Metallico's Chronicles is the name given to a downloadable game that comes free with pre-order of Sonic: Revolutions and available as a separate game on PS3 and PS4. It follows the backstory and life of Metallico Prower, the main antagonist of the TV series Sonic: Revolutions, in a more sympathetic light. You play as Metallico as we learn what happened to him after Sonic the Hedgehog: Stranded Revelations.

It is available in 3 chapters, both being separate until bought as a separate game on PS3 or PS4.


As with the video game that this DLC comes with, you play with combat and stealth, with parkour being major as you climb through certain obstacles free-run style. Metallico Prower is your playable character, as we start to see him in a more sympathetic tone, not as evil as we thought he was. The gameplay is exactly like in the Sonic: Revolutions video-game, only a new player character and alternate weapons, as it is set in a modern-day setting, only you operate in Hundrid City (in Chapter 1), which looks like Boston in Assassin's Creed III. You play as Metallico with use of a sword (no dagger to pair it with), a gun, firecracker darts and poison darts (fired from the Bounty Guild-exclusive weapon, the Mercenary Gun), sleep and shrapnel grenades (also fired from Mercenary Gun), smoke bombs, your normal fists and the Hidden Blade, for stealth assassinations and can also be used in combat. The ocean setting with boats is no longer used. Also, you can get paid by participating in Mercenary Contracts.


Chapter 1: Hundrid City

We start the game with Metallico waking up in a hospital, with a giant stitch on his back to due being shot in Stranded Revelations. Metallico is then visited by Killian Fredson, who had also apparently survived his fate in Stranded Revelations. 1 month later, Metallico is given his assignment; kill Richard Mackenzie, a corrupt noble in possession of a special box built by the Nocturus clan from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Metallico is sent to a spot of land in a nearby river, where a party is going on. Metallico sees that Richard was already a dying man, which makes him think he'll regret doing this. Nonetheless, he gets in and stabs Richard with his Hidden Blade and takes the Box from him. His next assignment led him to an opera, where Killian was in attendance. Metallico asks Killian who the target is. The target is Gerald Mackandal, who is in possession of a Chaos Emerald that can make the Box work. He sneaks and climbs the opera walls and gets to Gerald's booth, asking him to hand over the Emerald. He refuses, prompting Metallico to stab him through the spine and take it. He leaves the opera as news gets out, everyone wants to leave. Back at the Guild's lair underneath Killian's manor, Metallico is shown by the Box and the Emerald through a hologram that there are strange temples in spots of the world. Killian then tells Metallico to get passage to the United Federation town Hundrid City to gain allies in an attempt to find this temple and take possession of its contents. He is given passage on a boat that leaves at 4:00 pm tomorrow.

The next day, Metallico is on the ship and winds up causing a fight on the decks. The captain gets angry at Metallico, blaming him for this AND the fact that he had lost some well-paying contracts by waiting another day for him to arrive on his boat. He then tells Metallico that there might be a mutiny happening, which is hardly surprising. That night, Metallico hears something, then he goes to look and finds something very weird; barrels were being dropped. He didn't know who was doing it, so he decides to go to sleep. On day 18 on the ship, Metallico is telling the captain that whoever is dumping the barrels is leaving a trail. It would only be a matter of time before whoever was following it would find the ship they were after. Right then, a crew member busts in and says he sees an enemy ship firing at them. Metallico is told to go below decks. He didn't know who was dumping the barrels, but then a crew member named Mills appears and reveals that he was paid by an enemy in Hundrid City to make sure Metallico never arrives, as he had already killed Gerald and Richard and didn't want the same fate. Mills offers Metallico a chance to surrender, but he refuses, wanting to fight instead. Mills gives him a sword and they duel. Metallico manages to kill Mills by stabbing his back and throwing him overboard, then takes a gun and tells the captain to sail them into a nearby storm, in hopes of losing the enemy ship. They get through the storm, leaving the enemy ship to sink behind them. On day 20, the ship arrives at the long pier of Hundrid City. He is introduced to the city by Fredrick Rodriguez, who gives him some money to go buy some weapons. He buys himself a gun and a house that was for sale. It was converted into a centre of operations for Metallico's plans in the town. Fredrick says he knows the name of the man who hired Mills; Robert Geran, a general in the local military who is currently in Hundrid City to root out Bounty Guild wannabes. Metallico then prepares to retrieve a box containing research for Fredrick that could lead to a nearby Nocturus Clan temple. He goes to meet with James Finnegan, a friend of Fredrick, who was being paid to help Metallico find Fredrick's research. It was currently in a makeshift fort guarded by Robert's mercenaries, determined to prevent Metallico from finding the temple. They get in using a special plan and retrieve the research and give it back to Fredrick.

