I lived my life as best I could, not knowing its purpose at first. But once the events at Hundrid City occurred, I rethought my whole philosophy. I betrayed the Bounty Guild, I stole the Chaos Emerald from them, I tortured their leader, and only then did I realize what my greatest accomplishment would be. Not murder countless people for men who demand money and blood above all else, but something more heroic; to save the world. And now that I've gone insane for revenge, as I now plan to destroy Station Square, I realize I can't be redeemed. Son, I leave my diary to you, and you will discover you never knew me at all. My name is Metallico Prower, and I wanted to say I was sorry.
~ Milo reading the final paragraph in Metallico's diary

Metallico Prower, also known as Boom-Boom, is a terrorist and enforcer, and eventual leader of the Bounty Guild, and an anti-hero/villain in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is also the older brother of Miles Prower and is the secondary antagonist in Sonic the Hedgehog: Stranded Revelations and a recurring antagonist in the TV series Sonic: Revolutions. Here, he is the father of the show's protagonist Milo Prower, as well as a recurring antagonist in Season 1 and Season 2, then the main antagonist of Season 3. He is also the main protagonist of his own DLC pack in Sonic: Revolutions, named Metallico's Chronicles. In consideration of his role, he is basically the (former) main antagonist of the Sonic: Revolutions TV series.


Early life

Changing life

He was born as the older brother of Miles Prower. At age 16, he is seen chasing Miles, who stole his pocket watch, through Hundrid City. They come across a building where they see their father, Uberto, talking with criminals. While hearing this, a guard walks up, right about to shoot Metallico in the gut, but Tails tackles him down. The two flee from him, not knowing what to do next. The next day, Metallico winds up getting lost in Hundrid City, walking aimlessly. Suddenly, a man in a hood leaps down on him from atop a building with a Hidden Blade. Thanks to a timely knife at hand, Metallico stabs the assassin in the neck. In his dying breaths, he reveals that Uberto hired him to kill his own so because he had heard some things at the meeting the meeting the other day. Knowing that his brother was in trouble, Metallico took the man's Hidden Blade. He goes to the Palace of Hundrid (resembles the Palace of Versailles) and found Uberto talking to a party guest. He stabs Uberto in the back and drags him to a chair. With his father dead, Metallico went to tell Tails, which leads to them going to an airfield. They stow away on a man's ship and hope to get away.

Introduction to the Guild

One day, while returning from a vacation on their stepfather's plane (it wasn't implied why they had a stepfather) and landed on Rocky Island, home of a series of mercenaries called the Bounty Guild, led by Killian Fredson. Killian took Metallico in as an enforcer, but Miles didn't want to do it, so an agent chased him into the forest.

First assignment

As Metallico's first mission, he was sent by Killian to Central City to find and kill a hedgehog woman who holds evidence that could get all of the Guild captured and convicted. Metallico manages to find the place and kills his target and retrieves the documents. When a little kid ran down to see this, Metallico was already gone. Killian took the documents and accepted the help.

Hunting rebels

Over the next few years of his involvement with the Bounty Guild's operations, he would rise to Killian's 2nd-in-Command, overseeing all of the Guild's operations. One day, a lead is found on his younger brother, Miles Prower, who was then tracked and chased by a mercenary with a machete. However, the agent never reported back, due to Sonic the Hedgehog intervening and killing the agent.

Later, Sonic is caught by mercenaries and brought to a camp where Metallico was waiting. He tortured Sonic with a machete to get him to tell where Miles is right now. Miles arrives and kills everyone there with a bow and a series of arrows. One was shot into Metallico's back and he dropped while Sonic fled.

Revolt of Rocky Island and defeat

For months, the Bounty Guild would be failing to keep control of the island, as Sonic and Miles (now known as Tails) were freeing so many prisoners of the guild and were burning the plants that they needed to deliver to their mysterious employer. One night, when a supply ship came with troops and supplies, the freed prisoners led by Sonic would sneak onto the ship and steal a submarine. During the assault, Metallico arrived on the ship and Sonic fires at him using his crossbow (air rifle in Death Edition). Metallico had apparently been killed by this shot, but he actually lived past that day.

Later involvements

Stealing the Chaos Emerald and the Box

Metallico recovers in a hospital with a giant stitch on his back due to having been shot. Killian comes into Metallico's room and tells him he needs to rest and gather up his strength for later. 1 month later, Metallico is told to kill a noble named Richard Mackenzie, who holds a special box made by the Nocturus Clan. He goes by boat to a plot of land owned by Richard where a manor was built. With a party happening, Metallico got in easy, knocking a guest unconscious and taking his outfit. He sees that Richard was already a dying man, as he could barely walk. Metallico still kills him using his Hidden Blade and takes the Box from him. Guards pour in and Metallico flees on the boat.

Following this, he goes to an opera house. Killian was in attendance, who tells Metallico to find the special guest Gerald Mackandal and steal his Chaos Emerald. If the Box and the Emerald were to be used in conjunction, a map would display the locations of special Nocturus temples. He sneaks and climbs the opera stage and boxes, reaching Gerald. He offers Gerald a chance to live, but he would have to give up the Emerald. He refuses, prompting Metallico to stab him through the neck and take the Emerald. He gets out of the opera just as everyone found out that someone died, going to a hideout under Killian's home and shows everyone the Box and Emerald combined. The hologram of the world displayed shows lights displayed in where the temples are supposed to be. Killian tasks Metallico to travel to Hundrid City, find the temple and take possession of whatever its contents are. He is given passage on a boat, around a 3-week trip.

