The Metal Virus is an object that appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. First appearing in IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 12, it became a serious threat in later issues, particularly in Issue 16. In The Legend of Fox the Brave, the Metal Virus was established in A Grand Return, as apart of the Great Eggman War.


The Metal Virus is a metallic gray liquid goop, often kept in cylindrical tanks at the Final Egg, and large tanks on the Faceship. According to Boulder, it feels like water but thicker. When someone is infected with the Metal Virus, it appears as a gray patch spreading from the point of contact with either the Virus itself or someone else infected with it. Once someone is fully converted, they become a more metallic version of their original color


The Metal Virus was created by Dr. Eggman as a surefire way to take control of the world(the Four Worlds in The Legend of Fox the Brave). Though Dr. Starline questioned how Eggman would cover the whole world, Eggman explained that he would hit a few strategic places, and let the Zombots spread the Virus by setting them loose on the world


After regaining his memories, Dr. Eggman almost immediately set his plan for the Metal Virus in motion. Seen in On the Run and IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 13, Eggman ran several tests, using it on a sunflower, and a Pocky, with a Picky and a Ricky being used in the tests as well. Though Eggman's plans were put on hold after the Battle for Storm Cloud City, when he and Starline were arrested, he soon escaped and set them back into motion. Several locations were hit by the Metal Virus, creating a Worldwide crisis and forcing the warriors to think fast in order to get survivors to safety.

List of Victims

People with Immunity

Due to the "Rule of the Worlds", people who were born outside the Four Worlds(i.e. Austin, Boulder), are immune. Spirits are naturally immune themselves, as they are no longer living. Robots, non-living material, and processed material are also unaffected


The Metal Virus Arc is the first event adapted from the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics, as well as the second event to span multiple stories, the first being the War of Darkness

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