Fredrick then tells Metallico to spend some time getting to know the town, which he does by buying a map of the city. Then, he sees a man being robbed by soldiers in infantry outfits. He goes to help him, killing the attackers and giving the man some money to restart his business. With Metallico owning the shop, he starts to receive income and payment increases for every renovation he makes. James tells Metallico to go the district's Gang HQ. He takes it over by murdering all the guards, freeing their prisoners and claiming it for the local army. Killian sends Metallico a new weapon, the Mercenary Gun, which fires sedative grenades, shrapnel grenades, poison darts and firecracker darts, all without making a sound. With this kind of advantage, Metallico couldn't fail. later, he and Fredrick go to an encampment outside Hundrid City owned by Robert Geran. Robert was reprimanding James Finnegan for aiding known enemies of the city, when Metallico arrives. He refuses to hand over James. Metallico and Fredrick were done with the camp, but as luck would have it, so is Robert. The two tail their patrol through Hundrid City and attacked them. However, Metallico had decided to spare Robert, as they didn't want to get on the news for it. Later, the three learn from bribing a gang member that a mercenary cult hired by Robert has taken control of a nearby fort, kidnapping several frontier hunters and a bunch of innocents to learn where the temple is. The three then dress up as mercenaries and get in, spring a trap and kill everyone at the fort. The captain was murdered by James, who stabs him with a knife and throws him off the fort walls. Robert got the news of this and wasn't happy about it. It was a victory for the Bounty Guild, as Metallico goes to the temple under the frontier forest town Hunter Oppidum, finding it under heavy guard by Robert and his soldiers. All of them die, but Robert is spared yet again, but warns him that he will die next time their paths cross. Metallico goes into the temple, finding a strange artifact inside. He takes it, but winds up triggering an earthquake; Hunter Oppidum winds up getting destroyed in the earthquake, while the artifact had crumbled to dust in his hands. Fredrick had died in the seismic event, now leading Metallico to wonder what to do next.

Killian Fredson arrives in Hundrid City at Metallico's home, expecting to receive the artifact from the temple. Instead, Metallico punches Killian in the face and tells him what happened. He refuses to believe it, but Metallico was straight. He steals the Chaos Emerald and the Box that led him here in the first place and hoped to prevent anyone from finding these temples ever again. Killian is disappointed at this, as he had hoped to convince Metallico that these temples hold treasure. The two fight each other in sword combat, with Metallico fleeing at the end of it and heading over to the long pier, hoping to flee. He gets on a boat, but winds up attacked, with Killian having fired a missile at it and wanted Metallico dead now. Robert appears, as he reveals that Killian had come to the city to kill Metallico and get paid for it. We look onto the flaming, sinking ship as the words "To Be Continued" flash over the screen.

Chapter 2: The Betrayal

We open up with a flashback to Metallico's teenage years; he is chasing Tails who took his pocket-watch. While running, the two come across a dark building where they saw their father, Uberto Gerta, talking with some criminals about a deal coming involving weapon-shipment and "the time to strike". However, they are detected by a guard, who chases them, but loses them in the forest. Metallico knew his father was a criminal now.