Journey on the boat

On day 2, with the ship now fully at sea, Metallico is seen writing things down in his diary. He decides to go up for some air, where he overhears another man seeking passage named Mills talking with two other crew members about "drawing our friends here". Mills gets angry at Metallico for eavesdropping, then they fistfight. The captain breaks up the fight and demands that everyone get back to work. he tells Metallico that his men might intend to mutiny. As he can't trust any of them, he is "compelled" to turn to Metallico, a passenger. He agrees to investigate, but says that if he is disrespected again, he will cut the man's head off.

He is woken up by a strange sound, the sound of water splashing. He sees that there are powder-coated barrels on the ship. Another splash is heard and he rushes to see what this was about, noticing that there were powdered barrels being dumped from the ship. He goes over to where they're apparently being dropped, but no-one was there. Barrels are dumped from the other end. He just decides to forget this and go back to sleep.

On day 18, Metallico is telling the captain in his quarters that he has now realized what the barrels were for; it's a trail. It would only be a matter of time before whoever was following it would come across the ship and attack. A crew member comes in and says he sees a ship firing at them. Metallico knew that the enemy wanted him, but decided to go below decks. There was nothing he could do with the ship being that far away. He sees that Mills was there to greet him. Metallico then starts thinking about the situation; there was an enemy on the ship who wanted to kill him and take the ship down, but there was no sign of mutiny aboard. It didn't seem to make sense, but Mills then says "Ho, but it does."

He tells Metallico that he lead the ship there as part of a contract being carried out. Robert Geran, a conspirator with Gerald and Richard, somehow knew that Metallico was coming and sent Mills to stop him from reaching Hundrid City. He offers Metallico a chance to surrender and live, but he refuses, saying "If you wish to treat me with honor, then you'll give me a fight." Mills throws him a sword. They sword-fight there, with Metallico using the environment to his advantage, throwing him into barrels and tables - smashing a glass bottle at his face even - to stop him.

He kicks Mills into a barrel, knocking him on his front. Metallico then stabs Mills through the spine with his sword and throws him overboard through a hole broken in the hull by the enemy ship's fire. He takes a holster for his new sword, then takes a holster and gun to lie in it, prepared to fight. The captain was upset that Metallico was topside, but he tells him that Mills was there waiting to kill him and now with Mills dead, the ship would be safe. He tells the helmsman to drive the ship into a nearby storm, as it was the only way they could escape the enemy ship. The captain protested against this, not wanting to get into any more danger then they were in already, but then Metallico shows his Hidden Blade. The ship is driven into the storm.

Now driving into a storm, the ship was in serious trouble now. Metallico rushes around, tying down snapping ropes, then seeing lightning hit one end of the ship. A crew member was now hanging onto a rope, almost about to slip and fall. Metallico rushes and saves him, watching on while the enemy ship is struck by lightning and it sank to the bottom of the sea.

Hundrid City introduction

On day 20, the ship arrives at the Hundrid City long pier, greeted by Fredrick Rodriguez and given a tour of the story. He gives Metallico some money and gets him to buy a nearby house. He does and calls Fredrick to the house to search up where the temple is specifically. However, Fredrick reveals that his research has been stolen by Robert Geran's mercenaries, now hold up in a 17th-century fort a mile out of the city. He goes to the exit of the city, which was a large fortress wall with guarded gates, where he meets James Finnegan, who is being paid by Fredrick to help Metallico get the research back. They get out of the city on a truck, where they prepare to make the trip to the fort.

The truck finally arrives, where we see that the fort is not that big, but still filled with mercenaries. James takes a sniper rifle and asks what the plan is. Metallico then tells; he'll use the rifle to kill the lookout standing on the hill, then take up position behind the guards, James will approach from the front. He'll open fire on the group and that will be James' signal to charge in. They'll have the element of surprise on their side; half will fall before they've even realized what's happened. The plan goes through, Metallico taking the sniper rifle and firing at the lookout. He goes up behind and shoots a guard in the head. James pulls out a knife, sticks it into a guard's throat and prepares to fight them off. The two get them all, except for five guys who hide inside a wooden barn door-guarded room, which obviously contains the research. Metallico sets a gunpowder barrel in front of the door and shoots at it, blowing up the barrel and destroying the door. They go inside, finding a decorated box containing Fredrick's research. However, three of the five guys in the room got up, having not been killed by the explosion, and hold them at gunpoint.

Metallico throws a knife at one guard's throat, then James runs and knocks the other two guards to the ground. Metallico shoots a guard in the leg, crippling him for life and ensuring that he would tell Robert what happened here. They leave and get back to the city, where they give Fredrick his research back. With that returned, they might be able to find the temple they're looking for a whole lot faster. Metallico leaves to buy a map of the city at a general store. Outside, he sees an old man being robbed by local gangsters dressed in infantry outfits. Metallico decides to get in and kills them in a sword-battle. He gives the old man money to restart his merchant business. Now, Metallico decided to go around and make renovations in the town to receive large income. James comes around and gets robbed by a gangster. Metallico chases him and catches him, demanding to know where his boss is stationed. He is at a guarded warehouse with lookouts, brute guards and a hooded leader. He goes there, taking out everyone in the warehouse and freeing a series of prisoners working with the civil military. He goes into the captain's room, an office/apartment attached to the warehouse. He fights the hooded captain in sword-combat and defeats him, sparing him so he can be taken prisoner. The civil military takes over the warehouse, taking the surviving gang members and their leader prisoner and rewarding Metallico with money and a weapon that Killian had mailed to him; the Mercenary Gun, which fires sedative grenades, shrapnel grenades, firecracker darts and poison darts, all able to fired without sound.

