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Mia Brilliare

Mia Brilliare is a character created by Chica Nunnally, which serves as her fursona.

She is a hedgecat with hydrokinesis and cryokinesis which are, respectively, the abilities to manipulate water and ice.

She is also the leader, and speed formation, of Team Moonlight, a team which consists of her and two half-siblings; Akimika Minami, a Kitsune Wolf who is power formation, and Hiro Miyamoto, a wolfbat who is flight formation.

Surprisingly, she's the reincarnation of a Chinese hedgecat named Mei Li Yang.



Mia stands at three feet two inches, and weighs sixty pounds. Her fur is powder-blue, while her muzzle, arms and chest are peach; the insides of her ears are also peach, while the tip of her tail is white. She has shoulder-length, messy jet-black hair. Her eyes, which are sapphire-blue, are almond-shaped and separate.


Mia typically wears a mauve blouse with long bell sleeves ending in cuffs. She wears a black skirt reaching to her mid-thighs. Mia also wears white tights and black mary-jane shoes. Around her neck, she wears a silver necklace with a sapphire gem.

Alternate Attires

There are times where Mia will wear completely different outfits; one of which is a black tank-top with a sweetheart neckline, blue shorts, white socks and black-and-white sneakers.

Another alternate attire is a short-sleeved white shirt, dark blue jeans and black boots. With both attires, she still wears the necklace from her main attire.


Upon first meeting, Mia is a very shy and sociably awkward girl. Once someone truly gets to know her, she is sweet, gentle and very friendly, although she is easily shocked.

When it comes to romance, however, Mia is usually the hard-to-get type, although this depends on the person flirting with her and the way in which it is done.

Despite all of this, Mia has a rarely seen dark side which she tries to keep hidden, only snapping when she sees a loved one hurt or injured. When she snaps, she becomes vengeful, bent on hurting the one who hurt or injured her loved ones.


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Mia has pyrophobia (or the fear of fire), as she has a phyiscal weakness to fire. This partially stems from the fact she is a cryokinetic. It also stems from when she had a pretty bad experience, which left her with first-degree burns.

Aside from pyrophobia, Mia also has necrophobia (fear of dead things) and arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Her necrophobia is severe to the point that she'll freeze if she sees a corpse or freak out if she saw a ghost.

Mia's arachnophobia, on the other hand, isn't as severe. She'd only freak out if she sees a spider in her general vicinity or if she got caught in a spiderweb.


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  • Mia's surname, Brilliare, is Italian for shine. From this, it can be assumed that Mia is a Mobian of Italian descent.
  • Mia's formal attire is a pink-and-white version of the dress Vanilla the Rabbit wears, which she usually wears with a pink tie.
    • That being said, her G.U.N uniform is essentially the military uniform Topaz, a Sonic X character, wears.
  • Mia is a dandere with almost tsunderish traits. Yet, she also has a yangire side that is rarely "seen".


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