This is an article about Nightmare, a transformation of Metal The Rogue created by Metal.
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"Now I'll show you where true power comes from!"

Nightmare is the Dark Transformation of Metal The Rogue, and is considered his only and most powerful form. Utilizing either a large source of Dark Energy or his own energy. Nightmare is able to withstand a massive amount of damage and dish out a massive amount as well. Metal is known to lose his ability to use his Smoke hybrid elemental power, and gain control of Darkness Manipulation instead. It is known his speed, durability and healing factor is greatly increased as well.

General Information:

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  • First Appearance: unknown
  • Appearances: unknown
  • Description:
  • Colour:
  • Attire:
  • Enhanced/Gained Powers: Darkness Manipulation
  • Enhanced/Gained Abilities: Super Human Durability, Regenerative Healing Factor, Peak Human Speed
  • Base Transformation: Metal The Rogue
  • Cause of Transformation: Negative Energy


Nightmare has appeared various times over the course of Metal's history in roleplays and his background.

First Transformation:




Metal's appearance has become more demonic to a sense, he now stands way taller at the height of about seven foot two (7"2) and the weight of about eighty kilograms (80kg). His multicolored eyes have changed from being a dark red and light blue color to being red with no pupils, and sclera of his eyes are now a pitch black color. His spiky silver colored hair is now a pitch black color with a dark red stripe going through the center of it and his horns are longer and sharper, resembling more of a demon and are colored a dark grey. Metal also bares sharper teeth than before, them being extremely razor sharp and his wings are now colored a black color, with various scales on them, and the inside of them being a dark grey, and have the orange markings replaced with dark blue ones.

His fur on his chest has now changed to a darker grey, almost black, along with his ears. Both of his arms seems to have mutated to a demon like arm. His arm has blue veins running through it, and he retains his normal Berserker marking though his arm. His sharp claws are now covered over with and are light blue transparent color. His tail seems to be changed, as he gains a dragon like tail instead, and it is black and has various spikes and scaled armour on it. The underside of his tail is known to be a grey color, lighter than his scales. His skin covers over over most of his torso rendering it unable to be seen with various lightning bolt markings and other scar like markings on his arms and body. His markings all over his body have changed to a dark blue colour, with his feet being completely seen out of his sneakers.


Metal still retains his green signature bandana, his pants and his belt. It is known he wears a bandage over his left arm, and over his chest, slightly hiding some of his markings.


In Metal's Nightmare form, he gains a more sadistic personality. He shows no mercy with his actions, and would go as far as to mess with someone's head. However, unlike a normal dark form, he is able to discern between friend and foe but is brutal and merciless.


After Metal has transformed in his Nightmare form, Metal's abilities are enhanced as result of his transformation. With this, he is able to wreck as much damage as possible. Being able to surpass the power of his base form. He permanently retains his normal powers and abilities in this form, as well as gain a few new ones. Some abilities are slightly enhanced to a degree. Here's a list of Metal's enhanced abilities:

  • Superhuman Durability: Metal's durability is enhanced to a degree where can withstand up to .50 cal bullets. Anything past .50 will effect him otherwise.
  • Peak Human Speed: Metal can move slightly faster in his new transformation. He can run up to 40mph at most, and has slightly quickly reflexes.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Metal has the ability to heal slightly faster than usual. Other than this, his healing factor is slightly faster than normal normal creatures.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Like his base form, Metal retains all his strengths including his elemental strengths. After transforming, Metal gains the ability to move slightly faster and the ability to resistant up to .50 cal bullets. He gains the ability to have a regenerative healing factor, as it it is slightly faster than average Mobians.

Like his base form, Metal retains all his weaknesses. His most notable weakness is his slow healing factor. As he can heal slightly faster than normal Mobians/Humans. He cannot heal as fast as those with a immensely fast healing factor. His healing factor can render him useless against his weaknesses as it him longer to heal. His new durability can be ineffective against those who have over .50 cal bullets. Another thing he has is his speed, being able to surpass normal speed as of a human, he is not able to surpass those with super speed.


The requirements of Metal's New transformation is the large amount of negative energy he has to process to transform. He has to use his negative created by his negative emotions. Other thing he can do is absorb dark energy, forcing him into his transformation. Template:Metal's Transformations

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