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Metal Sonic Version 3.0
One of Dr. Nega's bases from 200 years into the future.
Varies between neutral and evil.
Metal Sonic, Shadow, Espio, Silver, Blaze, Ray, Slush, EG-002/Seedra, Metal Blaze, Metal Sonic 4.0, and many others.
Battling worthy opponents.
Outdated technology, unworthy opponents, and the thought of being replaced.
Theme Song

"Prepare to be ripped apart and thrown into the scrap heap, you inferior, outdated model!"
Legend of the Elemental Gems Part 16

Metal Sonic Version 3.0, often abbreviated as Metal Sonic 3.0, Version 3.0, Three-Point Zero, 3.0, or just simply Zero, is a creation of Dr. Nega's, based off of the design of the original Metal Sonic. His first (and currently only) game appearance is Sonic Rivals 2, but he is, however, a regular and frequently recurring character in SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, having appeared in every episode thus far, plus the four Christmas Specials.


" Me, a hero? Don’t make me laugh. That’s the absolute last thing I’d ever consider myself or aspire to be. Justice, peace, heroism, whatever… Those things are meaningless to me. Who’s the strongest? That’s my only concern. Anything else is nothing more than a delusion for the weak."
Dimensional Chaos Part 16

Ever since Metal Sonic 3.0 began to show signs of having a personality, he's proven himself to be extremely egotistical and self-centered. He prides himself on being built with the latest technology, often looking down upon any and all outdated machinery as inferior. He also believes himself to be the most powerful robot ever created, usually to the point of dismissing any of his losses as "lucky victories" on his opponents' end.

In addition to his arrogance and conceit, Metal Sonic 3.0 has also been shown to be quite rude, frequently talking down on and generally belittling those around him. Additionally, 3.0 is very vengeful, and can hold grudges quite easily. It's because of these very traits that he's largely disliked and/or hated by nearly everyone that he's interacted with. According to himself, Three-Point Zero acts this way towards people, because he has no desire to be friends with anyone, considering the concept of friendship to be a "delusion for the weak".

However, despite his frequent displays of rudeness and arrogance, he has gradually began to show a more positive side to his personality. Even though Metal Sonic 3.0's obsessively prideful and doesn't fear death in the least, he still goes out of his way to show gratitude to those who've helped him in some way, particularly towards Scorch, Dr. Robotnik, and more recently, Julia.

Powers & Abilities

As with the original, Metal Sonic 3.0 has a copy chip installed, which allows him to copy data and techniques by simply observing someone and/or coming in physical contact with them. As of the Elemental Chaos ending, Dr. Robotnik has given him an auto-recovery system (which Dr. Nega apparently forgot to install in his spare bodies), which allows him to automatically repair himself.


Like most machines typically would, Metal Sonic 3.0 cannot handle direct contact with water very well.


Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems

Sometime after his defeat in Sonic Rivals 2, Metal Sonic 3.0 showed up towards the end of the thirteenth chapter to aid Dr. Nega, saving him from getting finished off by Scorch and the rest of the heroes. Just in time before the Death Egg III's self-destruct sequence began, Metal Sonic 3.0 used Chaos Control to teleport himself and the doctor out of the area.

In the next three chapters, after the heroes made their way back to Earth, Metal Sonic 3.0 was sent to steal the Master Emerald, which Dr. Nega needed in order to revive the Solaris Project. Just as Knuckles and company were about to engage Three-Point Zero in battle, the original Metal Sonic showed up to take on his counterpart instead, while everyone else went after Dr. Nega. As everyone else was pursuing the deranged doctor, the two Metal Sonics began squaring off. The two of them fought a close, evenly-matched battle, but the original emerged victorious in the end, with Metal Sonic 3.0 bursting into flame and exploding.

Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

In this story, it was revealed that even though Metal Sonic 3.0's original body was destroyed, his control chip was left unscathed. As such, Dr. Nega was able to successfully have it loaded into one of the spare bodies that he's built for Three-Point Zero. Metal Sonic 3.0's first reappearance was in Part 19c, where he temporarily postponed his rematch against Metal Sonic to carry out Dr. Nega's orders, which was to distract the friends of the Chaotix and company from collecting rings to fuel their super forms. However, due to Metal Sonic showing up again, as well as 3.0's one-track mind in seeking revenge on him, the latter instead decided to resume his battle, not paying the heroes any mind.

Although Metal Sonic 3.0 lost the first round of his battle against Metal Sonic, he made a comeback once he used the power of the Chaos Rings to undergo an "Overlord" transformation. Eventually, during the battle, this newfound power began to go to Metal Sonic 3.0's head, even to the point where he not only stated an intent to turn against Dr. Nega, but to rule the world, himself. However, these plans were shortlived, as he was defeated once again.

Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special #1

Metal Sonic 3.0 made a very brief, but important appearance in the third chapter of this particular story. Just as Dr. Nega was about to feed Cheese and Chocola to the Ifrit to help further its powers, Metal Sonic 3.0, of all people ended up coming to their rescue. According to himself, however, he did not do that out of the kindness of his "heart", but to obtain their data. Shortly afterwards, 3.0 left to go cure Metal Sonic (as well as the rest of Dr. Robotnik's Badniks) of the Nega Virus. Because Metal Sonic is his greatest rival, 3.0 would not have been satisfied with defeating him while the former's under the influence of a virus, since he would not have any recollection of it. It was this incident that ended up causing friction between Dr. Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 throughout the rest of the series, with the former misinterpreting the latter's actions as an act of treachery.

Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Christmas Special #2

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Christmas Special #3

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Eggman Nega/Doctor Nega/Nega Robotnik

Initially, Metal Sonic 3.0 was loyal to his creator and obeyed whatever orders were given to him, without question. Although he respects his creator and considers him to be a genius like he's constantly claiming, Metal Sonic 3.0 has once stated that he's bothered by the fact that Dr. Nega is indecisive when it comes to his goals (since sometimes, he's after world domination, and other times, he's attempting to destroy it). During the events of Elemental Chaos, Metal Sonic 3.0 has even expressed an interest in turning against his creator to pursue some of his own desires. In the EoP Christmas Special, he even took part in foiling Dr. Nega's plan to fuel the Ifrit by saving Cream's Chao, Cheese and Chocola from being eaten by it. Although, according to himself, Metal Sonic 3.0 only needed to copy their data, and otherwise couldn't have care less whether or not something happened to them.

Metal Sonic

"Where’s all that bravado now, you outdated machine? Have you finally come to the realization that you’re outmatched? That’s perfectly understandable, considering the fact that the technological advancements that I’ve been equipped with are two decades ahead of your own."
Legend of the Elemental Gems Part 16

Metal Sonic 3.0 has many enemies, but of all the people who are on his "enemies" list, Metal Sonic is the one that he despises the most. Their bitter rivalry began during the events of Sonic Rivals 2, where they raced and fought one another at the Chaotic Inferno Zone. The two of them fought a close, evenly-matched battle, but eventually, the original emerged victorious. Metal Sonic 3.0, believing himself to be the superior model, was completely humiliated that he was defeated by an "obsolete scum" like Metal Sonic and swore revenge, vowing to destroy him someday.

Despite the mutual dislike/hatred they have for one another, the two Metal Sonics have helped each other out on some occasions, such as during the Elemental Chaos ending, where Metal Sonic took Three-Point Zero to Dr. Robotnik's base so he could get repaired (so that they can have a rematch), as well as the EoP Christmas Special, where Three-Point Zero helped cure Metal Sonic after he was infected by the Nega Virus. According to himself, he did that so that he could fight Metal Sonic in his normal mindstate, and would not get any satisfaction out of defeating him while he's under mind control, since he wouldn't "have [any] recollection of his defeat".

In a nutshell, even though Metal Sonic 3.0 despises Metal Sonic, and despite frequently referring to him as "outdated trash", he does appear to have some respect for him as an adversary, and considers him to be a worthy opponent (as he admitted in The Goddess of Destruction Part 19e). Additionally, he's had to use his "Overlord" transformation on at least two different occasions in order to ensure his victory.

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

"Dr. Robotnik was generous enough to repair me, so I have temporarily sworn allegiance to him as an act of gratitude."
Elemental Chaos Part 20

Ever since Dr. Robotnik decided to repair Metal Sonic 3.0 after getting himself critically injured in a battle against the original Metal Sonic, he has temporarily sworn allegiance to him as an act of gratitude. During this period of time, Metal Sonic 3.0 gladly accepted tasks from him, such as retrieving the Chaos Rings (in order for them to be used on Project EG-005/Silvra), as well as keeping Slush's disappearance a secret from Scorch, Shock, and Storm.

Scorch, the Goddess of Fire

"The only respectable ones here are Scorch, Dr. Robotnik, and myself."
Dimensional Chaos Part 12

Despite being a creation of Dr. Nega's (whom Scorch has made plainly clear that she despises), she apparently does not hold a grudge against Metal Sonic 3.0, since she went out of her way to help him after he was dropped off at Dr. Robotnik's base (by Metal Sonic), while he was in critical condition.

Likewise, even though Metal Sonic 3.0 is on bad terms with most of the other Elemental Goddesses (namely Slush and Seedra), he does not have anything against Scorch, but at the same time, she isn't someone that he considers as a friend, and only thinks of her as an ally, preferring to keep their relationship professional.

