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Micheal Caspar The Cat
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December 3rd
Games, adventuring, Basketball, amongst other sports, and Pizza
Being left out
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Favorite Food
Hotdogs with ketchup and mustard, Root Beer.

Micheal, Mike for short, is a cat living in Emerald Town and an old friend of Gizmo The Cat. They, along with his twin sister Lina, used to go to school together before Gizmo moved to Green Flower City. After Gizmo moved away, he felt that he was living a boring life for a while. Time quickly passed, and they grew up to be more responsible and mature. He tries to keep in touch with Gizmo often, seeing how he was his first friend. In his latest appearance, it's shown that he is more than what he appears to be.

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Mike is an orange cat with short hair, and brown eyes. He has a fluffy patch of white fur on his chest, going down to his waist. His outfit's may vary, but his usual attire is a black vest and worn down shorts with a couple of patches on them. He wears dark red gloves and red and gray shoes. He almost always wears his trademark cap, regardless of the situation.


Mike is an energetic, athletic boy who's always on the lookout for fun. He loves sports, and is generally great most of them. He is definitely an outdoors person. He's also a kind and caring person who looks out for his friends; He'd usually go out of his way to help someone.

He also loves chao, and often goes to see chao races.

Strengths and Powers

Mike wasn't thought to have any powers of the sort. He was just an ordinary boy, even more ordinary than his best friend, Gizmo. He is good at sports though, as mentioned above. He's very energetic and atheletic. He is also somewhat quick, and a pretty high jumper.

It was revealed in the episode "Moonlight Visitor", that Mike was the "Chosen One" to be the guardian of a mysterious girl named Diana, for he had the power to restrain the monster within her. He still doesn't know exactly how it works, or if the prophecy is even really true, but he still feels a very strong connection with her...

Partly because of this, and mostly because of current circumstances, he was trained to fight and defend himself and others by Smash The Echidna. He has little fighting experience, but knows the basics now.

General Info

Mike lives with his parents and sister in Emerald Town. After Gizmo left, the trio was broken, and they went their separate ways in life. Mike had been living a "boring life" ever since. Always hearing about various excitement down in Greenflower City, he always jumps at the chance to visit. His latest visit, however, thrust him into an adventure he'd never even dreamed of having.

Items Currently In Possession

Claw Gloves - Designed and given to him by Gizmo The Cat. The gloves are fitted with long, retractable claws. The gloves are the same color as his regular ones.

Guard Gauntlets - Originally a lock-on for Smash's gloves; Gizmo made a new model specially for Mike. They can be used on any gloves, or even by themselves and lock onto one's bare hands. Made of tough and thick steel, and fitted with a sleek diamond surface, they are meant to guard the back of one's hands down to just below their wrists.

Blaze Ring - The best quality Fire Elemental ring that was available, before the factory was shut down. Given to him by Gizmo.

Life Ring - An Elemental Ring that is rumored to protect against death. It also has top quality healing powers, but they're significantly harder to tap into. Also recieved from Gizmo.


Mike The Cat 2.png

Mike was originally just supposed to exist for Gizmo's tiny little backstory. He didn't have much purpose other than that, though I did have him appear in one (now non-canon) episode in the series. Though his original profile had some unfortunate implications with how attached he was to Gizmo. Even if he didn't actually act like it, his profile noted that he hated being apart from him.

Aside from that one time he appeared, he had little to no purpose in the story other than Gizmo's backstory. He then had a little bit more character development overtime, with plans for appearances later, but none of that ever really happened until the RP "Moonlight Visitor", where he became one of, if not the main character of the story. He had much more development there, and even had his design revamped. (it could be considered that this is just how he looks after 8 years, and the other design was canon as well.)


Shows where the characters have made an appearance.


Moonlight Visitor: Mike and his sister, Lina, come to visit Gizmo and his friends for a big barbecue at Smash's house. a few days before the Blitz Pit World Tournament. That night, a mysterious figure leads Smash and Mike into the forest, where they find a girl covered in a brilliant light. Everyone felt some sort of evil presence radiating from the girl, but Mike felt it to be pure...

Other Appearances

Relationships with Other Characters

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Mike has a pretty small and ordinary family. He lives with his parents and his twin sister.

Lina The Cat

His twin sister, his playmate as a child, and one of the few people he could call a "friend". Aside from Gizmo, he hadn't made too many friends away from home, so he stuck around with Lina while growing up.


Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo was his first friend, and part of their trio back when they were kids. They're best buddies who go way back. They still keep in touch via phone and letters, after Gizmo moved away.

Smash The Echidna

Mike respects Smash as an older mentor figure, and trained under him so that he could be capable of protecting Diana.

Other characters


Diana The Rabbit

In a series of events, Mike ended up being swept up in a dangerous situation involving the planet Animas and all of it's inhabitants. Mainly, he was involved directly through Diana, whom he was to protect from her pursuers. In time the two began to fall for eachother, and have officially become a couple.


Lucretia the Rabbit

The wicked queen of Animas, and actually Diana's older sister. 13 years ago, she succeeded in taking the throne of their planet, killing their parents and torturing their brother Perseus in secret. She has been searching for Diana all of this time, wanting to unleash the terrible power of the Animus Moon Crystal Diana possesses. Mike vowed to not only protect Diana from her, but to defeat Lucretia and free Animas from her tyranny.

Fun Facts

  • Mike, though being an age old character, only made one or two appearances in the series before his revamp. Both of them were non-canon, though one was remade.