Alexis. Her outfit was also the scrapped Princess and the Porcupine outfit. Instead of a gymnast, Michelle was a cheerleader. She still knew how to wrestle and be an amazing actress though. She was also going to be voiced by Veronica Taylor.

A headshot of Michelle's previous design

For DTA, most of her design was left alone. The only thing hat changed really was her bangs. It became from three long poofy bangs on one side into one big bang covering up her left eye. Other than that she kept her design. Also, Michelle's voice actor changed and now is voiced by Eileen Stevens. She also learned gymnsatics and used to cheerlead. She also learned nautre powers and electric powers.

Later on for SOBS, her outfit changed. Her hairstyle was left alone, also for part of the time, due to some of the events of the previous season, Michelle's tail has grown to it's real size. Her hairstyle was changed a bit on the lower section for season 3.

For Girls World, her outfit was created by Josep-Mello on deviantART. As now she is older and her voice actor changed to Mila Kunis. Her bang and hairstyle also changed to be much more complex.

For the official revamp of the Mariala Anime, My Sweet Life, the creator had major artist block for new designs, so he asked his cousin, and it would look great on her. Her physical appearance however, remains the same.

In 2016, Michelle was stripped from her chlorokinesis for an unknown reason.

XoPs Michelle the Cat

Credits XophPsycho for the drawing, thanks so much!

General Info

Michelle Sabrina Fifi is a 21-year-old cat living on 6712 Casino Ave. She grew up in Mariala City and attended the MCA, having a whole dorm room to herself. She lives with her mom and her dad. Her stepsister, Maranda is in college.

Her main career is her outstanding life as a gymnast. She is ranked #4 in the entire world, but #1 in her country. She inspires many children and even adults around the world. She owns her very own gym, and coaches people who want to learn gymnastics. Sometimes, she trains herself to become stronger and more skilled. She always helps out her students become the best gymnasts that they can be! She competed in the 2017 Summer Olympic Games, in Stanson, Kimland, coming in first place all around, earning a gold medal in three out of the four events, and the Lacancory Team taking home the gold in the Team All-Around.

Aside from that, she takes up yet another career in acting. She made appearances in 12 movies, and starred in four of them. She played "Melinda" in "Heartbreaker", "Princess Morgan" in "The Princess and the Porcupine", "Veronica" in "High School Musical 4" and "Lynn" in "Lovey Dovey". She also appeared on a few TV shows, talk shows, and even on Broadway! She is also a recurring cast member on the hit Kingsler series, The Hood, playing Nina Tonkin.


Main Article: Michelle the Cat/History

Alternate Histories

My Sweet Life

In My Sweet Sugar, Michelle and her two best friends are at the mall's restaurant. Michelle decides to prank Christina and pour 20 packets of sugar into her drink, despite Alexis's warnings. In the morning, Michelle and Alexis wake up from their sleepover, with the basement as a wreck, everything broken, holes in the walls, and graffiti on their faces. Michelle and Alexis must find a way to stop Christina.

In My Sweet Crush, Michelle is mentioned to have been away on a trip with another movie star, because she was invited to the premiere of a movie that she starred in. She is also still away in My Sweet Gossip.

In My Sweet Injury, Michelle is working on a vault pass. When she is running, the springboard breaks and her knee hits the horse. She finds out that her kneecap is dislocated and she is taken to the hospital immediately. She gets upset when she hears that she won't be able to do gymnastics for 9 weeks.



Beautifully done by Happy-Acid on deviantART

The best way to describe Michelle is lively and just all around a fun person to be around. Upbeat and energetic, she gets excited very easily and becomes hyper over many things. Even at five in the morning, during rehearsals, she is always seemed to be very hyper and full of energy. She seems to be more active and tells everyone to get off their "lazy bums" to be active. She especially gets excited in fights and gymnastics training. She is mostly happy, and seen with a smile.

She is also extremely easy to talk to. Social and outgoing, she tries to make as many friends as possible to maintain a good impression on higher ranked critics. She happens to also have a habit of not really being able to shut up. Despite her talking about 'how awesome she is', she is always interested in what other's do as well.