Mecha Amy

"[Metal Sonic] is nothing but worthless, outdated garbage, as are you."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 18

Metal Sonic 3.0 first met Mecha Amy during the events of The Goddess of Destruction, after she mistook him for the original Metal Sonic. Due to Three-Point Zero's intense hatred of Metal Sonic, he took that as a personal insult, and responded (in annoyance) that the two of them were entirely different machines, and that he should never be mistaken for a "weakling" like Metal Sonic. Angered by the insulting remarks that Three-Point Zero made about him, Mecha Amy snapped at him, and the two of them ended up getting into a brief argument, which was broken up by Robotnik. From that moment on, the two of them have developed a mutual disdain for one another. Metal Sonic 3.0's dislike of Mecha Amy is not only due to the aforementioned incident, but also because of his views regarding outdated technology, which he considers to be worthless and insignificant.

Metal Blaze

Being one who prides himself on being built with the latest technology (and thus considering himself to be irreplaceable), Metal Sonic 3.0 eventually becomes infuriated after learning of Metal Blaze's existence. In addition to considering her to be nothing more than a pathetic imitation of his own design (much like the original Metal Sonic considers him to be), Three-Point Zero has also taken it as a personal insult that the thought of creating a stronger robot than him has even crossed Nega's mind. So, as a result, Metal Sonic 3.0 has taken an immediate disliking to Metal Blaze, and has made it his sole mission to defeat her and prove himself stronger.

However, this feud has been shown to be completely one-sided on 3.0's part, as Metal Blaze has once stated that she bears no grudge against him. Regardless, Metal Blaze wouldn't hesitate to fight with 3.0 if she truly feels that he's standing in the way of her current mission. Despite this, the two of them are able to put their differences aside if the situation truly calls for it, as shown in the second Christmas Special, where they teamed up against Metal Sonic 4.0, who, at the time, decided to rebel against Dr. Nega.

Metal Sonic Version 4.0

"You and Metal Blaze? Superior? Don't make me laugh."
Dimensional Chaos Part 15c

Metal Sonic 3.0 has been to shown to have an intense hatred of 4.0, possibly even more than the original Metal Sonic and Metal Blaze combined. Unlike his feud with the latter, it isn't a one-sided one, since the two "brothers" have a mutual dislike for one another. Metal Sonic 3.0 despises 4.0 for the same reason as he does Metal Blaze; for being created to replace him.

Due to having similar views on technological advancements, Metal Sonic 4.0 dislikes 3.0, and regards him as inferior to both Metal Blaze and himself. This hatred led to Metal Sonic 4.0 brutally and mercilessly beating 3.0 during battle, nearly to the point of killing him.

Julia Prowess

"...Very well. I suppose I can accompany you a bit longer."
Dimensional Chaos Part 16

Metal Sonic 3.0 first met Julia when she brought him to her workshop for repairs after the former's grueling battle against Metal Sonic 4.0. Although Metal Sonic 3.0 was initially annoyed by Julia (even to the point of dismissing her as a "mere child"), he still felt indebted to her for helping him, and decided to accompany her as an act of gratitude. Over time, 3.0 did gradually begin to consider Julia as a friend, but because of his pride and belief that friendship is "for the weak", he would never dare to admit it.


As with the Elemental Goddesses (coincidentally) having similarities to the Number Line, Metal Sonic 3.0 happens to have the following things in common with Trojan Horse:

  • They were both created by a member of the Robotnik family.
  • Both characters have a black color scheme, combined with another.
  • Each of them have a dislike of outdated technology.
  • Metal Sonic 3.0 and Trojan Horse both have Shadow on their "enemies" list for one reason or another.
  • Both characters are extremely rude and arrogant, and think lowly of their allies, only giving credit to a select few of them.
  • Both characters have "died" at some point, and are capable of transferring to other bodies (in 3.0's case, it's through his control chip, while in Trojan Horse's case, it's because of his virus form).


  • There have been quite a few instances throughout the story where certain characters have been shown to be surprised by the fact that Metal Sonic 3.0 is able to speak. This stems from the fact that he did not appear in any of the cutscenes in Sonic Rivals 2, and as such, did not have a single line of dialogue. It's also because of him being modeled after Metal Sonic, who (for some reason) was also unable to speak in the game.
  • Adding onto the above, Metal Sonic 3.0 never had a word to say during his debut in the story, until his battle against Metal Sonic, three chapters later. This plot point could probably be explained by saying that he either did not have a voice box prior to rescuing Dr. Nega in Legend of the Elemental Gems Part 13, or he simply chose not to speak.
    • However, according to himself in Dimensional Chaos Part 12, he was always able to talk, and simply didn't think that "vermin" like the heroes were worth speaking to.
  • Metal Sonic 3.0's portrayal in the story was inspired by Bass/Forte's in the classic Mega Man series, as they are both clones of another character, have the same egotistical attitude, competitive mentality, and desire to become the strongest among all robots.
  • 3.0's claim of Scorch and Dr. Robotnik being the only "respectable" ones among his allies in Dimensional Chaos Part 12 was a slight rewording of one of Trojan Horse's lines from Azuroru and BluesManZero's story, Quintessence.
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