Robert Geran's defeat

A day later, Metallico and Fredrick go to a civil military camp outside Hundrid City. Robert Geran was there, having taken James Finnegan prisoner and reprimanding him for assisting the city's most dangerous assassin in robbing his mercenaries. When Fredrick asks Robert to hand over James, he refuses, claiming that he would have a talk with him (Fredrick) later. Metallico goes up to him and screams in his face to hand over James. He still refuses, not willing to let him leave. With their attempt failed, Fredrick questions what to do now; if they try and return, they'll be chased off. Metallico says they are done with this camp, but as luck would have it, so is Robert. They walk through Hundrid City as a prisoner escort, with Metallico and Fredrick intending to kill Robert and rescue James. Fredrick throws poop at Robert, prompting the patrol to chase him into an alley, where Metallico reveals himself and kills the entire patrol and then knocking out Robert by kicking him into a broken fence. However, he decided to spare Robert, as he couldn't do anything to stop them now that James was back and Robert's mercenary fort was raided.

The Temple

Revolt of Hunter Oppidum

Metallico later bribes a gang member, who says that a mercenary cult has been hired by Robert, who kidnapped several people living in the forest town Hunter Oppidum to find the temple. Metallico, Fredrick and James attack several mercenaries and dress up as them, hoping to get inside and free the prisoners. If they do, they'll owe them and finding the temple will be like taking candy from a baby. The hooded captain sees that his boat got blown up by Fredrick with a grenade launcher, commanding troops to put the fort on lockdown. Right then, Metallico kills two guards with a Hidden Blade, slashing them in the throats and triggering a battle. While the prisoners were winning and the mercenaries were being defeated, James got up to the fort wall and murders the hooded captain with a knife, then throwing him off the wall. With the victory, Metallico was informed of Robert himself guarding the cave where the temple is.

Disaster in the frontier

With that information, Metallico was now ready to get to the temple. But as the hunters warned him, Robert and his civil military guards had set up camp outside the cave. He manages to get rid of all the guards, stealthily and easily. With all the guards dead, it was now time to get into the cave. Inside, we see that the temple door was housed by a command tent with Robert inside. To get into the temple, Metallico would have to go IN the tent, which would alert him. He goes in, but doesn't bother to expose himself. He stabs Robert in the chest with his Hidden Blade, injuring him. However, he was spared on the condition that they never meet again, or he would die next time. He limps his way out of the cave, but not before warning Metallico that what lies inside would end the world. He ignores this and goes inside.

Upon seeing that the temple housed no actual treasure, Metallico still looked around. He sees a strange artifact suspended on a pedestal. He seemed to think that's the treasure Killian had sent him to collect, so he takes it. It dissolves in his hands, triggering an earthquake. The temple collapses while Metallico runs away, being unable to save the many people in Hunter Oppidum being killed in the earthquake. As it ended, he gets into a cabin on fire, where he sees Fredrick injured by a piece of wood. He carries him out of the house, but is unable to save him. Now, Metallico understood why Robert went to such great lengths to make sure no-one would get inside. He goes back to Hundrid City, unsure of what to tell Killian when he arrives in the town.

Betrayal and Bombardment of Hundrid City

Killian arrives in Hundrid City the next day by boat, going to Metallico's home and expecting to receive the temple's contents. Metallico punches Killian in the face and tells him everything that happened. Killian didn't believe any of this, hoping to believe that Metallico had simply failed to find the temple. Later that night, he goes to Killian's boat, killing the various guards there, and finds the Chaos Emerald and the Box that lead him here. He stole them and headed back home, now happy knowing that no-one would find these temples ever again. However, Killian was already there, as he had just gotten the news that the guards at the pier were dead and the Emerald and Box were stolen. He knew that it was Metallico who did it, so when he comes home, it was time to learn why.

Metallico says that it was because the earthquake had destroyed a chunk of the forest and a military officer had gone to incredible lengths to protect what was inside. Killian and Metallico fight in sword-combat, reprimanding him as they fight for killing his own comrades and stealing their treasure. Killian was knocked out the building through a window and Metallico fled, hoping to reach the long pier and steal a boat. However, Killian was getting away, now standing on a cliff and commanding his ship to bombard the city. Even still, Metallico managed to get to the long pier, getting on Killian's boat and killing the helmsman and hoping to sail away. However, Killian stops this by firing a rocket at the ship, blowing it up as it was leaving the harbor.


He is rescued by a hermit on a boat. Nursed back to health one month later, Metallico sees that Hundrid City was recovering from the bombardment. He is given his weapons back, as well as a new coat. Before leaving back to Hundrid City, Metallico asks the hermit if he had the Nocturus Box or Chaos Emerald with him. He apparently only had those weapons, but nothing was revealed about the box or Emerald. He goes back to the city in hopes that both artifacts were now at the bottom of the ocean. The city was re-building after Killian had bombarded it, so now heavy construction was happening and the Gang HQs were reverted back to criminal control. As he walks to the city's exit into the forest, he notices civil military guards trying to break into James' house. Metallico kills them and rescues James from abusement. He sells his house to a man in a hood and a bandanna, unaware it was Killian, and leave the city.

