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Cquote1 Why, hello, Miss Know-it-all! I do believe your in my way! One little fight can solve this. Even if you refuse, you must be dead and I shall battle you anyway! You're no challenge, so what's the point? This won't even be a close call! This little game of ours must come to an end. So prepare to be destroyed, my formal adversary! Cquote2

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Mia is a Mobian female hedgehog with yellow hair and fur. She is a recolor of Amy and she wears a light pink         T-shirt as well as a black skirt. She has black and pink shoes and blue eyes. She has black rings on her hand but no gloves.


Mia's personality is a little selfish. Mia tries to be a Mary-Sue, but fails. She can very impatient and is a bad sport. She does get really irritating at times and doesn't respect anyone. She doesn't like to be touched and wants attention. She lacks her manners and tries to act like a princess so she doesn't disapoint her parents but goes too far.


Mia's diary

Mia was an orphan for all her childhood until she was in a storm one day at the beach with her friends. She and her friends were saved by Sonic and friends. She lived with them for a while and eventually became good friends with a gentleman called Roland. He continuously called her Miali ,and Mia found it confusing. Mia found out about Roland's werehog form and ended up secretly going out with him. Meanwhile, Mephiles the Dark and Eggman were after Mia because it was revealed she was a princess of another dimension. When they all were looking for Shadow, Mia's friend, Kaisy suspected Rouge for panicing whenever Shadow was mentioned. Eventually, it was discovered that Rouge dismantled Omega and put him in her closet. Kaisy and Velvet told this to Mia who went to confront Rouge with Sonic. Rouge eventually gave answers she and Shadow were on a mission with Omega. Her and Shadow went into a room while Omega guards. The two were attacked by Swatbots. Rouge flew up onto a window sill where she could escape. Shadow was caught by Swatbots and asked Rouge to help him. She thought for a moment but then decided to ignore him and flew out the window. Omega had seen the incident and was going to report it to GUN so Rouge dismantled him so he couldn't tell anyone. Mia and Sonic were shocked by this and arrested Rouge. Eventually, Kaisy was killed by being hit by car which affected Mia dearly. Omega was put back together and told everyone where Shadow was. They found Shadow and freed him from his spell. Shadow then recognized Mia and told her about a Kingdom. It was destroyed by a war one day but one girl escaped. Mia didn't understand why he told her that and they all returned back to Cream's house. Mia was later interrupted by Roland who said it couldn't work out between them and broke up with her.They later saw Rouge once again who wanted revenge on Mia. She attempted to kill her but she was stop by Shadow. Later Mia saw Roland walking away at night. Mia chased him through the rain and told him not to leave. Roland turned around and shook his head saying they couldn't be a couple.Mia was heartbroken by this and ran through the rain. Roland went to continue in regret but he suddenly has a quick vision.He turned around and tried to stop Mia. She started screaming at him in pain. She said she didn't know what she had been through. She was then attacked by Mephiles clones. Roland tried to protect Mia but was thrown to a wall and knocked out. Mia was thrown into a wagon and was driven off with her screaming in fear. She was taken underground where she said she "demanded" an explanation. Mephiles explained she was a princess from another dimension. He said Roland only protected her because it was his duty. Mia was left alone in a prison cell. She was later rescued by Sonic and Shadow. Once the three were outside Mephiles was taking over the world with Roland's powers. Mia went to stop Mephiles and ran up to Roland to see if he was alright. Roland slowly died in Mia's arms and Mephiles started to laugh. Mia tried to confront Mephiles and said he will pay for the damage he has made. A burst of energy filled Mia's heart and it beated fast. It started to glow and she transformed into her princess form. Everyone stared apon her as she and Mephiles fought. She eventually defeated Mephiles and he turned into smoke. They all went to congratulate Mia on her victory. Mia transformed back and looked at Roland, who was lifeless. She cried a tear onto his fur and he woke up. He smiled to see Mia and she helped him stand up. He went to kiss her and she slapped him across the face. She said it was for dumping her and then said "This is for everything else!"and kissed Roland.

