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"Name's Metal. I may look like a villain to you, but I'm really a hero. A true hero doesn't give up and continues fighting for what they believe in."
—Metal the Rogue

Metal, full name Metal Kuroi, is an eighteen year old Berserker Wolf Hybrid, who was experimented on to increase his powers and abilities and to possibly become the strongest super soldier ever created. However, before that could be completed, the hybrid escaped, making sure Raiden doesn't change him into one of his soldiers. Being one of the last survivors of his species, he vows to get revenge on Raiden and find some way to revive his species again. He currently fights for freedom, against those who want to capture him, that being G.U.N.

After a merge in his universe with another one, he teams up with the legendary Hedgehog, Shadow to defeat the villain who wants to rule over the universe. After that happens, he finds some way to go back to his universe, and continues his fight against Raiden. Metal currently knows how to control a hybrid of Earth, Fire and Smoke called Typhokinesis and some sort of energy similar to Chaos Energy, named Overdrive Energy. While his powers allow him to be a powerhouse in battle, he also has the ability to take .40 cal bullets, and survive long falls. As well as this, he's very resistant to heat, and very resistant to cold, and can be affected by Ice/Fire-based techniques. Metal's physically strong, as he's able to lift up to one ton, and punch through steel. Being a former soldier, he has the ability to use firearms, and grenades, although his speciality is using a sword and shield in battle.

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Metal stands at the height of about five foot five (5"5) and is the weight of about fifty five kilograms. He has short light brown spiky hair, and has ice blue eyes are well. He is slightly muscular, but isn't as muscular as what he was in the future. On top of his head, he has large dark grey Wolf ears. His fingers are short and clawed, and his dark blue markings are seen on his arm and reach down to his hand.

On his chest, there is a tuft of grey fur, which is fairly visible from the slight rip on his t-shirt. He has a short dark grey bushy wolf tail as well. He has dark blue lightning bolt markings under his eyes, with them being along his arms and on his chest in a similar shape. His chest markings are concealed but the other markings are fairly visible and they glow when he uses certain techniques or if he is angered. His feet are shortly clawed, but are partly concealed by his sneakers. He has a pair of medium red wings on his back. The top of them there is a spike each. The wings are a red colour with two orange markings. Where the spikes are, the top of the wings are a dark red. Metal is known to have two white very short demon horns on top of his head.

Metal's appearance in his teenage years has changed so he's now about the height of six foot five and weighs about the weight of seventy kilograms. He is more muscular and now has silvery-grey hair. Metal's eyes are multi-coloured; the top half of each iris is light blue while the bottom halves are red.


Metal wears a blue t-shirt with it being slightly ripped at the top, where his grey tuft of chest fur is visible. He wears long grey pants. As well as black sneakers with a grey base which conceal his claws to an extent. The claws can be seen, through the ripped markings in them. He wears a green bandana that is seen round his neck.

After meeting Crusher, and the start of his teenage years, he wears a trenchcoat as it was given to him by his partner Crusher. It is made out of fireproof and frost-proof materials. While he is normally seen with this on, he can be regularly seen with his blue t-shirt underneath. He hardly takes his trenchcoat off, unless in certain occasions. It is known to be short and his markings can be seen on his arms.

Metal is known to have one scabbard on his back, for his two swords he uses in combat. He wears a belt across his chest and around his waist with various pouches used to store his bullets and grenades in. On occasion, Metal wears a helmet with a visor built in, it having space for his ears and horns.

Alternate Attire:

This is Metal's attire for Roleplay:The Return.

Metal's attire greatly resembles a knight of some sort. He has black armor on both of his shoulders with a dark blue trim, covering some of his jacket to protect him from being hurt. Metal also wears a black chestplate armour with a dark blue trim over his t-shirt with the strap holding his sword going over it. Metal also wears a pair of black armored boots that cover over his claws also. Metal wears his bandolier over his armor, and his armor lets his wolf fur though.

General Information:


Metal is known to wander constantly, as he is known to not stay in one place. This sorted at when Metal is convinced to make his own faction. He is known to stay in the abandoned base in Central City, since he has doesn't have a house as of yet. Metal is known to work alone, but he now works with his comrades Zeon and Arashi. Metal is known to be slightly intelligent in the knowledge of firearms and grenades, but barely knows the difference between right and wrong from not being taught. Later on, he is known to be educated by his comrade Zeon, who is like an older brother to him, in order to learn the difference between right and wrong.

