Meteor Shower is a spell that assaults targets using a meteor shower. Khan uses Chaos Control to teleport or create a cluster of meteors in the upper atmosphere of the planet; with a mere gesture or even a thought, he then hurls them down at his intended target. Having full mastery of it, he can create colossal objects in the atmosphere out of pure energy and even guide it toward its target; making it near impossible to dodge. This attack can be used against one or more opponents.



This attack was invented by Kenan after recalling a conversation he had with his betrothed during training. He spent years developing it and eventually went on to teach it to a select few; its been around ever since. An attack of such scale and power, those who know of it are instilled with fear; in its debut battle, Khan used it to wipe out a demonically enhanced army.


Users must at least be able to use Chaos Control to teleport multiple large objects high into the sky.

Weak Points

Though the attack itself doesn't have an identifiable weak point, the projectiles used can be blocked or redirected using certain powers. Assuming the target's barrier is powerful enough, they can deflect the projectiles and thus minimize the damage; or somebody can redirect them using a portal or some other space-time power.


The only real drawbacks are the potential for friendly fire and collateral damage; thus its best to use it when one is in an open field and allies aren't in the line of fire.

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