We then flash back to where Chapter 1: Hundrid City left off; Killian had levelled a boat to kill Metallico, but we see that he was nursed back to health by a hermit. 1 month later, Metallico is seen waking up and recovering in the hermit's boat, where he is given the weapons that he was drowning with, along with a new outfit. He asks the hermit if he found the Nocturus Box or Chaos Emerald on him, but he replied with "Nope, ya just had those weapons." Now, he was confident that the Box was now at the bottom of the ocean. He goes back to Hundrid City on the hermit's boat, only to see that the city was re-building after Killian's bombardment and the gangs had retaken their Gang HQs around the city. He sees that the civil army guards were breaking into James Finnegan's house, because he had worked with the Bounty Guild when Killian destroyed the city. Metallico murders these men and helps James up. He gives him some money he stole off of a mugger earlier and allows him to rebuild his house, but it was so that the future owner wouldn't live in a dump. Now that Metallico and James were revealed as alive, the Bounty Guild as branded them enemies and they would have to keep moving. A man with a bandana on his mouth and a hood buys the house and says he'll turn it into an inn. They leave the city, so that they wouldn't be tracked, now going to the forest outside the city.

Knowing that they would need a place to live, Metallico and James buy a house that was for sale and use it as their new home. However, they knew they'd need money, so Metallico goes outside to the "Forest Scar", the part of the forest that suffered in the earthquake, where he comes across a rich man with lots of money he had wrongfully taken. He robs the man of his money and goes back home. He comes across another frontier town, where he sees a Gang HQ standing as center, run by the Bounty Guild. He captures it for the civil military, where James appears. Metallico renovates a series of shops around the town and begins to receive new money. He goes back home.

We then cut to another flashback, where Metallico was now walking through Hundrid City looking for home, but winds up attacked by a man in a hood, who leapt down on him with a Hidden Blade. Metallico takes a knife and stabs him in the throat right as he was about to stab him. He confessed in his dying words that he was paid by Uberto to kill his own son, because he overheard the criminal meeting. Knowing this, he goes home to save his brother.

Back in the present, Metallico is seen in the forest standing on a branch, where he is prepared to leap down on a military convoy and rob it. He leaps on top of the truck, then getting inside and finding Robert Geran inside. He stabs Geran, who confesses that he paid Killian to kill Metallico to stop anyone from finding the temple. Geran shoots Metallico, dropping him off the back of the truck and letting him lie there. A Native-American Chief and two others come across Metallico, unconscious and nearly dead. They take him to their village, where they nurse him back to health. He wakes up to see James sitting beside him, in a longhouse on a sickbed. James gives Metallico his weapons, then Bounty Guild troopers led by Robert arrive at the village, stating that they're here to kill Metallico and no-one will get hurt if he's handed over immediately. In desperation, the Clan Mother gives Metallico some special tea she brewed, made from the leaves of "the Great Willow". He drinks it and then suddenly finds himself with a new power. He steps outside to test it, by turning into a translucent eagle and leaping up to a branch and turning back. Knowing that this new power would come in handy, he turns into the "Leaping Eagle" again, jumps off the branch and right at Robert with his Hidden Blade. He says in his dying words that Killian has recovered the Box, which he stole from the hermit at the beginning. The troops were right about to fire on Metallico, but then the Chief and several other people attack, killing all the troops. They thank Metallico for killing Robert and present him with a sword they forged from a meteor. He takes it and leaves for home, thanking them for their help.

We then cut to a flashback where we see that Metallico was walking to the Palace of Hundrid, a castle fit for royalty, armed with the Hidden Blade he stole from the hooded assassin, and finds Uberto talking with Tails, now holding a knife. Metallico finds Uberto talking with a guest, then stabs him in the spine when he turns around. He reveals he is part of the Bounty Guild and was to kill his sons for hearing too much. Metallico tells Tails that he was attacked today by an assassin who wanted him dead and with Uberto dead, they would have to flee. So they do, where they come across a plane.

