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This is an article about Methuselah the Bat, a character created by Monk the Cat on 06/10/2015.

Methuselah is a vampire bat who spends his days as a demon/vampire hunter.


Methuselah, being a vampire bat, is of average height and stature. His body is covered in a peach-colored skin with light grey fur covering the majority of it. His fur covers even his stomach and arms and backs of his wings, but not the insides. He has a pair of blue oval eyes, and a small black nose. As a bat, he has a pair of large, fleshed wings, but unlike normal bat wings, his each have a white claw where they make their big curve. His wings are stretched out with three "fingers". He has a pair of large bat ears, the insides of which being the same peach as on his muzzle. As the "vampire" part of his name infers, he also has a pair of large, sharp canines. Around his waist is usually a sheath for a short blade, as well as a revolver holster hidden underneath his armpit.

For attire, he usually wears a black, light suit, completed with dress pants, shoes, and a casual tie. He doesn't wear gloves or a hat. While going out or preparing for combat, he wears a heavily European-styled Vistorian-era nobility outfit. The combat outfit is completed with several tufts, folds, cuffs and similar adornments, giving him the appearance of a traditional European vampire. His alternate gear appears to be a metal suit of armor, tailored to a bat such as himself. It still leaves his wings open, though.


At first glance, Methuselah has the guise of a professional. He is direct, curteous, serious and cunning, always planning what to do next. His professional attitude caries onto almost everything outside of his personal life.

His personal life is where his fatherly side takes place. He is a calm, wise man who values all he holds dear, and all under his guard. He is very open and caring for all the needs they might have. 

He also holds a sense of pride in both his own, and his family's accomplishments. He is a veteran vampire hunter and demon hunter, given the training and experience of many generations to work with.

Items Currently in Possession

  • Van Deville Estate - This mansion serves as his home and base of operations. It is a large, Eurpoean-styled fort, repurposed into a mansion.
  • Various Weapons - Part of the Van Deville Estate is the weapons room, chocked full of weapons from various eras and provinces to choose from. His personal weapons seem to be a Transylvanian halberd and a Swiss shortsword, engraved with his family emblem.
  • Relics - Items of power. They can be rooted in holy, demonic, magical or elemental nature. They can be used for various purposed, but usually hold low amounts of uses, before needing to be recharged. They are also surprisingly heavy, limiting him to only carryign a few at a time.


The natural abilities he gained from being a vampire bat are first of all, flight and minor echolocation. Being a vampire bat, he can also drink blood to get a good amount of energy and minor healing, though his fangs cannot suck blood. Instead, he needs to make a small bite and lap it up from there. This is rarely, if not never used in combat.


Methuselah is skilled in various forms of combat, both armed with a wide array of weapons, or unarmed. He is most comfortable with using double-sided shortswords or poleaxes for melee, while revolvers and flintlocks are his choice weapons for ranged. Most of his combat skills rely around not taking hits as often as out-manuevering his opponents/targets. From years of training and experience, he has learned ways of dealing with most conceivable monsters, demons and soldiers.

Alongside his weapons and martial training, Methuselah has also been trained to use several cleansing incantations and rituals, mainly used for exorcism. He knows how to incorporate various relics in his collection to nullify, increase or weaken the powers and abilities of others, though this is mainly limited to supernaturals. With this part of his training, also came his resistance to nearly all demonic influence on his person.

Outside of combat, Methuselah has a good deal of professional training. He is a shrewd businessman, for what little business he gets besides hunting. The bat has experience in dealing with a wide array of people; from children to men to monsters. His appearance, both physically and socially, depending on his client.

Methuselah knows how to keep a large estate in check, even while doing most of the manual work, himself. He has maintained the Van Deville Estate for many years, since his father was killed in action, and it was passed onto himself.


Having no special powers, Methuselah can be regarded as a weaker combattant than some. On that note, while his training is very expansive, there are still situations and styles he is completely unprepared for. His demonic resistance is not limited to possession and damage, he also resists the healing/regenerative effects of demonic powers. His enhanced hearing also makes him weak to loud sounds, though only if they are used as an attack.

One obvious weakness is his family. While he won't lose himself into rage or panic, he will still strive to protect his family, and they can be bargaining pieces.


  • It is rumored that Methuselah might also be versed in necromancy, but this is unconfirmed, as no one has seen him preform the rituals.
  • Methuselah currently has no suitable replacements to take over his family business after he has passed, though he has two possibilities in the form of his latest son, and adoptive grandson.
  • Methuselah is obviously influenced by the classic protagonist, Van Hellsing.