Michael Smith is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is Austin's younger brother, and the only other person to come from Earth. Unlike Austin, who is bad-tempered and grouchy, Michael is calmer and friendlier. For a while after arriving in the Four Worlds, Michael spent some time as a loner looking for his brother until he found the Storm Fighters with Silver the Lucario's help. After that, he lived among the warriors until his death.


Human: Michael's appearance as a human was never mentioned.

Dog: Michael is a young German Shepherd with white fur and green eyes. He wears a gray t-shirt, and has a long scar on the back of his neck. As a Spirit, it is noted his fur looks like it's dusted with stars


Michael is kind, friendly, and spunky. Early into his days in the Four Worlds, Michael was rather nervous around Dr. Finitevus and Neo Metal Sonic. Later, he became quite fiery, and a loyal and fierce warrior. He is fiercely loyal to his brother, and loves him very much. As a Spirit, it's noted that he often mopes around, though he interferes in the Worlds' affairs the most out of all the Spirits, besides Fox.


Michael was born a few years after Austin, who immediately became very attached to his brother. Michael loved reading comics, playing video games, and watching TV and movies with his brother because of Austin's habit of imagining himself in whatever they were doing and detailing what he would do if he were there. An unknown time after Austin was brought to the Four Worlds of the series, Michael arrived, though it is never mentioned how. He chooses to remain at the Storming Base to be with his brother. He doesn't appear much in the series afterward. As a result of his closeness to his brother, Michael came to seriously dislike Finitevus because of the evil Echidna's obsession with Austin.

A Brother's Search: Michael is be the protagonist of this story detailing how he came to the Four Worlds and began his search for his missing brother.

Silver's Mission: Michael and his traveling partner Tanner the Fox are found under attack by Egg Pawns by Silver the Lucario and his clan. The pair are forced up on top of a nearby Eggman base owned by Neo Metal Sonic. Silver confronts Metal when he arrives to deal with the intruders. When Silver knocks Metal back and to the floor with a powerful Power-Up Punch, Michael tries to creep past the seemingly knocked out robot, but Metal grabs his foot. Michael falls to the floor and panics, wailing for Silver to help him. However, Metal grabs Michael completely as he gets up. Michael is forced back to a squad of Egg Pawns that grab him. Later, Michael tries to escape by himself, but is caught by Metal Sonic. When Metal tries to grab Michael, he ducks away, and receives a nasty wound on the back of his neck. Metal grabs him anyway and recaptures him, putting him back in a prison cell. Later, Silver leads a mission to rescue Michael. When Silver and Mitch confront Metal, the robot has Michael brought out in response to the Lucario's order for Mitch to go off and find Michael. Silver orders Mitch to get Michael off the ship, which he does, before Silver battles Metal.



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