Current Status:

Being an enemy of G.U.N, Metal is a criminal and has a huge wanted record. He wants to erase G.U.N. forever and make everyone have freedom. He is considering a highly dangerous criminal (also known as a terrorist) on charges of Theft (of G.U.N. technology), Assault (attacking G.U.N. soldiers and innocents), Murder (killing innocent soldiers and civilians) and Arson and Vandalism (destroying various buildings in cities and setting them on fire). He is known to be fairly high up in the wanted list in G.U.N, as they have regularly tried to capture Metal a few times, only to succeed once so far under the supervision of Raiden. 


Metal has good health and is capable of living for a very long time, due to his decelerated ageing process. In addition, Metal's wounds heal slightly faster due to his genetic makeup and modification. In addition, he is quite fit due to his training as a soldier. He is muscular as well, as he trains quite alot in the field of combat. He can shrug off most non-lethal diseases, and is capable of some resistance to the weakest lethal ones. His senses are enhanced to a degree, as he can withstand falls that would kill the average human/mobian and punch through steel.

Background Story:

For Metal's future history, see Metal The Rogue/Future.


Metal was born in a poor area of a Central City. He was born to a family of Dragon Slayers, known as Berserkers. Being a Berserker, he was a rare species, that was more common back five hundred years ago, but however to unknown reasons, most of his species died off, making very few remain, it being his parents, and his siblings, along with his uncle, Percival. His species were known for the ability to absorb Dragon Souls, making them excellent dragon slayers back in the time. Like most Berserkers, Metal didn't inherit being able to absorb Dragon Souls to make himself stronger, and later found out it skips two generations.

His mother was supposedly, a Berserker/Mobian Wolf hybrid, which he gained his Wolf traits off of. His father, known as Zephyr, was unusual hybrid species for a Berserker, being a Berserker/Snow Leopard hybrid. It was known he inherited the unnatural ability to control his smoke-earth kinesis. It was known his other abilities was inherited off his natural species.

Early Life:

However, shortly after he was born, his father fled with his mother, leaving him homeless at a young age. He was later adopted by a Wolf named Percival who took him and his siblings in but was a complete sadist. He lived very poor with his siblings, as he was extremely terrified of his adoptive father. He would often get beaten by his father, and his other siblings would as well. Metal was born with ability control Fire (Pyrokinesis) as well as his other abilities such as his super strength and others.

Teenage Years:

Later on, at the age of fifteen years old, Metal abandons his siblings, and leaves them to fend for himself, earning him the title of coward and traitor to his own kind. Being homeless, Metal tries to fend for himself, getting in fights with the police and even G.U.N himself. After a year of travelling and fighting, he meets a Wildcat, named Crusher, who had the same sort of experience when he was younger. Crusher, offers him the chance to become stronger than what he possibly can ever be. Metal accepts this, not knowing this was a trap he was walking into, that was set up a Wolverine named Raiden.

Metal begins training with his newfound friend, not knowing of the danger to come. Later on, Metal was lured into an ambush, which he was then surrounded by G.U.N soldiers as well as Crusher who had turned on him for Raiden's plans. The Rogue surrendered after realized, it was futile to fight against G.U.N with the strength he had.

Metal was later brought to a testing facility in G.U.N to further increase his powers. A few months after Metal's powers were significantly increased to surpass an average Berserker, Metal used his powers to create an explosion to escape the place, making Raiden think the hybrid was a lost cause. During the process of escaping, Metal found some paperwork on what Raiden was planning to do. Angered and annoyed, Metal fled, hoping to find some individuals with the same mindset to help him.

The Race Against Time:

End of the Road:

After his escape, The Rogue tries to find soldiers to help him band up to fight the Wolverine to save his friends from what Raiden was planning to do, rule over Mobius by making everyone under his command, by genetically modiflying Mobians. During his search, he meets a genetically modified soldier named Zed, who was previously a soldier in G.U.N who was kicked out by Raiden, because he didn't obey him. He meets a Hyena named Vex, who was an expert at using a scythe. Freezer, a cyrokinetic (Ice Manipulator) Wolf, whose history is a secret, all that was known about him was that he was a mercenary. Saber, who was a Lion, who gained his name from using a energy sword. Kaiser, a Knight that is gifted in Crystallokinesis (Crystal Manipulation), and Zeon, a former military soldier. The six of them banded together to try to defeat Raiden once and for all.