In the Frontier

As they travel by truck, James and Metallico notice a man selling his house out in a frontier town. They buy it and use it as their new home. However, since the Bounty Guild thought Metallico was dead, they wouldn't have their infinite resources, so he goes to the area known as the Forest Scar (which was destroyed in the earthquake) and robs a noble. He then heads to a new frontier town where a Gang HQ sits. He captures it for the civil military by murdering all the guards and their hooded leader and then renovate the buildings and shops around town, with new income being received.

One day, Metallico is standing on a branch, waiting to strike at a military convoy with Robert Geran inside. He attacks by getting inside the truck and stabbing Geran inside. He confesses that he paid Killian to prevent Metallico from finding the temple, as he was aware of what they could do. He shoots Metallico in the chest, dropping him off the truck and leaving him for dead.

Siege of Kanatahséton

Native Americans from a nearby village take him and nurse him back to health. Upon recovery, he wakes up in a longhouse with James standing with him. Suddenly, Bounty Guild troopers led by Robert Geran attack. They claim that they'll take Metallico and no-one will get hurt. The Clan Mother walks in and gives Metallico tea she made from the boughs of the Great Willow tree. Now, Metallico had a new power, the power of the Leaping Eagle. He performs his new power by leaping up to a tree as the Eagle, then leaping down with the Hidden Blade right onto Geran. He says that the Box was stolen from the hermit that rescued Metallico and now the Chaos Emerald was with him too. The troops were right about to fire on Metallico, but the tribesfolk attack with spears and arrows, killing all of them while they were distracted. They thank Metallico for doing away with Geran, as he had been harassing them about land-purchase for months. The Clan Mother presents Metallico with a sword they forged from a meteor. He accepts the gift and goes back home.

Back in the Frontier

Metallico later prepares to sneak into a fort owned by the Bounty Guild. He sneaks into a truck as it enters, then gets out. He sabotages two cannons and the alarm bells, but then overhears two Guild troops saying that Killina was now in Darq City. With this knowledge, Metallico goes back home. However, James was corrupt now, having brewed his own tea from the Great Willow boughs and was now going insane. He runs away on the treetops, prompting Metallico to chase him. He eventually catches him running to the edge of a cliff. He turns into the Leaping Eagle and tackles James off the cliff, allowing him to fall to his death. Metallico had grabbed onto a branch to save himself, only to be caught by suddenly-appearing Bounty Guild troops. They put him on a plane to Darq City, allowing Killian to decide his fate.

Darq City

Metallico wakes up in a building in Darq City, tied to a chair with Killian and a hooded guard present. Killian wasn't wanting Metallico to stop him from accomplishing his temple plan, so he pulls a knife at him, but Metallico takes this opportunity to steal the knife, free himself, kill the guard and take his Hidden Blades back and fight his way out. He was now in Darq City, which is falling prey to the Bounty Guild's crime influence. While walking, he comes across a rich nobleman in nice clothes, who he soon robs of his clothes and money. Using the money, Metallico buys a house in the city. He sees a general store being sold, so he buys it and begins receiving new money. While exploring, Metallico comes across a hooded Bounty Guild agent with a suitcase. He follows the agent into an alley, where he sees Killian talking with him about their plan to find a temple in Darq City, also making mention of their employer's plan to rebuild from the city's rubble, but reveals himself and cripples the hooded man by shooting his leg. While Killian gets away, the crippled agent reveals that something at Seaside Hill would "interest" him and the employer's "Utopian society" is part of their plan. He limps away, but drops his Hidden Crossbow and Bomb Pouch, which Metallico takes, since his Mercenary Gun is gone.

Travelling to Seaside Hill

Metallico steals a boat and sets sail for Seaside Hill. Upon arrival, he finds a forest with a town at the front, with Seaside Hill being on the other side of the forest. He walks through the forest and comes across former G.U.N. agent Rogue the Bat, who is also seeking something at Seaside Hill. They truce and walk, coming across a robot-guarded fort sitting between the forest's exit and the beach entrance. Knowing that they both sought what was inside this base, Metallico devises an infiltration plan which goes off without a problem. The two get in and part ways, since Rogue sought treasures. Metallico comes across the Box in a vault, which he opens and takes. Suddenly, the owner of the fort, Dr. Eggman, appears out of a shadow holding a gun. He says that Killian tipped him off that Metallico would come. An explosion and the sound of gunfire going on elsewhere in the building distracts Eggman, allowing Metallico to smash him in the face with the Box, knocking him out, and flees right after to his boat. He heads back to Darq City.

Further interference

Back at Darq City, he finds a Guild HQ at the harbor, housing many Bounty Guild agents and criminals. He captures it by killing all the guards inside, including the owner, and letting the local police force take it as their own. While walking elsewhere, he sees Killian bribing a military official and is whispered information. Metallico approaches this official and demands to know what he told Killian. He says that he was asked where to find the Nocturus Temple, which is now in an underground tunnel. Metallico goes to Darq Chapel and finds Killian there. He is seen and has to fight Killian. Killian gets away by jumping out a window and running through Darq City.

