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Michael is a tall male gray fox, He has red eyes and often wears a suit and tie with black gloves and shoes. He has small spike like hair form his head.


Michael is selfish mean and only cares about himself. He loves money and attention, And well stop at nothing to get those 2 things. When it comes to interacting with others he mostly acts rude and selfish unless the person is completely loyal to him. When it comes to money he treats it like family. Even going as far as naming his bills sometimes.


Coming soon..

Powers and Techniques

  • His main ability is to create manipulate dark matter, This allows him him to make dark objects and use them for a lot of different purposes.
  • Has the ability to teleport into dark smoke
  • Can mind control evil beings (This does not work if the being or creature is stronger than him)
  • Is super agile and hard to catch
  • Has a huge army and a cult following
  • Is super rich and can afford almost anything


  • Well do almost anything for his money
  • Being a being of darkness he is weak to light base attacks
  • Is super cocky and ignorant in battle
  • Is super dumb and has a pretty low IQ

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