Metal and Astrid RP:

(Total revamp.)

Items currently in Possession:

  • Iron Sword: Metal's unnamed sword that he used when he was younger. It is known to be a be completely grey in color with the hilt of the sword being a darker color than the rest of it. It is known to be able to pierce through light armor.
  • Dragon Buster: Metal's signature weapon and the sword he uses now. As it is futuristic and can only be used by Metal. It is an energy sword capable of slicing through steel and other various things. It is like a normal sword, and it is only activated by unsheathing it. As the blade is a blue colour. The name Dragon Buster comes from the fact it uses a rare material dropped by Dragons to in order to create it in the first place. It is highly effective against dragons as because of the energy it uses. It is known to be created by Kaiser.
  • A .40 Cal Pistol: A pistol he keeps around his waist for long range combat. Metal uses them often, often to scare somebody off, if need be. He usually carries around an average amount of ammo with him. He only uses it rarely as he prefers to use his main sword.
  • Trenchcoat: Metal's signature trenchcoat that he commonly wears. It is known to be freezeproof and fire-proof as well as his other clothing. It was given to him by his friend Crusher. All his other clothing is completely fireproof/frostproof.


Metal is known to be emotionless and cold after changing into his alter ego. He has a strong tendency to pick fights, and hates being told what to do. He has a dislike of taking things seriously, as he mentioned that the threats his adoptive father gave him was a joke. One of the things that get him into trouble is his pride. Due to thinking he is more than superior to everyone else; he tends to get into fights easier.

One of the things he likes doing is being a sadist. He enjoys seeing people being hurt, as he gains alot of enjoyment out of it. He is known to hate Mobians, as his adoptive father was one and he went around killing innocent Humans for no reason. As a result of this, he believes that Mobians should be removed from existence because of their superiority to Humans.

Metal is a very stubborn individual, as shown that under experimentation, he refused to give into Raiden and listen to him. This was also caused by him having a strong will, but not one that can easily be surpassed by people with weak wills. As demonstrated in a Roleplay, he refused to give up despite being wounded and on the brink of death.

Metal is slightly insane from experimentation, as he enjoys the slight of blood. However, he stills holds onto what is right and what is wrong, despite having this. As part of his species, he enjoys killing and doesn't like to hold back in fights. If against a strong foe, he would give it everything he got in order to crush them completely. Another notable thing is Metal's extreme recklessness. As demonstrated in a Roleplay, he jumped off a helicopter and survived. He is known to pull off various stunts.

Metal is obsessed with power, and would go to any means to get it. Most notably, he tried to absorb Raiden's power, and later on, Exodus' and Sledge's. This was caused by extreme amount of power he wants, as his goal before he wanted to destroy Raiden, was to rule over Mobius, and make it his playground as well as become the ultimate Human and Mobian hybrid to ever live.

Metal's alignment is notably Anti-Villain, as he does various evil things in order to reach his true goal: kill Raiden and stop his experiments. Other than this, Metal is completely chaotic, as he doesn't follow a set of rules in order to get to his goal, as he would rather cause destruction and havoc in order to achieve his master plan.

Metal is known to have another side of himself, as he formerly very attached to his friends and his family. He even spent time training with his siblings, as well as he felt a strong connection to them both. He was finally was able to see the error of his ways, and stops attacking people for the heck of it. Metal was truly nice and protective of his friends and family. He is friendly to those who don't attack him.

As he well as he has a strong sense of justice and would go to great lengths to save people. Metal hates being powerless and often acts like a coward when he has no powers. While not trusted by his comrades in Raiders and G.U.N. at first, after his redemption, he attempts to become a hero. He still retained his alter ego's personality, as his personality often changes to that of his original self in battle. Aside from this, Metal is known to have a Scottish accent.


Typhokinesis (Smoke/Earth/Fire Manipulation):

Metal uses a unique hybrid of Smoke, Fire and Earth that he controls. He is known to control earth shrapnel that produce off smoke, and a trail of fire when fired as an offensive ability, and is able to shoot smoke and fire to a degree in a burst fire manner, much like his earth sharpnel ability. Having this, Metal is extremely gifted in using his kinesis, from being able to use it from his early life onwards.

He can use his sword, imbuing it with earth like armor, that has smoke coming off of it. While this armor like protection is active on his blade, he gains defense and offense around it, making it more powerful. He can also do the same to his shield, lowering the amount of damage down to it, through covering it with armor, using his powers.