1 month following, he goes back to Darq Chapel, now tipped off that a meeting between Killian and his employer is happening there. By sneaking around, Metallico finds Killian talking with his hooded employer, where they talk about where the temple might be. Unfortunately, a guard sees Metallico and yells out his presence, forcing him to flee. He comes across another Bounty Guild trooper and beats him up, demanding to know where to find Killian next. He says that they are heading out to the edge of the North Pole, against the employer's wishes, to find another temple. With this knowledge, Metallico goes out on his boat to follow Killian's boat to the Arctic entrance. There, he sees that the boat and its crew have already set up camp, so he sneaks around and gets to the temple heart, where the hooded employer and Killian were standing face-to-face with the artifact that will shake them up if moved. Metallico sees that the employer is, in fact, Dr. Eggman, who was paying Killian to search for the temples, find a suitable location with one, and destroy it, while then rebuilding and creating Eggmanland on the rubble. Robert Geran is revealed to have found out and sought to stop it by making Killian betray Metallico, all for more money. He knocks over the artifact, triggering an earthquake. Eggman flees by running to Killian's boat and leaving, but Metallico (who had dropped the Box into the freezing water in the struggle) and Killian were left to race to Metallico's boat. He attacks Killian with the Leaping Eagle and carries him to his boat. He is placed on a table and burned, then watered over.

Defeating Eggman

With the knowledge that Eggman had now realized where the Darq City temple was, Metallico heads back and goes to the Darq Chapel. This was the location, and Eggman had gotten many Bounty Guild troopers to guard around the church while he patrols the underground tunnels to find the temple. Metallico gets in stealthily, reaches the underground tunnels and finds the temple with Eggman standing there. It was revealed to the both of them that this temple wasn't an earthquake-causer, but a storage space for a weapon called the Nocturus Sword. Eggman uses it against Metallico, who hides and lands successive strikes on him as the Sword's energy gets unstable. At the last strike, the Sword explodes, injuring Eggman and leaving him bloodied on the floor. Metallico leaves him for dead, thinking he wouldn't survive and would succumb to his wounds.

He returns to the Bounty Guild and is reinstated, since Eggman and Killian sought to enslave humanity. However, they would have to rebuild Killian's body so that no-one else knew that he was dying. He is turned into a cyborg, but Metallico manages to remove his memories of working alongside Eggman and his plan to collapse ancient temples. He is later told a week later by a Bounty Guild agent (the same one he crippled) that Eggman is alive and has found the Box. Knowing that the world wouldn't be safe while he still has it, he gets himself a boat, a trusted crew and packs his things, now setting out on an exile-like expedition to get the Box back and destroy it.

The affair

Years after, in 2023, he is hired by the convicted Moira Prower to break her out of prison in Station Square. He decides to do so and gets her out in a violent assault. Over the next few months, he would date Moira, showing a love-hate relationship. Moira was already married to Peter Halifax, making this relationship a secret affair. Months later, Moira got pregnant and left Metallico, as they both knew a killer couldn't be a good father. She then had her child, named him Milo Prower and raised him as her own, not letting him know who his real father is. Metallico would spend the next 16 years displaying his role in the Bounty Guild.

In 2029, Metallico once again meets with Moira, who was now working at Meteotech, and sees that she was digging into the company's treasures. One of which was actually the Nocturus Box that Metallico had spent over 20 years searching for. She is paid for it, then tells Metallico that they will meet again. With the Box back in his possession, he is promoted to 2nd-in-Command of the Bounty Guild. He then puts the Box in a wooden pyre and burns it, letting it be destroyed by the fire. After over 20 years of searching, Metallico's quest to retrieve the Box and get rid of it has finally been completed.

Later plots

Meeting Milo

In 2040, Metallico is promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Bounty Guild following the death of Killian at the new hooded vigilante's hands. He was hired by Dr. Eggman, now CEO of Meteotech, to blow up Station Square City Hall and frame Teca Enterprises, Meteotech's rival. With his expertise in explosives, people in the Guild would call him Boom-Boom, a name that he decided to keep. As he was preparing the explosives one night, the hooded vigilante who had killed Killian arrives on-scene, bow at the ready. He fought Metallico and manages to stop the bombs. He rips Metallico's mask off, revealing a scarred fox face. He flees from the scene right after.

Though not explained how, Metallico had managed to discover that the vigilante was his own son, Milo Prower. With this revelation made, he prepared to strike at his son in high hopes of killing him as revenge for sabotaging "the biggest Guild contract ever." He meets Milo again when he shows up at a crackhouse of his, where he was to receive half the payment that Eggman promised him, when suddenly, Milo shows up and interrupts. He chases Metallico through the building and tackles him out the building and onto the street, breaking his neck and supposedly killing Metallico. As evidenced by his later presence in the series, he survived, receiving a robot neck implant.

Moira's Contract

A year following the freak accident that almost cost him his neck, Metallico goes to a warehouse in Station Square downtown to meet his new employer and get his next contract. Unbeknownst to Metallico, Milo was following him from the rooftops to see what he intended. It turns out that Metallico was meeting with Moira Prower yet again, but not to "make intimate love like before". This time, it was so that Moira could pay Metallico to kill the CEO of Teca Enterprises, Niro Roberts, to stop his planning of a conspiracy against the city. Milo seemed to take this the wrong way and does an investigation of the matter. When he was about to kill Roberts with a sniper rifle, Milo fires an arrow at it, then kicks Metallico off the building. He survived, because he landed in a mattress factory.

Later on, while Metallico was talking with Moira in that same warehouse after the failed plot, Milo shows up yet again and interrupts the meeting, firing arrow after arrow at Metallico until he collapsed. Moira had managed to shoot Milo, unaware that she had shot her own son. Milo was gone by the time that Metallico had been taken to a medical facility run by the Guild. They saved their boss, but the contract had been cancelled.

Lance's Contract

Months after, Metallico was paid by a detective named Lance to find and kill the law-breaking vigilante. Metallico leaped at the chance to murder the kid that cost him his most well-paying deals and accepted. Within a week, Lance had provided Metallico a squad of policemen heavily-armed, "ready to take on dragons". A while later, when the cops attacked Milo, he fought them all off and snatches a document right from Metallico's pocket detailing that Lance was paying criminals to catch a criminal. When this was discovered, Lance was arrested and Metallico never got his money.

