Metropia Interstate is the second stage in Team Shockwave's story in Sonic Shockwave Riders.


While on the run, Team Shockwave must find Jet who is inside the city Metropia. The team travels at night and enters the city to find him while pursued by Eggman's robots.


The race takes place at night in a futuristic city full of cars, speedways and buildings. The player begins the race on a freeway (look image). The road makes small loops. The player then makes a jump and passes through a building, breaking its glass windows. In most part of the stage, the player races on roads while trying ot avoid the cars. In the middle of the stage, the playe makes a jump and literally rides on top of the floating cars or on their doors, defying gravity. The player must jump from car to car and from the walls of the huge buildings to make his way through a floating train. The stage has several rails to grind and many air rings but not many power-type passageways.


There are a total of only 2 racers in the game: Atticus and Lavinia. The mission of the player is to complete the stage in under 2:10 minutes after passing through 30 gate rings. The player has a time limit.

Mission Pass through 30 gate rings and finish in under 2:10 minutes.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia


  • This stage has the most rails of all courses in the game.
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