Despite this however, she is also very competitive and cocky. She also tends to brag quite a lot. She sometimes says, "I'm the best!" or "Haha! I won!" or "Look! I scored higher!" She sometimes doesn't even know it, and feels bad about it after on. Contradicting this, she has extremely good sportsmanship when she doesn't get carried away with bragging. She shakes other people's hands usually saying, "That was fun! Let's do this again some time!"

Michelle can immature at some points. She makes a lot of hysterical jokes, most of them that she made up by herself. She also seems to be shown slacking off sometimes back when she was in school, or falling asleep in class. If she doesn't care about something, she's not going to do it. Sort of like a child, her attention span isn't that long, mainly because she has things to do or she just got bored by listening to them.


Michelle being impatient.

Michelle also is very impatient and aware of her time. She doesn't like it when people keep her waiting for a long time, and has a tenancy of tapping her foot when they do. She also says, "Come on!" or "Hurry up!". This relates to her being hyper and wanting to do things.

Being an actress, Michelle sometimes appears to be fake in front of movie star directors, and other critics to make herself look more professional. She does the exact opposite of what she usually does, by keeping her mouth shut, maintaining proper posture and being patient; the three things that she is worst at.

Physical Appearance


Michelle stands at a height of 3 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs about 79 pounds. She is a brown colored cat with peach skin, and inner ears. She has no fur on her arms or tummy. She has one huge bang on her right side, but our left. Her tail is long and has a round tip at the end. Her eyes are disconnected and have light blue pupils. Her hair reaches down to below her waist.


Both Outfits

Michelle's casual attire on the left, and Michelle's gymnast attire on the right

Michelle wears her brand new jade-green long sleeve leotard with black sleeves and black accents around the waist. The leotard is also speckled in small white crystal-like dots. Usually, she curls her tail into a swirl to not get in the way. Being a gymnast, she is barefoot, sometimes wearing bandages around her ankles, and her hands and feet are covered in chalk. She also keeps her hair up in a ponytail with a green large barrette. Though she isn't supposed to, she keeps her iconic bang in front of her face, unless it is vital, then she pins it up.

On a more casual daily basis, Michelle likes to let her hair down. she keeps the leotard on, but she wears a light grey long sleeve leather jacket over it. She also wears black spanks with a light blue lining on the bottom to cover the bottom of her leotard. For shoes, she wears light blue sneakers with a white line through the middle, and white shoelaces, with black socks and white soles.

Fan Game Appearances

My Sweet Life: Escape From the Paparazzi- In this game, Krys is one of the eight main playable characters in the game. She has been chased down to the point where she is lost and must find her way back home. Along with this, she needs to avoid the fanbrats, media and most of all, the paparazzi. She amazing powers, and a good skillset in the game.



Main Article: Michelle the Cat/Gymnastics

Michelle's trademark skill is her outstanding gymnastics. She is one of the most amazing gymnasts in the world. As an athlete, she practices everyday for a solid few hours hoping to improve the skills she needs to improve on the most. She even is generous enough to coach and help a few of her friends who are interested in gymnastics. She can do any kind of gymnastics there is, whether it would be artistic, rhythmic, trampoline gymnastics, power tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics, artistic male gymnastics, parkour, or even cheerleading! She even performs at circuses/circs or even in front of people.

Her all time favorite event and best out of the four main artistic gymnastics apparatuses is the balance beam. She has little to no balance trouble with executing skills with a high difficulty, such as a punch front, back full, and even her personal favorite, the helicopter. It is followed by the floor, where she has powerful tumbling passes that blows away the competition. The uneven bars are definitely her weakest event, however she still makes it look mindblowingly easy.


