This is an article about Mia, a character created by Gamedezyner on 09/06/2008.

Mia is a light blue dog who spends a lot of her time outdoors.


A dog with a dark turquoise fur color, sporting no prominent markings. She wears shorts and a tube top, along with fingerless arm warmers and large boots. Most of her outfit is purple with white and/or gold-colored trim. She also wears an open white vest along with black knee-high socks.


Mia is a very relaxed person, with plenty of patience for her roommate's shenanigans. She's almost always sporting a smile that would make your heart skip a beat.


Mia has the ability to concentrate her energy into a physical form, which can be used to deflect objects, or restrain individuals. This is a power that is almost exclusively defensive, and has very few offensive capabilities. Although largely untested, the strength of these force fields has been proven to be enough to stop a moving bus.


Mia's character began as a hedgehog. I eventually grew tired of the hedgehog aesthetic and changed her to be a dog.

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