Attack of the Creeperhogs

Role: Protagonist

Beast Legends

Role: Protagonist

Fury of the Elemental Gods

Role: Antagonist

He first appears alongside his brother, the two of them wandering the forest. They end up finding Orbot and Cubot, as well as some Badniks, trying to find one of the Elemental Orbs at the behest of Dr. Eggman. Orbot ends up seeing them both, but isn't hostile towards them, and simply explains his situation to the boys (to which Calvin acts rather bratty).

However, Calvin ends up sympathizing with Orbot somewhat after hearing about how him and Cubot do all the work for Eggman but get none of the credit or appreciation. Micah and Calvin eventually decide to help Orbot and Cubot in their mission to secure the Orbs for Eggman, if only to try and help the robotic duo escape from a life of servitude to the mad doctor.

Once he and his brother were inside the Eggman Fleet, they were given a tour by both Orbot and Cubot, though when Orbot provided them a prison cell, Cubot became jealous and both he and Orbot began scuffling at each other before being taken away by the two guards. As a result, the duo were now able to explore the Eggman Fleet unhindered.

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