Michelle is also a decent actress. She takes theatre very seriously and is often picked for either lead roles or stunt doubles. Currently, Michelle had 4 lead roles: She played Mellinda the bridesmaid in "Heart-Eater" She also played Princess Mi Amora Morganza "Morgan", the princess of the village, in "The Princess and the Porcupine". She also stars on a kids TV show called "The Hood" as "Nina". Also, she happens to be a main character in "High School Musical Four" as "Gabriella". Also, she was a stunt woman in many commercials, and movies.

Combat Skills

Michelle also knows how to fight. She is pretty good at it and can take her opponents down; even strong boys. When she ended a brawl, her opponents were scared to fight her; she was that strong. Sometimes, she combines her gymnastics skills and uses them as a technique for mostly attack and evasion, but sometimes defense. Her signature move is the "Acrobatic Finale", where she performs a handstand and grabs the neck with her legs, and popping up, making her swing around him and hurting the neck. She then handstands on it's shoulders and pops off into a back flip and then kicks it's back, making the opponent fall.

Abilities and Powers

Along with her gymnastics, she also possesses high acrobatic skill that just comes naturally, as she is able to run, jump and perform tricks on beams, bars and even tightropes! She also can grind on some metal beams and railings with ease. She also sometimes possesses high durability, as she is able to land, and sometimes even stick a jump from a high place, while others could fall to their death. As impressive as this is, it has extremely little effect on her gymnastics skills. She is also highly flexible, as her oversplits stretch out a good 140 degrees.

Michelle has proven herself to have enhanced speed. This comes from her training in gymnastics. With all the running involved in gymnastics, and with daily training by jogging around all day, she seems to have reached a point where although it's not superspeed, it's faster than the average mobian. She is said to run at a good 50 miles an hour, 60 with enough stamina, readiness and courage.

Along with Michelle's enhanced speed, she is said to inherit enhanced strength as well. She is said to be able to lift up to double and a half of her own weight! She usually does this when she reaches a state of being purely hyper, or angry. She usually does this when she is fighting crime.

Electricity Manipulation

(Or "Fulgrakinesis") This is Michelle's main elemental ability. She learned this at a young age and is now a master at wielding it. She is able to make lightning bolts, and electric balls appear from her hand. She can even withstand electric attacks, apparently, the only thing that she still has trouble withstanding is lightning bolts.

When she uses lightning bolts, or electric balls, they can be used to not only damage them, but shock them. She also make electric beams appear from her hand. She can also withstand paralysis because of this. She might be damaged by a little. With enough force, she can sometimes make lightning bolts strike from clouds. She can even leave her opponents paralyzed if used with enough power, which could make them motionless.


Attack: 9- Michelle's arms and legs are packed with great power.

Defense: 6- Michelle can defend herself from opponents.

Speed: 8- Michelle is very fast on her feet.

Magic: 8.5- Michelle has powerful electricity manipulation.

Evasion: 9- Michelle has fast reflexes, making it rather was for her to evade attacks

Intelligence: 5- Michelle is not very book smart, but she is exceptionally street smart

Skills: 8.5- Gymnastics is all the skill she needs.

Accuracy: 7- Michelle's aim is overall good.

Stamina: 6.5- Despite her being very fast, she could get out of breath if she runs for too long.

Tolorance: 5- Although physical attacks are a bit of a pain, elemental attacks are hard to withstand.

This character's fourstat code is 6775

Family Tree

Michelle Family Tree

Michelle's Family Tree


  • Grey text denote the deceased
  • Bold lines denote a marriage
  • Dawn and Paul adopted Maranda
  • Maranda is the adoptive sister of Michelle, but biologically the sister of Derek



2011 (Debut)

  • Gymnastics Extravaganza Championships
    • Floor: 3rd
    • Vault: 7th
    • Beam: 2nd
    • Bars: 4th
    • Overall: 3rd
  • Year-End Championships
    • Floor: 1st (First 1st on floor)
    • Vault: 2nd
    • Beam: 9th
    • Bars: 6th
    • Overall: 4th