Having the ability to manipulate an Earth-Smoke-Fire hybrid, affects his ability to take damage too, making him take damage less. Metal can travel through air ducts and throw earth grenades that explode on impact releasing smoke. Metal can also surround himself in earth like armor, that has smoke coming out of it, this decreases the amount to take damage. He can also surround his hands in claws, using the effects of his powers to create this. This can be used offensively for defense and for offense in close combat. His smoke dash can be used offensively, as he can dash behind an enemy and stab them, using his ability to create his earth claws.

Another thing is that Metal can do, is that he can drain sources of earth, fire and smoke to give his powers more impact, or to regenerate his powers and wounds. If he runs out of his powers however, he has to revert to using his Overdrive Energy instead. Metal can launch himself vertically while climbing a up building, as he will create a pillar to launch himself up from it.

Metal can also combine this with his Overdrive Energy making him more powerful and dangerous. It also increases the impact and power of it, making it much more useful in battle.

Overdrive Energy:

Overdrive Energy is wielded by Metal as his source of power and energy to transform. Metal is known to semi proficient in using it, and uses it in conjunction with his Typhokinesis. As it is an advanced form of Energy and Chaos Energy combined, Metal is able to absorb any energy directed at him, and direct it back at twice the strength.

Metal is able to create armor out of the energy, and most importantly of all, weapons. That being his handgun, and the blade of his Dragon Buster sword. Like his Typhokinesis, he can deplete of energy after using it for too long. The only way to recharge this is through his absorbing electricity, Chaos Energy or any other sources of energy.


Enhanced Strength:

Metal's incredible strength allows him to lift cars and other vehicles and throw them great distances. He is far stronger than any normal average Human or Mobian. Metal is capable of punching holes through almost anything if necessary, including a two foot steel door. He is able to currently lift up to 1 ton. Metal is able to leap over great distances using his strength and durability. His strength plays in with his combat as well, further increasing the power of his hand to hand combat attacks.

Enhanced Durability:

Metal's body is harder and more resistant to certain types of physical injury. This ability allows him to withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of a three story building and getting hit by an opponent with super-human strength. As well as this, he is immune to under .40 bullets as these don't affect him.

Fire and Heat Resistance:

As a Berserker, Metal is highly resistant to the Heat. He is almost completely unaffected by the effects of hot temperatures. This has also granted him a certain amount of resistance to heat based attacks, making him resistant to fire. He can be damaged by an fire based technique, but it will have very little effect on him. He is able to still be frozen, however he is very resistant to it.

Ice and Cold Resistance:

As a Berserker, Metal is highly resistant to the cold. He is almost completely unaffected by the chilling effects of frigid temperatures. This has also granted him a certain amount of resistance to cold based attacks, making him much harder to either slow down or freeze. However, he is not immune to ice based attacks. He will still be damaged by an ice based attack, but has a very high chance of resisting effects such as freezing.

Decelerated Aging Process:

In addition to his healing factor, Metal has decelerated aging. This provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing down the effects of the aging process. This was also caused by his Berserker blood. It is known he is able to process full immortality in the future.


Metal is a expert swordsman. After about training all his life with a sword, he is highly skilled with his prototype sword, Dragon Buster. He is highly skilled in defending and offensive attacks, and is capable of deflecting attacks with ease. He is moderately fast with his sword strikes, and is a dangerous person to fight one on one with his sword skills. Metal can become more of a dangerous foe using the ability to use two swords at once to fight in combat.

Metal is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, due to him being trained as a soldier. While he really lacks any weapon skills (except his sword skills), he can use his hand to hand combat while unarmed to inflict some damage. His punches are known to be extremely hard as he has super strength. Metal generally uses his hand to hand combat to give a warning, or in an actual fight.

Metal has moderate skill in using firearms. While being a soldier. He is highly trained and skilled at using guns of any sort. Metal is skilled in using grenades, and can throw them with great accuracy.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Metal is known to be highly resistant to Fire and hot temperatures as well as being fireproof. He is also highly resistant to Ice and cold temperatures as he is able to live in the Frost Cavern without freezing to death. Metal has expert control over his kinetic abilities and is able to use them for a longer time. He has expert knowledge in hand to hand combat as well, and knows how to use a sword like a expert swordsman and has moderate knowledge of a firearm. Being a Berserker, his physical strength is impressive, him being able to deal quite a lot of pain if he manages to hit a foe successfully. While Metal is a strong hybrid, he can't run fast.