Destroying Main Station Bridge

Months following the death of Niro Roberts and the shut-down of Teca Enterprises, Metallico had been paid by an unknown man to destroy the Main Station Bridge. There, Metallico successfully destroys the bridge and frames Milo for it. With his money received, Metallico felt that nothing would happen, but then Milo attacks him in his own home and gets him to confess that he destroyed the bridge.

Crippling a city

Killing Moira

Please! Let him live. Take my life, but spare his..
~ Moira's last words
You can say all you want, but I will have his head. But not today.
~ Metallico before killing Moira

Metallico had decided to no longer fulfill contracts to kill Milo, but more rather use the resources of the Bounty Guild to get revenge on all the sabotage that his son had caused. His goal here is to raise an army of super-soldiers so as to destroy Station Square and cause so much havoc that the government would have to nuke the city and kill everyone there, which would prove how every government is corrupt and evil and would kill thousands to save their own lives but no-one else's lives. To start, he breaks into prison and kidnaps Moira (she was there because of her involvement in Roberts' genocidal plot). He then tells Milo to show at the warehouse downtown to get his mother back. He shows up, knowing that it was a trap. He watches Metallico make the claim that he has a new employer who requested the doom of Station Square, unaware that he was lying and this was personal. Metallico then impales Moira through the chest with a machete, killing her. Then, he is attacked by Milo's half-brother Max Prower. Then, Milo and Max flee.

Recruiting Eggman

At some point, Metallico had resurrected Eggman by putting his mind in the body of Metal Sonic, then inducts him into the Guild's membership.

Serum Collection

Metallico's plan required that he find and mass-produce a super-soldier serum made from Black Arms DNA. To start, he finds a sample in an armored truck and tests it on himself. When Milo finds out about this, he plans to steal all the samples so the Bounty Guild doesn't get its hands on them, planning to rob a scientist of all the samples. Metallico found out and sends Eggman to deal with this. He does, by stealing the truck that Milo was loading the samples into.


The next step required weapons. Even with all the infinite resources the Bounty Guild had, he would still have to steal some. So he participates in a series of armored truck heists and robs them of their weapons. Eggman went to one, but was stopped by Milo. Later on, the Bounty Guild's chief source of funding (black-market robot-selling) was assaulted, with Max and Milo sabotaging a sell by triggering a riot.

Eggman's betrayal and alliance with Milo

Here to meet Eggman, huh? Here to make sure he had stolen enough for your psychopath brothers?
Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is no friend of mine. Not anymore, at least. I want to kill him!
~ Milo and Metallico meeting at the abandoned camp
We have a common goal. YOU clearly want the supplies he stole. I want him punished. Our ways cross now. Neither of us can find him alone. We both know that. A truce, perhaps? I could kill you now if you say no. (no response) Excellent. Shall we be off? He's long gone from here by now, we both know it.
~ Metallico getting loyalty from Milo

When Eggman began stealing from convoys bound for a military outside Station Square, Metallico knew that he was up to something. He gets suspicious of his behavior and decides to investigate by heading to his last-known location; in a thick forest where Eggman had previously set camp. However, he finds that Eggman was gone, as was the supplies he stole. He finds a sign there reading "YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN". This officially meant that Eggman had betrayed the Guild and was now in pursuit of personal gain only. As this was a major crime in the Guild, Metallico decided to kill him before he could flee the country.

For a while, Metallico waited for one of Eggman's men to return to the camp and ambush him, but none showed. Nevertheless, he stayed and wound up ambushing Milo, who had arrived at the camp to retrieve the stolen supplies and return them to Commander Alan Mak. As neither of them could find Eggman alone and that they both wanted him "punished", they decide to team up, at least until they had killed Eggman.

What do you mean he has followers? What do you think I pay you people for? Well then, I can work this to my advantage. If he has men I don't know serving him, he shouldn't be hard to find.
~ Metallico after being told by an agent from the Bounty Guild
I thought the Bounty Guild had eyes and ears everywhere.
Well, we DID, until you started cutting them off.
~ Milo and Metallico

Back in Station Square, Metallico is being told by a Guild spy that Eggman is hold up in an abandoned brewery, guarded by traitorous Guild members. Later on, Milo arrives and they devise a plan of infiltration, breaking into the brewery, only to find that Eggman AND the cargo were already gone, having taken a boat to Rocky Island (which the Guild had abandoned after Stranded Revelations). The two fight off the attackers and flee while the brewery burns down behind them.

Metallico waits at the long pier for Milo to appear. Later, he does, but with Max and Sonic at his side. Sonic had already purchased a boat, so they use it to go to Rocky Island and kill Eggman. Upon arrival, they see that the old fort on the island was in perfect condition, with guards everywhere and Eggman being in an unknown part of the fort. Sonic plans an infiltration of the base, using some of Metallico's soldiers to do so. The plan was jeapordized mid-way when Metallico attacks Eggman. They all got caught because of this. Milo and Metallico get out, but find that Sonic was already gone, to kill Eggman. Milo rushes to stop this while Metallico frees Max and they run to the boat. Milo stops Sonic and they all flee on the boat.

Eggman was now preparing to send the supplies away. In an attempt to stop him from doing this, the four make it to Eggman's location, a boat headed for Station Square. They fight everyone there, with Eggman being murdered by Sonic and the supplies sent back to Alan Mak. Metallico then reveals to Milo that he planned to destroy Station Square by unleashing an army of super-soldiers upon it, forcing the government to nuke the city.