  • Chestbourugh Conference
    • Floor: 2nd
    • Vault: 1st (First 1st on vault)
    • Beam: 5th
    • Bars: 5th
    • Overall: 4th
  • Evalina Championships
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 1st
    • Beam: 3rd
    • Bars: 3rd
    • Overall: 1st
  • Year-End Championships
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 3rd
    • Beam: 3rd
    • Bars: 3rd
    • Overall: 3rd


  • Rolling Hills Championships
    • Floor: 4th
    • Vault: 2nd
    • Beam: 9th
    • Bars: 1st (First 1st on bars)
    • Overall: 5th


  • New Verona State Championships
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 1st
    • Beam: 1st (First 1st on beam)
    • Bars: 1st
    • Overall: 1st (First All 1st)
  • East Regionals
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 1st
    • Beam: 2nd
    • Bars: 1st
    • Overall: 1st
  • Lacancorian Cup
    • Floor: 2nd
    • Vault: 3rd
    • Beam: 5th
    • Bars: 2nd
    • Overall: 3rd


  • Freshsnow Championships
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 1st
    • Beam: 1st
    • Bars: 3rd
    • Overall: 1st
  • Year-End Championships
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 1st
    • Beam: 1st
    • Bars: 2nd
    • Overall: 1st


  • Casino City Chapionships
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 1st
    • Beam: 1st
    • Bars: 1st
    • Overall: 1st
  • Asmropolis Tournament
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 1st
    • Beam: 1st
    • Bars: 2nd
    • Overall: 1st

2017 (Olympics Debut):

  • Sephora Confrence Championships
    • Floor: 1st
    • Vault: 3rd
    • Beam: 3rd
    • Bars: 1st
    • Overall: 2nd
  • Stanson 2017 Olympics
    • Floor: Gold
    • Vault: Gold
    • Beam: Silver
    • Bars: Gold
    • Overall: Gold
    • Team: Gold

Acting Awards

Oscar Award Winner- Michelle has won an Oscar eleven times in her entire life. All of them are from the four movies that she has starred in, such as "Heartbreaker", "Lovey Dovey", "The Princess and the Porcupine", and "High School Musical 4". She has been going to the Oscars since she was 13, which was only five years ago. Previously, she has won best actress and best supporting actress.

2017 Stanson Summer Olympic Games Competitor- Recently, Michelle, along with the rest of her olympic team, have received a letter that she has made tryouts for the 2017 Olympics for gymnastics. Afterward, her whole team was qualified for the Olympic Games, and they are now working very hard to beat all of the other regions of the world in Stanson.

Tony Award Winner- Michelle has won a Tony only once from last year. When she played "Ruth" in "A Raisin in the Sun", they thought that not only the play, but she was so good, that it got nominated for a Tony. Michelle won Best Lead Actress for this, and it was a great honor. Being a TV and movie actress, she isn't used to Broadway, so she doesn't go to the Tonys very often.

Kids Choice Awards Winner- Michelle has been going to this award show ever since "Heartbreaker" when it came out four years ago. She says that it is very fun to attend the KCA's because you always get slimed when you win something. She has won five awards over the past two years, for favorite movie actress and best female butt kicker.


  • Michelle is deathly afraid of clowns ever since she was a little girl.
  • Michelle pins up her large bang in gymnastics competitions and meets, but that eye sees a brighter version of things.
  • Michelle hates waiting for a table to open up.
    • If a wait time is anything over a half hour, she will get up and leave the restaurant.
  • Michelle is the sixth overall character created by Darkest Shadow.
    • She is the first cat character created by him.
  • Michelle is said to be the best gymnast on the Olympic team, if not the best on the east coast.
  • Michelle's name and her month of birth both being with the letter M.
  • Michelle and Christina share the same middle name, "Sabrina" (Michelle Sabrina Fifi | Christina Sabrina Transon.
  • Michelle was born on May 12, therefore she is a Taurus.
  • Although she has the skill and flexibility for it, Michelle hates it when others ask if she does cheerleading.
    • In fact, she hates the "sport" in general.
  • Michelle's favorite color is undoubtedly green
  • Michelle loves faking British accents to mess around with her friends

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