His ability to take physical damage is great, him being able to be unaffected by non-armour piercing bullets. He can transform into Nightmare using Negative Energy, created by negative emotions of living creatures, increasing his strength somewhat.

While he great control over his elemental abilities and powers, however he rarely uses his speed in battle and his resistance to Telepathy and Mind Manipulation is poor. However with no powers, he generally useless and only can fight using his hand to hand combat skills, using his handgun and his knowledge in his sword and shield skills. His ability is dodge attacks is quite poor, as he can't dodge bullets or other elemental techniques fairly quickly. He hasn't got the best accuracy in shooting firearms at long range. He's weak to Light, which would weaken his powers, rendering them nearly useless. He is also rendered powerless against Water element users.

Due to having enhanced durability, he can still be killed by extreme wounds and elemental weaknesses; this puts him at a disadvantage. Despite having the ability to withstand normal bullets, Metal can still be affected by armour piercing bullets, as these cause a massive amount of pain to him. Metal is weak to extremely loud noises, as well anything that would shut down his senses. While being a Earth-Smoke wielder, he is weak to water attacks, as it will douse his ability to use his powers. While he may seem weak to water, he is not affected by going in deep water and other sources of water himself, this is most likely because of the fact he is only weaker, if someone disables his powers, or drains him of his power source. Metal is known to be weak to holy electricity or dark electricity, despite him being able to control an Earth Hybrid, as dark electricity can disable his use of Overdrive Energy, and holy electricity can disable his ability to use his smoke-earth-fire based kinesis.

Notable Transformations:

Overdrive Burst:

For More information on his Overdrive Burst form, see Metal The Rogue/Overdrive Burst.


For More information on his Overdrive form, see Metal The Rogue/Overdrive.

Overdrive is Metal's main super form and most powerful out of the the two, the other being his Nightmare form. Metal is far significantly stronger in this form than the other one, being able to take on the new Reaper.


For More information on his Overdrive form, see Metal The Rogue/Nightmare.

Nightmare is Metal's dark transformation, he undergoes when he absorbs the power of negative emotions. Metal is significantly stronger, but is weaker in this form than his Overdrive form.


List of techniques Metal can use.

Sword Techniques:

Attacks using his sword and shield.

  • Dragon Slash: Metal does a basic slashing attack using the sword.
    • Dragon Slash II: Metal charges towards the foe slashing multiple times at them.
  • Dragon Burst: Metal charges Overdrive Energy into the sword. Then he charges Overdrive energy into his blade releasing a shockwave of Overdrive Energy.

Typhokinesis (Smoke/Earth Manipulation):

  • Smoke-Earth Dash: Allows Metal to turn into a cloud of smoke that has earth and fire like trails at the end of it. It allows him to dash through half-solid objects such as fences and air vents. This allows him to sneak up on enemies so he can attack them from behind.
    • Earthen Claws: Surrounds his hands in clawed earth armor, that has various cracks with smoke and fire coming out of it. It is known he can use this in close combat and for quick stealthy take downs.
  • Smoke-Earth Shot: A basic technique that allows Metal, to fire earth sharpnel, that produce off smoke and fire as he fires. It drains barely any power out of him, making it a very low technique to use.
    • Smoke Earth Shot II: A more advanced technique that allows Metal to produce stronger sharpnel that fires like a machine gun, and a continuous burst until he runs out of his source of power. It drains very low to low power out of him.
      • Smoke Earth Shot - Burst: An even more advanced technique using his kinesis. Using the power of his smoke and sharpnel, he's able to make his sharpnel faster and stronger. It is known to be able to fire like armor piercing bullets, and has functions much like a shotgun, meaning Metal has to absorb a power source after he's depleted of using it. The maximum shrapnel bullets he can fire is about up to ten at maximum.
  • Earthen Armor: With the effects of his powers, he's able to surround himself in armor. The armor itself is medium weight, so that he can still run around it with some difficulty. He is known to not be able to use his Smoke-Earth Dash in this form, as it will destroy his armor.
    • Earthen Armor - Weapons: Outside of this, he's able to surround his weapons in armor, mainly his Dragon Buster sword and shield. During this is active, Dragon Buster would gain a earth armor around it with smoke coming out of various places, much like his shield would do the same thing.
  • Smoke-Earth Launch: Using this Metal can create a pillar of Earth below him that contains various trails of smoke and fire. He uses it to launch himself upwards so he can reach higher up places.

