This is an article about Overdrive, a transformation created by Metty.
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Overdrive is Metal's main super form, which is triggered by using his own powers to transform. Upon transforming Metal gains the power to create electricity and and gains the ability of Enhanced Speed. So far, this form has only been used a few times, unknown to Metal, he gained the ability to activate Overdrive after using Dragon Energy to super transform.

Background Story:



As expected Metal's appearance has changed to a degree. Metal now stands slightly taller, standing at the height of about six foot nine. His horns are now slightly sharper, longer and are now about medium height long. His hair has slightly changed to a degree that he has gained a light blue streak through his hair, along with his eyes being a light blue colour. His left has mutated to the point of it looking like he has armor on his arm. The mutated arm, is a dark blue colour with light blue streaks going through it.


Strengths and Weaknesses:


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