First Battle of Station Square and Death

Metallico then spent a week in hiding and then, he unleashed his army on the city he wanted gone. Knowing that Milo couldn't beat them, he waited atop a building for Milo to confront him. And while the chaos was happening, Max Prower had sabotaged Alan's nukes and ensured that they wouldn't be used. When Milo came to Metallico, they fought each other. Mid-way in, a blue cloud starts emitting from a robot flying overhead (this was Sonic's new antidote to the super-serum) and the cloud manages to kill everyone in the city affected by the drug. And while Metallico was dying in front of Milo, he stuck a pipe bomb into his father's melting and decaying body and kicks him off the building, where he explodes into a red bubble of light and dies.

A day afterwards, Milo finds Metallico's journal and reads through it to discover that he was not a heartless monster even at death. He apologizes for misunderstanding him and buries Metallico's skull (which somehow didn't get destroyed) underneath Sonic's house.



Metallico is well-known for being rather greedy. He doesn't appreciate not getting his wishes, to the point that he would level all of Station Square as revenge against his son. His greed also led to him choosing to join the Bounty Guild's ranks and murder his little brother. He seems to like killing a lot. To show this, he doesn't hesitate to lop his brother's head off with a machete if it meant lots of money. He doesn't even fell bad when murdering innocents, seeing anyone in his way to be an enemy. He also proves this to such an extent that he didn't even feel bad about killing his prisoners despite what members of the Guild would protest against.

He upholds the rules of the Bounty Guild quite seriously. As an example, he had memorized the entire "Bounty Guild principles" book and could recite it rather flawlessly. Another thing to note is how unlike his boss Killian, Metallico doesn't hesitate to leap into action on his own when needed. As such, he has a brilliant tactical mind and an excellent planner, far more directly-involved in his organization's plans than is safe. But nonetheless, he could always fight his way out of a troublesome situation.

He doesn't take kindly to traitors: rather than send assassins from his own creed after Dr. Eggman when he had turned on the Bounty Guild, he instead decided to hunt Eggman himself, using scouts and very few mercenaries and resources from the Guild to accomplish this, as he could easily track his opponents without help. In terms of emotion, he mainly displays one: anger. As Milo puts it, "if you get him angry, run and never be seen by him again", showing how dedicated he is.

However, in Metallico's Chronicles, we discover that he does have genuine emotion; he didn't take pleasure in killing Richard Mackenzie, who was already a dying man at the time he had to kill him, neither did he want to kill his accomplice Gerald Mackandal, offering him mercy if he surrendered and handed over the Chaos Emerald. He also saved a crew member while his transport ship was caught in a storm when he could've simply let him fall and die. Another thing he did was save an old man who was being beaten by gangsters, then give him money to restart his business. This allowed Metallico to start receiving money too as the landlord. Another thing he did was save a series of imprisoned frontier hunters, merchants and Native Americans, especially the Native Americans. When he had unintentionally caused an earthquake in the town of Hunter Oppidum and his friend Fredrick Rodriguez died, he was willing to prevent such a thing from happening again; he kills his own fellow Bounty Guild soldiers and robbed a friendly ship of a Chaos Emerald and a Nocturus Clan Box, which led him to the earthquake source in the first place. He was willing to kill his superior Killian Fredson to protect the Box from him, even to the length of running through bombarded Hundrid City and stealing a ship to get away, only to get blown up by Killian.

Metallico's Chronicles also reveals that he killed his own father to protect himself and his brother. He didn't want to kill his best friend James Finnegan either, but had to because the Great Willow's power had driven him insane. His betrayal was what led him to save the world from Killian and Eggman.


Physical Abilities

Metallico is rather skilled in the business of death. He mainly uses machetes worn on his back, and is an expert swordsman. He could easily take on enemies superior to him and still beat them. He even said "2000 of my enemies dead, ALL OF THEM, by MY own machetes". He is also a good marksman, rarely missing a gunshot and when he does, it's usually on purpose. He is also rather strong and durable, as even when a crossbow bolt/bullet went through his back, he survived. Even when he had constantly been put through things normal people would find fatal, he lives.

He is a master swordsman, able to take on the greatest swordsmen in Hundrid City and live. He also has used a weapon called the Mercenary Gun, which fires sedative grenades, poison darts, firecracker bullets and shrapnel bombs, able to use these functions very easily. He has used a weapon called the Hidden Blade, a retractable knife extending from a bracer, for stealth kills. He can also use it in combat very elaborately. His free-running prowess leads him to run through a forest while an earthquake happens, not actually tripping on anything and just kept running easily. He could also climb the buildings of Hundrid City with little effort, even able to run through Hundrid City streets while a far-away battleship bombards the city with cannon fire.

When he was powered-up by the Black Arms super-serum, Metallico's strength increased incredibly; he could survive various gunshots, punch through walls and fight like a beast dependent on brute power rather than graceful swiftness. His cells could regenerate and living tissue would heal if cut or pierced.

Leaping Eagle

Thanks to spirit tea made from the boughs of a tree called the Great Willow, Metallico could turn into the Leaping Eagle. This form is much like a Homing Attack. He can take a leap, then at will, transform into a translucent, ghost-like eagle and fly up to a spot, then turn back upon reaching destination. He could also use this power to attack enemies; he could target an enemy and leap at them in conjunction with his Hidden Blade and kill a person both from impact and a stab wound.