Sonigals:Going Batty

Mia was kidnapped by Mephiles and Eggman to create the Ultimate Lifeform of Evil. They were all involved in an explosion which she somehow survived. She went to find the Ultimate lifefor of evil herself with the help of Tyler, Katniss, Joy and Kaelin. Mia encountered Cyclone who she ended up having a huge rivalry with. She started to think Cyclone was the ultimate life form of evil. Later, she found Cyclone again and challenged her to the death so she could finish all her troubles.Cyclone won the fight but didn't injure Mia bad. The two were later confronted by Batty and Mephiles.Batty betrayed Mephiles taking his chaos emerald to transforms into a 70 foot Batty. Mia and Cyclone were grabbed by her. Tyler spin dashed at Batty's hand to help Cyclone and Becky caught her. Mia was later rescued by Cyclone. Batty was going to crush the two when the other Sonigals interupted. Becky flew Monica up and threw a Chaos Emerald at Batty which sealed her inside. Later at a concert, Mia was looking at the Sonigals. She later spied Cyclone talking to Becky and she interrupted the two inviting Cyclone to race which she agreed and they ran through the forest and jumped into the air ready to continue their rivalry.

Sonigals:The game

Mia is a character that gives you missions and duels with you once. She later gets kidnapped by a dragon. Once the Sonigals rescue her, she is ungrateful, but joins the Sonigals on their quest.

Sonic Spooks

Mia is a non-playable character in Sonic Spooks. She is very frequent appearing and has a habit of following certain characters. In Shadow's story,she and Shadow are sent through a portal.Mia then has the chance to gain power and became an antagonist.Close to the end of Shadow's story Shadow convinces her there was more to life then power and revenge and that he learnt the hard way.This convinced Mia to help Shadow.She was in Sonic's story several times.She was with Knuckles at the start of his story where she was later kidnapped by a Spook henchman who Knuckles discovered were working for Eggaman who threatened to hurt Mia.Tails helped save Mia and flew her to safety but Mia ran off saying she doesn't want to see Sonic again.She encountered Amy which lead to them both getting lost in the forest.The only story she doesn't appear in is Cream's story.In the end story,Mia was captured by Eggman and cloned her.The evil clone went out and took Amy,Tails,Knuckles,Rouge and Cream.Mia was later rescued by Sonic and said Shadow was in danger.She also appeared in the final fight chearing Super Sonic and Super Shadow.They all returned back home where Mia departed from everyone.

Silver the hedgehog(Game)

Mia in minor character in the game,Silver the Hedgehog. She is in the final story and you are sometimes given missions from her.


Mia doesn't have any powers.

Special Abilities

When Mia gets really angry a burst of energy destroys things around her but this barely appears.


Mia gets kidnapped alot.

Mia is very weak.

Voice actors

English voice actors

G Hannelius was Mia's voice actor for Mia's diary and now Monica Rial has been her voice actor ever since.

Japanese voice actor

Mia's Japanese voice actor is Kimiko Koyama.



  • Roland Diaty(Boyfriend)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog(Slight love intrest)
  • Amy Rose(Good friend)
  • Cream the rabbit(Good friend)
  • Big the cat(Good friend)
  • Becky the Skyhog(Aquaitence)
  • Monica the Hedgehog(Aquaintence)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog(Good friend)
  • Rouge the bat(Good friend)
  • Miles"Tails"Prower(Aquiantence)
  • Knuckles the echidna(Good friend)
  • Irma Hegine the hedgehog(Aquaintence)
  • Cassie the rabbit(Aquaintence)
  • Joy the cat
  • Tyler
  • Kaelin the hedgefox
  • Kaisy(Best friend)
  • Tumbles(Best friend)
  • Silver the Hedgehog(Aquaintence)
  • Blaze the Cat(Good friend)
  • Marine the Raccoon(Aquaintence)


  • Cyclone the Hedgehog(Arch-rival)
  • Doctor Eggman
  • Mephiles the Dark(Arch Nemisis)
  • Batty Bat
  • Dutchess Night
  • Lachlan
  • Tori the hedgehog (Rival)


Mia has a had a lot of criticism because of her actions in the games. Some thought she okay in Mia's diary but when she invaded the Sonigals series she was having alot of criticism. Some say she was being kidnapped too much and she is the worst character to work with. Whenever she has a boss battle, everyone found it annoying and irritating. They also hated her trying to be better than everyone else and sometimes putting on a fake accent. But some people love this character because she's meant to be annoying. They also thought her voice was louder than a crow being strangled. They also say she a damsel in distress in all her appearences. Some say she needs to take self-defence lessons or at least respect Sonic and co., which she doesn't. They also hate how much she thinks she is loyal when she isn't.

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