Mia the Wolf is a character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a model working under Project Maserati.

General Info

Mia Carmen Corella is a 20-year-old wolf born and raised in Gilliguard Town. She lived with her aunt, and her two older brothers. She was a great softball player who was very interested in fashion. She was nominated team captain. She thought that her life had softball all over it. She saw the world in green and red.

In 2013, Mia was selected to be Miss Lacancory in the Miss Universe pageant. She came in 4th place in the competition. This changed her life's path, as she drew away from softball and college. She got a job working in Starcose City as a TV personality on the reality show, Runway. Two years later, she was called down to work as a model in New Oreal City. She liked the lifestyle better down in the middle than on the West Coast.


Mia is a confident, hotheaded, and headstrong girl. She is cocky, and believes she can do anything. Strong, independent and fearless, she rises above her peers and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. She is also quite rebellious, seen as mostly not following orders and doing what she pleases. This isn't very good for her job, so she tries her best to tone it down.

Mia is also quite the socialite. Ebullient and full of positive energy, it's hard for her to keep quiet for more than ten seconds.

Physical Appearance

Mia stands at 3'7 and weighs about 93 lbs. She is a wolf with grey fur and grey curly hair. Her eyes are a deep shade of forest green.

Powers and Abilities


A curse Mia has been born with, Mia uses her pyrokinesis often in battle. However, Mia never really took interest in this ability, therefore she doesn't know it's capabilities. Mia usually uses this to light things (or people) on fire. It's a terrifying ability, and when she's angry it gets out of control. She almost burned her house down six times. She learned to control this anger and her ability.


Attack: 8- Unlike most girls, Mia is a powerful puncher, though her bitchslap leaves quite the mark.

Defense: 7- Exceptionally strong.

Speed: 9- Mia is quite quick on her feet, and runs very quickly.

Magic: 0- Mia possesses no magic ability.

Evasion:8- Paired up with her speed.

Skill: 8- Mia's family bloodline is known to be very well trained.

Intelligence: 6- She was a B-C student in high school.

Accuracy: 5- Since she formerly wore glasses, she had trouble seeing her targets, but now it's better.

Stamina: 10- This woman has no excuse to be tired, as she basically is living caffeine.

Tolerance: 6- Average.


Ricardo the Wolf- Her cousin from birth, Mia and Ricardo have a healthy relationship with each other. Mia flies down to Mariala City at least once a year to go check on Ricardo, mostly on Christmas or his birthday week. It is also tradition for the two to have a fight to see if they got stronger.

Christina the HedgeCat- World-renowned fashion icon, Christina and Mia became good friends on her first day. Christina often lets Mia sleep over at her penthouse, as long as she doesn't set the house on fire. The two talk often. Christina was shocked to find out that Ricardo was her kin, which made them grow even closer.

Valentina the Husky

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