Metalloid the Wolverine is a 23 year old Mutant Wolverine living in Central City. He is an off radar contraband dealer and natural crack shot.

Physical Description


Metalloid has a humanoid wolverine body brown fur and 3 iron grey spikes sticking out of his head like hair. He stands at four feet tall with a lean build, slightly malnourished build. His eyes are a dull purple and he has red markings on his chest. His iron colored spikes cover his eye slightly.


Metalloid wears a casual beige leather jacket, black cotton pants, and well made laceless leather shoes. These clothes are all of incredible quality, and kept in immaculate condition. He wears a black leather belt with silver bucke, and carries a Glock 17 with spare magazines when needed.


Metalloid is likes to keep the charade of a nice, trusting person. Underneath, he is a hardened, paranoid criminal who does all he can to hide his identity as a mutant. He does, however, value allies when he can find him, like RedToxic (who is in a similar situation). He actually seems to have a sort brotherly relationship with the hedgehog.

He is not against violence or murder if they are the safest solutions. However, he is fully aware of the complications that arise from killing someone and hiding the body.

Metalloid is a heavy smoker (much to RedToxic's chagrin), and usually carries a pack of cigarettes or a cigar with him. He also enjoys a glass of fine wine, and actually brews his own alcohol from time to time. He commonly also sells the alcohol he brews.


Metalloid in an incredibly versatile individual in combat due to his ferrokinetic abilities, phsyical prowess, and incredible senses.

Super Powers

  • Enhanced Strength:Metalloid is many times stronger than a normal person his age. His estimated lifting weight is about 4 tons. He cannot throw much due to his physique,
  • Superhuman Durability:Metalloid can withstand much more damage than an average person, having an almost armor-like skin that can take several bullets and blunt hits easily. His pain tolerance allows him to keep fighting even with painful wounds.
  • Enchanced Endurance: Metalloid's muscles produce little pain toxins, allowing him to continue fighting and other kinds of difficult physical activity for extended periods of time. Due to his shooting style of fighting, this advantage is questionable.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Metalloid has shown incredible co-ordination with firearms, in addtion to incredible reaction to flanking and movement. He can easily hit a moving foe from a large distance, taking in bullet drop, wind, and other obstacles, even with menial use of his powers.
  • Metal Manipulation: Metalloid can control small Metal objects with impunity. This ability is mainly used to make his bullets 100% accurate, and lower recoil. Metalloid can also mold metal into bullets with ease. It is unknown what weight or density limitations he has with this power, but it is assumed to be reasonably low.
    • Bolster/Undermine Metals: Metalloid can alter the properties of Metal he is in close range of and concentrating on said metal. He may make said metal harder, softer, or brittle. He also has the ability to make metal more resistent to electricty or pressure. 
  • Increased Electrical Resistance: Metalloid's unique biology gives him incredible electrical resistence, and turns him into a sort of superconductor. His heat resistence is unchanged, however, making prolonged electrical currents dangerous.


  • Crack Shot: Metalloid's knowledge of bullet physics is incredible enough to allow him to make seeminingly impossible shots, even without the use of his powers.
  • Gun Expert: Metalloid's knowledge of guns stretches to most kinds of availbable weaponry, allowing him to quickly identify weapons and ammunition, as well as pick out the best kind of weapon to use.
  • Legal Expertise: Metalloid knows many laws by heart, and has found a good number of loopholes. He also can forge nearly perfect documents from fake I.D.'s, to forged legal documents.



  • RedToxic the Hedgehog:He and RedToxic have a long, brotherly, relationship with eachother. How and when they met is uncertain, but RedToxic fully knows that Metalloid is a black market dealer.
  • Vendella the Huldra Fox:Metalloid met her during a Private Talkplay. She knocked out Metalloid, and dragged him to a cave, and tied him up. She let him go after a day, and for "Being good" she let him have one thing he wanted. He asked for a present for RedToxic's half Birthday, and she gave him a magical stone. The stone however, had a spell on it that caused him to develop a crush on her. Some time later, she visited him, and they conversed for a bit. However, mercenaries looking for Ven attacked her while she was at Metalloid's shop, but Metalloid fought them. Ven however, was shot in the leg, but Metalloid managed to treat her wound. The mercenaries came back, and captured the two. Metalloid broke out, and contacted RedToxic to help him. RedToxic was able to protect the two for later, and Metalloid gave Ven a false ID to help her stay hidden.


  • Numerous Undocumented Romantic Relationships: Metalloid has claimed to have gone through many failed relatiohips in his time. Usually, the women he dated would nice at first, but end up being complete psychopaths, murders, or Government Agents trying to catch his secret. Some where normal, but ended up dead (causing the Police to immediatly go the Metalloid, who was innocent.), or tried to turn him in when he revealed he was a black market dealer.
  • Anyone who dares slight him


  • Metalloid is the only character belonging to HS664 who smokes. 
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