Cquote1 Lucky, it was never about being special. It was about being yourself. Even if you don't believe it, you have a mother and father who believe you're very special. You should go to them. Cquote2
Michael to Lucky Smith, Lucky's Quest

Michael Smith is a young, white-furred German Shepherd on The Storm Fighters and a minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is the younger brother of Austin Smith, and therefore the uncle of Dallas and Dakota Smith, and also native to the USA. In the Prologue for The Villain's Reveal, Michael was ambushed and brutally attacked by Dr. Finitevus; but despite being saved from death by Silver the Lucario, Michael later died of his injuries in the hospital.


Human: Michael's appearance as a human was never mentioned.

Dog: As a dog, Michael is a white German Shepherd, but retains his green eyes. While it was never mentioned, he wore a gray t-shirt, similar to Austin's black shirt.


Being a very minor character, Michael's personality has never really been flushed out, but it's possible that like Austin, he was a bit of a fanboy for what he enjoyed. He cared deeply for his brother, and when Austin was driven into exile, Michael often lingered around the river his brother always visited.


Michael was born a few years after Austin, who immediately became very attached to his brother. Michael loved reading comics, playing video games, and watching TV and movies with his brother because of Austin's habit of imagining himself in whatever they were doing and detailing what he would do if he were there. An unknown time after Austin was brought to the Four Worlds of the series, Michael arrived, though it is never mentioned how. He chooses to remain at the Storming Base to be with his brother. He doesn't appear much in the series afterward. As a result of his closeness to his brother, Michael came to seriously dislike Finitevus because of the evil Echidna's obsession with Austin.

A Brother's Search: Michael will be the protagonist of this story detailing how he came to the Four Worlds and began his search for his missing brother.

The Villain's Reveal: In the Prologue, Michael is ambushed and brutally attacked by Finitevus, being kicked in the ribs twice, and getting punched in the ribs and throat. At the end of the story, he dies in the hospital.


Because Michael was only seen actually fighting in Austin's Battle, his weaknesses are unknown. It's possible that his closeness with his brother could be a weakness, since after Silver's Journey and Austin's Exile, Finitevus targeted Michael in an effort to make Austin "listen" to him.

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