Mia the Cyborg Echidna is the personal assistant, bodyguard and long-time friend of the general in command of the G.U.N. Fourth Army Division.


A fairly unassuming and somewhat "ageless" looking echidna, especially compared to a lot of the Forth Division's highly complicated and outrageous cybernetic suites, the green furred echidna known as Mia fits the bill for average in most cases. Average height, average physical build, plain looking features with peach skin... by no means the kind of woman many expected to find as the personal assistant of a general; doubly so when they find out that she is in her mid fifties. Her shoulder-length silver hair is normally pulled into a ponytail over the top of her dreadlocks.

Her blue eyes are narrow and not particularly expressive, though many often struggle to identify the exact shade.

Unbeknownst to most; Mia has a complex runic tattoo design on her hips and stomach.


It is a rare occasion for Mia to be seen out of her Fourth Division uniform; though it has been tailored to suit her rather unusual role. Her digital-pattern camouflage gear is slightly more fitted and flared than typical; with the faintest hints of the shirt doubling as a dress from the flaring at the base.

On those few rare occasions that Mia appears out of uniform; she appears to wear scruffy masculine clothes slightly too large for herself; leading to the more salacious rumors surrounding the woman's personal life. She also typically has multiple blue cybernetic blue bands around her right wrist.



In her roughly thirty years of service with the Fourth Army Division; Mia has amassed a specific set of skills that seem almost random and disconnected from each other. On the one hand, she is a fully trained and qualified soldier and battlefield medic; experienced with the unique requirements of cybernetics maintenance and replacement required by the division. On the other hand, Mia is multilingual and has been trained in culinary arts; administration and secretarial duties. This motley mix has led to her becoming the personal assistant and secret weapon of the general in charge of the unit; one many other G.U.N. officers mistake as simply being the personal assistant.

As with all others in the Fourth Division; Mia is a cyborg; though she does not appear it from the outside. After a number of compliments on her appearance in her youth; the echidna steered clear of altering it with metallic replacements; the only obvious outward sign the complex array of blue bands around her right wrist. This houses a holographic projector synced up to a neural interface chip in her brain that allows her to access the G.U.N. networks as well as the internet without an obvious access point. She can also route the feed from this neural chip through to projector contact lenses she wears; allowing the input feed to appear within her visual input without generating a projection. These lenses are also connected to an optical filter implant that allows the woman to switch her visual field between conventional; night vision, heat vision and a form of metal-detecting X-ray vision. She also has a number of minor strength augments built into her limbs.

In her role as the chief's secret weapon; Mia is experienced in a wide range of weapons and firearms. Her personal preference when given free reign is a Hammerforge Industries MR-32 Plasma Rifle; with the high rate of fire suiting her preferences for combat; while a standard issue G.U.N. sidearm is always on her, even at her desk. When forced into close quarters; or if stealth is of the essence, Mia surprisingly carries a common Rain Sword; rather than a more advanced technological marvel of a weapon. Similarly; the Water-elemental nature of the weapon does not fit her own personal elemental nature, with her expertise falling into the manipulation of plants as well as modest psychokinesis.

Mia is capable of fighting in a wide range of combat styles; though her personal preference is short-to-mid range combat where she can work to the strengths of her weapons, cybernetics and powers with them. A highly trained hand-to-hand combatant that often shocks rookies that pass her off as a simple secretary, Mia is devastatingly powerful in close range, mixing between traditional echidna boxing and hand strikes with full body charges and Spin Dashes. In case of emergencies; she has the ability to telekinetically grasp and immobilize targets; or utilize vines and Bullet Seeds to stun targets vulnerable to natural energy.

Despite all of her strengths, Mia's failing comes from her position. As the personal assistant of the Fourth Army Division's head, she is at their whim. Should the cybernetic general wish for anything from a covert operation to a simple sandwich; Mia gets the order. As such; it is not unknown for her to be spread to thin in attempting to accomplish too many tasks at once, the overwhelming situation one she struggles to work through. In combat, Mia is vulnerable to snipers and other ranged combatants; while her elemental and psychokinetic powers are not strong enough to protect her from heavy weapons for very long. Similarly; she has not shown herself to be skilled at utilizing advanced elements through combining the Water-alignment of her Rain Sword with her own Nature command. Elementally; she struggles to fight opponents wielding Fire and Electricity; though the weakness to Fire is one she can match in close-quarters thanks to her Rain Sword.








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