Back in the present, Metallico is shown sneaking into a fort controlled by the Bounty Guild. He hides in a truck as it enters the fort, where he then sneaks and overhears two guards talking to each other. It turns out that Killian was now hiding out in Darq City on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Metallico got the idea that he had the Box, so he goes back home to talk to James about it. However, upon arrival, we see that James had been driven mad; he brewed his own Great Willow tea and was possessed by evil spirits, showing that James was gone and madness took his place. Metallico chases him into the forest on treetop until performing the Leaping Eagle and tackling James off a cliff. Metallico had taken the Leaping Eagle to grab a branch and survive, but James wound up falling to his death. He then climbs his way up to the top of the cliff, only to be captured by Bounty Guild troopers. The words "To Be Continued" flash over the screen as we see Metallico getting loaded up on a plane and heading to Darq City.

Chapter 3: Robes for Royalty

The chapter opens up with Metallico waking up in an interrogation room with Killian and a hooded, bandana-mounthed guard in the room. Killian demands to Metallico why he turned on the Guild, and he responds with simply "To save the world". Killian approaches Metallico with a knife, but he takes it and kills the guard and recovers his Hidden Blades. He fights his way out ofthee building to reveal Darq City, which resembles 18th-century London and Versailles. He comes across a man with an upper-class outfit and robs him of his clothes. He goes to buy a house in the city using the nobleman's money and gets settled in quickly. While walking across town, Metallico comes across a general store out of business, so he donates money and recieves income. Metallico then finds a hooded Bounty Guild man walking into an alley with a suitcase. He eavesdrops on his conversation with Killian, where they discuss their new plan to find the temple hidden under Darq City. They also make mention of their new employer's idea for a "utopian society to rise from Darq's ruins". Knowing that this couldn't be good, Metallico attacks them, shooting the hooded agent in the leg, but couldn't stop Killian from getting away. The agent reveals that his new employer has ordered the search of the temples for a "upotian/dystopian world" to begin, then limps away, but not before dropping his Hidden Crossbow and Bomb Pouch. As his Mercenary Gun was gone, Metallico decided to take these for new weapons.

Metallico steals a boat from the city harbour and sets sail for Seaside Hill, as the troop he crippled also said there was something at Seaside Hill that would "interest" him. He finds a town housing an individual who could find what was at Seaside Hill. While travelling through the forest, he runs into Rogue the Bat, who wanted to find this "interseting" thing, believing it to be treasure. They make a truce, then come across Seaside Hill on the forest's edge. A fort owned by robotic minions of Dr. Eggman was spotted which housed what the two sought. Rogue and Metallico bust into the vault, fighting to the inside where Rogue is directed to the vault that she sought to find, revealing Metallico's tie-in with events in Sonic Heroes. He finds a room holding the Box inside, which was the interesting thing the troop mentioned. As he was about to leave with it, Eggman appears holding a laser gun. He was tipped off by Killian that someone would come to find his vault and wanted to stop this. Metallico knocks him down by smashing the Box into his head, then ran away back to the boat.

Metallico gets back to Darq City and captures a Guild HQ at the harbour, then comes across Killian bribing a military contact. Metallico goes up to the official and demands to know what he told him. The official says that he told Killian about the temple under the city and that its entrance hides under a secret room somewhere. This wouldn't get him anywhere, so Metallico decides to ambush him. He does, by attacking him in the Darq Chapel. They do battle there, with Metallico besting his opponent. Killian then mentions his employer being a man he hoped he wouldn't meet, then leaps out a window and escapes. Metallico realizes that something was up with the Guild, as members now seemed to fear him heavily. 1 month later, Metallico catches word of a meeting set inside the Darq Chapel. He sees Killian talking with a hooded guy about where the temple hides. Metallico is detected and has to run away. He ambushes a Bounty Guild member, who confesses that Killian and his employer are headed to the edge of the North Pole, apparently to find a temple there, against the employer's request. With this information in hand, Metallico gets into his boat and follows Killian's boat to the edge of the Arctic border.