Overdrive Energy:

  • Overdrive Sword: Metal uses Overdrive Energy to activate his Dragon Buster sword.
  • Overdrive Burst: Uses his Overdrive Energy to transform into Overdrive form.
    • Darkness Overdrive: Uses negative energy and Overdrive Energy to transform into Nightmare.


  • Pistol Barrage: Metal fires a barrage of bullets from his pistol.
  • Nightmare Overdrive: Using the power of negative emotions, Metal's transforms into Nightmare.


  • Stats must not be above 99.

Might be subject to change as I'm currently reworking my statistics system.



  • Pyron The Dragon (Ancestor) - Metal has heard stories of his ancestor. A dragon who fought in many battles and was gifted in Pyrokinesis. Although Metal was the only one that was alive in his family to process Pyrokinesis, a trait he inherited from Pryon himself.
  • Zephyr Bloodedge (Father) - Zephyr is Metal's swordsman father, and is a highly skilled Mercenary with various different powers. He is the leader of the supposed rebel force against G.U.N. and those two share a common goal with each other. Metal is known to have a strong bond with his father, despite not meeting him till he was about fifteen.
  • Unknown Mother - Not much is known about his mother, as all he knows of her is that she was skilled in using Pyrokinesis, much like Metal. However, he possibly fled with his father Zephyr.
  • Percival The Berserker (Adoptive Father) - Metal hates his adoptive father, due to the amount of abuse he gave him and his siblings.
  • Rampage The Berserker (Older Brother) - Metal looks up to his older brother and respects him greatly. The two have fought many times in battles, and are equally matched.
  • Rai The Berserker (Older Sister) - Metal is known to have a strong bond with his older sister. Despite Rai having powers, Metal generally protects her as she doesn't know how to really use them in combat.


Crusher The Wildcat:

Crusher is Metal's closest friend and partner. The two used to go on missions and complete them. Metal greatly misses Crusher as Sledge killed him, and seeks vengeance for his lost friend.

Zeon The Jaguar:

Zeon is Metal's ally and partner. While those two may not talk often. Zeon generally gives helpful advice to Metal now and again.

Astrid the Fox:

Metal has known Astrid for a while. Metal doesn't seem to mind Astrid's company. Metal may have a crush on her.


Ember the Leopard:

Metal dislikes Ember. He believes Ember is some sort of coward.



At first. He hates G.U.N. due to them experimenting on him. He blames them for making him slightly insane.


Metal has a strong hatred for Raiden and wants to kill him by his own hands because of the things he did to Metal and other Mobians.

Mars the Lightning Wolf:



RP Appearances:

In Chronological order.


  • Metal The Rogue is somewhat based off of the user Metal.
  • Metal's hair style and trenchcoat is somewhat based off of Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue.
  • Metal's favourite food is known to be strawberries.
  • Metal is known to have some demon DNA in him, as Nightmare was created through his negative emotions, and in the form, he greatly resembles a demon. According to his father, his mother was part Demon, as well as being part Wolf.
    • The Hybrid is known to be related to an Earth Dragon in some way, as he inherited the unnatural power to control Earth as well as Smoke and Fire.
  • Metal's power to use Smoke, is similar to that of Delsin Rowe from inFamous: Second Son.
    • This was inspired to be a hybrid between Earth that Frost suggested.
      • Later on, Mantis suggested to put Fire into his current element hybrid, making Metal have somewhat his previous power to control fire.
      • This suited him, as he was more of a tank based character that one that is primarily fast in fights, making him more suited for using Earth in combat.
  • Metal was created on 13th of May 2013, making him one of the older characters that the creator made up.
  • Metal was originally Female at first, but later on, the creator decides to decides to make the Rogue, Male after an event in a RP.
  • He's known to break into houses randomly for the lulz, or because he's bored.
    • He has a habit of telling people off for putting something in the most random place possible. This is evidenced by him complaining about Skylar's and Skyla's house that it's in the middle of nowhere. (Yeah a forest.)
  • He has no knowledge of how to use technology. Don't give him a phone. He'll break it. This is probably caused by him never going to school ever.

Image Gallery:

Old design of him is on Metal The Rogue/Image Gallery.

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