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Metempsychosis ~Transmigration of Death to Life~
Lyrics Elciera
Singer/Vocals Alroetsue/Akiko Shitaka
Owner Elciera
Dialect(s) Used Normus Note, Romaji
User Altheumelia Xhylerina Precielm
Song Family Hymmno-Extrium

Metempsychosis is a Hymmno-Extrium Spell Song which, as the name implies, transmigrates a soul from death to life; frankly speaking, -- it allows the possibility and power to resurrect a person via one of Ar Tonelico's vital organs: the Rinkernator.


True to its name, the song grants the power to resurrect a being, allowing its soul to transmigrate via death into life. This 'resurrection' ability factor can only be accomplished with area that serves as one of Ar Tonelico's vital organs: the Rinkernator. However, there is also the Rinkernator of Ethesecta. Only these 2 parts of the Tower are able to accomplish the 'resurrection' function. It would be questionable as to why only these 2, when there are other Rinkernators in other Song Servers; but there are explanations for that.

When a Server was to be created, they would require a Rinkernator in order to maintain and regulate Symphonic Energy flow. These Rinkernators would be created by harvesting a 'DNA' piece of Ar Tonelico's Rinkernator, in hopes of creating a Rinkernator as powerful as the latter. However, there were risks to that. The only reason why Ar Tonelico's Rinkernator was so powerful was because of its biological network that was integrated and connected to Mater'Ciela's Core (Planetary Heart), which allowed the regulation and circulation of Bio-Energy (P-Waves).

All of the other Song Servers' networks could only connect to Ar Tonelico, and because they weren't really built to handle the planet's intense bio-energy, the only type of bio-energy within them are the Reyvateil and Genom's.

Also, all of the servers (excluding Ar Tonelico) were built with Hexagonal Symphonic Ring Cores (HSRCs) which are unfortunately not as powerful as Ar Tonelico's, which is classified as a 7th Dimension Qualia Ring Core (7DQRCs). There were attempts to clone such a powerful core, but unfortunately, all results ended in weaker results, which were the HSRCs.

However, despite these facts, it is possible to use the Rinkernators of other servers, but this is highly forbidden due to the risks and high costs of energy. As stated before, all of the lesser servers except Ethesecta and Ar Tonelico are only circulating with the bio-energy of those connected to them. If Metempsychosis was to be used on a different server that ran and regulated this type of energy, then the bio-energy and H-Waves of those connected to it would be sublimated into N-WAVES and their Animasphere's deleted, resulting in death.

(More information yet to be released)

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