  • There were original plans to make Metallico the main antagonist of the Sonic: Revolutions video game, where he time-traveled with Milo by accident, but this was scrapped and his fate changed to being blown up at the end of Season 3 and the pirate Rodrigo Marik being the main antagonist.
    • Rodrigo acts a lot like Metallico in a sense, possibly as a way of apologizing to the players for not actually adding Metallico to the game. The second apology was creating the downloadable game Metallico's Chronicles, which reveals key moments of his backstory.
  • In general, Metallico is one of the foremost antagonists in his various appearances. As he is a fighter in several war battles and sieges, and being the former main antagonist of the Sonic: Revolutions series, coupled with murderous, revenge-driven attitude and slight insanity, he is perhaps better of a villain than Dr. Eggman. Other villains with this quality are Chaos, Metal Sonic, Mephiles the Dark, Eggman Nega and Killian Fredson.
  • He was the first villain in the series to know that Milo Prower is the hooded vigilante.
  • In Sonic: Revolutions Season 3, Metallico is shown with an eye-patch over his right eye, suggesting he had to remove it. How he got this is unknown. However, he did say that he lost his eye to Milo, but it isn't known when this was.
  • An original plan was to feature Killian Fredson as the main antagonist of the Revolutions series and spin-offs, but this idea was replaced with Metallico in that role because of his lack of lines in Stranded Revelations. Fans wanted to know more about him and wanted him to appear in later games, so Killian was killed off early in the series and Metallico took his place.
  • He is the first (and so far only) playable antagonist in the Sonic: Revolutions video-game, also being the first character to have his own DLC.
  • He has similarities with Slade Wilson as portrayed in the live-action TV series Arrow. Both had sought to make the protagonist suffer at maximum by leveling their city, both had been using a super-soldier drug, both were like Big Bads (the kind of villain that stays behind the scenes and manipulates everything away from the protagonist), both had helped the protagonist at some point and both had survived supposedly-impossible events and sought revenge for this. The chief difference is that Metallico dies, but Slade was spared and placed in a government prison.
    • He also shows similarities with Haytham Kenway from Assassin's Creed III. Both were the father of the protagonist, both had opposing ideologies, both seemed to display a limited level of compassion for the protagonist, both had been very popular, memorable villains and both were killed by the protagonist while their plans were being carried out.
  • If one thinks about it, Metallico is basically to blame for putting the events of all the Sonic the Hedgehog games in motion.
  • In Sonic: Revolutions, Metallico never uses his Leaping Eagle power, which is rather odd, as it is perhaps the most powerful thing he can do.
  • Due to his actions, roles and menacing appearance, Metallico is essentially the true main antagonist of the entire Sonic: Revolutions TV series, in that he makes more appearances in the show than any other villain, the only villain to actually be biologically-related to Milo, leadership of the terrorist mercenary organization the Bounty Guild and the fact that he is the only villain in the show to be featured in 3 of the 4 seasons of the show and being the only playable villain in the show's video-game.
  • Metallico is a darker version of Milo, being unlike him but very similar:
    • They both sought to ally to catch Eggman, but:
      • Milo had hoped to convince his father to give up his terrorist plot and see what his greed had caused.
      • Metallico was hoping to kill Milo after Eggman died, but decided to fade away instead, having softened-up.
    • They both had plotted to stop the Bounty Guild at a certain point, but:
      • Milo did it because Killian and Metallico wanted to be terrorists for money.
      • Metallico did it by stealing the Nocturus Box and Chaos Emerald, had a battleship bombard Hundrid City to stop him, but he was led back to his murderous ways, albeit in a softer sense than before.
    • They both had wanted revenge, but:
      • Milo wanted to murder Metallico as revenge against him for killing his mother and planning to destroy Station Square, but realized that revenge is a cold comfort and if confronted, pick justice over vengeance.
      • Metallico had revenge plans that were taken way too far; he murdered Moira and proclaimed to Milo that he will make him suffer like crazy until he's begging for death, even to the point that he would manipulate Alan Mak and the United Federation government into destroying Station Square with a drone-strike. He never got a chance to redeem himself, as he had died at Milo's own hands.
    • They had a distinct disrespect towards Sonic, but:
      • Milo didn't like Sonic because he was a jerk, a bully, but he always found a way to redeem himself.
      • Metallico hated Sonic in a different way; he got shot right through the back by Sonic back on Rocky Island and wound up turning his own son into his worst enemy, even getting angry at him for killing Eggman the traitor, which Metallico personally wanted to do.
  • There were original plans for Metallico to return in Season 4; he would've been made to see the chaos that he had wrought on Station Square in the past and attempted to redeem himself by working for George Creatura, but saw that he wanted to destroy the world and would've killed Creatura using his Leaping Eagle power. This was scrapped, however.
  • Every person to hold position as a season's main villain showed a representation of what Sonic the Hedgehog would turn into in Season 4; Eggman represented the sabotage that Sonic would attempt (in Alas, poor foe, he threw off Alan Mak's beliefs of Creatura's location by rigging computers), Niro Roberts represents the pain, tragedy and suffering he would endure (got stuck in a building with a bomb and felt betrayed because Milo wouldn't/couldn't save him), but Metallico represented the most notable, dangerous, heartless trait he would develop; the level of revenge that was taken way too far, only to be killed right as it was to be fulfilled (Metallico was destroying Station Square to make Milo suffer and beg for his death, while Sonic had become way darker, helping Creatura destroy Earth and get unjust revenge on the only person who can stop him).
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