This technique is actually quite effective compared to the technique Miasma. The reason being the user injects miasma (or attempts to) inject it directly into their victims.


Miasma Spindash is a somewhat complicated technique. While the cost is techically higher than Miasma, unlike it, the User doesn't need to make it as large as possible, simply be accurate. The user first initiates a spindash. However, instead of releasing right away, they must initiate Miasma while charging up the spindash. This will cause the Miasma to surround the user with miasma while in spindash mode. Like Miasma, the more energy spent and longer, the larger and longer the Miasma will last. After the desired miasma size is reached, the user may then aim and unleash the Miasma Spindash.


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  • Chaos Spindash
  • Electric Spindash
  • Flaming Spindash
  • Arctic Spindash


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Well let's see... First off, the damage is not just the Miasma itself, but also the force of the spindash. The energy required is more than an instant Miasma, but due to not needing range and simply hitting, it is better. The actual range of the attack is completely dependant on the spindash's range itself. Finally, the user can directly infect the target with Miasma. As a result, I consider this to be a C-A Rank technique.

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