Metal Turbo the hedgehog

Metal Turbo is a stronger,power hungry robot clone of Turbo the hedgehog.He will stop at nothing untill he can obtain extreme power and achieve the goal of ruleing the universe with Eggman serving his every evil deed.

Before the creation of Turbo

Before Turbo was created,Metal Turbo was the prototype of Metal Sonic.Just like E-102 Gamma, the Metal Sonic prototype had feelings.He was treated like garbage.He was never put on any missions,he coudn't use any special moves,and he looked like he was built 100 years ago and never got repairs for the wear and tear he recieved from becoming very old.To him,he felt sad(even though no can tell because he is a robot),evantualy he grew angry and angry untill he was really ticked off(anyone can tell that he's angry by looking at his eyes in which becomes a brighter red color when he's angry).

After the creation of Turbo

As Turbo was finished,Metal Turbo secretly transformed into a robot clone version of Turbo.Without being caught,Metal Turbo stole the blueprints for E-123 omega and became determined for revenge.Metal Turbo copied Turbo's powers and used them to take over one of Eggman's robot factorys.From there,Metal Turbo redesigned the blueprints for E-123 omega and made E-123 omega clones with his own sick and twisted image.At last,Metal Turbo had created an army of powerful robots that will overrun the G.U.N and will take down Eggman's army with Eggman himself.

The Chaos emeralds nowhere to be found and extreme destruction everywhere

As more destruction was caused,Metal Turbo enjoyed the helpless meeting their doom(untill Sonic and his friends arrive).Metal Turbo was pleased to see that operation REVENGE has come to a good start.


Metal Turbo is possible to have emotions but can't talk in a base form like Metal Sonic.Metal Turbo is the most Cruelest,meanest,and savage hearted robot that was ever created.

Likes and dislikes


Anything evil

Mass destruction

Anything or anyone that has extreme power(exept Shadow the hedgehog and anyone who is not evil)

Eggman ending up dead,defeated,or captured

Eliminator 1230 omegas

Gaining maximum power


Anything not evil

World peace

Being defeated by anyone thats good

Anything about Sonic the hedgehog


Metal Sonic

Turbo the hedgehog

The G.U.N

Shadow the hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog

Losing power

The universe itself

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