Upon arrival, Metallico finds that the boat has wasted no time setting up his crew members around the path to the temple. He sneaks around there and finds Killian in the heart of the temple with his employer, facing the artifact that will collapse the area in earthquake if touched. It's now revealed who Killian's employer is: Dr. Eggman, who was brought here despite his wishes. He unveils his plan to destroy Darq City and build Eggmanland on its ruins, revealing that Robert Geran wanted to stop this by making Killian betray Metallico. Killian knocks over the artifact, triggering an earthquake and forcing them to flee, dropping the Box into the freezing water, never to be seen again. Metallico cripples Killian with his gun, but fails to stop Eggman from getting away. Killian was carried to Metallico's boat and burned alive, then the fire is put out. This explains why he was injured badly and cybernetic in Sonic: Revolutions. Back in Darq City, Eggman sets out with Bounty Guild troops to Darq Chapel and finds a secret passageway leading underneath the city and to the temple. Metallico fights into the temple center, only to see that Eggman has come into possession of a weapon called the Nocturus Sword. They do battle in the temple chamber, with Metallico hiding and landing succesive strikes at the weapon, each time causing an explosion. Eventually, the sword's energy gets unstable. It explodes and injures Eggman, now bloodied, weakened and nearly dead. Metallico sees that the sword has lost its power in the explosion, so he leaves Eggman to die in the temple from his injuries. However, he had saved himself by calling for a robot to save him before passing out.

Metallico talks with the Bounty Guild and says that he wants to be reinstated back, revealing a technicality that he killed Killian and Eggman to save the world from them. Knowing that the Guild would try to kill him, the man he talked to suggests reincarnating Killian without his memories. He agrees with his plan and has him rebuilt as a cyborg at Meteotech, but without his memories. The game ends with Metallico giving a colsing narration speech about he will always find a way to save the world from men like Eggman and Killian whenever he can. In a post-credits scene, Killian is being re-built as a cyborg, unaware of the various events that he had been involved in earlier. He makes Metallico his 2nd-in-Command.


Weapons (D-Pad selected)

  • Sword (down-1)
  • Fists (down-2)
  • Hidden Blade (down-3)
  • Firearm (left-1)
  • Smoke Bomb (left-2)
  • Poison Darts (up-1)
  • Firecracker Darts (up-2)
  • Shrapnel Grenade (down-1)
  • Sedative Grenade (down-2)


  • Mercenary Hood Outfit (default outfit, looks exactly like Shay Cormac's Assassin attire in Assassin's Creed: Rogue; worn in Chapter 1: Hundrid City)
  • Frontier Noble Attire (resembles Shay Cormac's Interim outfit in Assassin's Creed: Rogue; worn in Chapter 2: The Betrayal)
  • Darq Outfit (resembles Shay Cormac's Versailles outfit in Assassin's Creed: Rogue; worn in Chapter 3: Robes for Royalty)
  • British Noble ($300, Haytham Kenway's attire in Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed: Rogue, with several differences)
  • Gang Attire ($2,000, dressed in typical orange gang clothing)
  • Master Bounty Hunter ($3,000, Shay Cormac's Dark Assassin attire in Assassin's Creed: Rogue)
  • Pure Hunter ($10,000, Mercenary Hood Outfit with black and red rather than light-blue and white)


  • It's very much like Haytham Kenway's storyline in the first quarter of Assassin's Creed III. It also takes influence from Zuko's story in Season 2 of Avatar; the Last Airbender.
  • It is available for $15.00 ($5.00 each chapter) on any shop.
    • The DLC seems to be like a completely separate storyline and separate game, as it has half as many purchasable items as the video-game it comes with, has a capturing district system like in Assassin's Creed: Rogue and the typical renovation and income system that works just as well.
  • Metallico is more likeable here. He can now be considered an anti-hero/anti-villain because he is not completely heartless.
  • The outfits in the game are much like the outfits in Assassin's Creed: Rogue.
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