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Metal Sonic is a character who has appeared in The Legend of Fox the Brave in the past as a minor antagonist in a now non-canon story, and returns as the main antagonist of Menace of Metal under his alter-ego Neo Metal Sonic. A clone of him is commonly used for intimidation or fighting by Infinite, which Metal explains to the warriors that he dislikes, possibly due to Infinite turning on Eggman for his own goals.


Metal Sonic was designed to look like an exact robotic copy of Sonic the Hedgehog(Archie), and thus greatly resembles him, though his Neo Metal Sonic form looks different.


Originally designed to be little more than an emotionless robot, Metal Sonic lived up to that distinction, but gradually came to resent Sonic due to being meant purely to rival Sonic in speed. The grew into a hatred of the blue hedgehog and a burning desire to overshadow and destroy him(it should be noted that this never happened in any of his Sonic Boom appearances). Subsequently, this has led to him clashing with the Storming Alliance and even killing an innocent friend of Fox, named Maako, which led to the loner's mate and sons joining the Storm Fighters. As Neo Metal Sonic in both IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #7 and the yet untitled upcoming story he is set to be the antagonist of, Metal Sonic reveals that he is programmed to be completely loyal to Eggman, and willing to threaten anyone to get what he seeks, which is Eggman, going so far as to throttle Sonic and injure Austin so badly he is incapacitated with a broken sternum(nearly killing him).


Metal's past is no doubt the same as in the Sonic series. In The Legend of Fox the Brave, he threatened a family of Soleanna Forest-born foxes Fox the Brave was visiting, killing the father Maako and spurring Fox to take the loner's family to the Storming Base(with them eventually joining the Red Fox Pack when the Great Rebellion started and the Alliance was driven from their home). He would later be used to capture the timid and shy Zorro the Zorua, though this failed when Splash rescued him. He wouldn't be seen for quite some time, but a clone of him was used by Infinite to terrify the people of the Worlds when Sonic was defeated and imprisoned, and the Storming Alliance were driven from their home. Even after betraying Eggman and eventually siding with Dr. Finitevus after the Lamarkie Standoff, Infinite would continue using clones of Metal Sonic alongside those of Shadow the Hedgehog(Archie), Zavok, and Chaos. In the as of yet untitled upcoming installment, Neo Metal Sonic returns at the head of the Eggman Empire and threatens the warriors for information on Eggman's location(as the mad doctor remains in Stalagmite 17), forcing the warriors to move Eggman to another location while simultaneously fighting the metal menace.


Metal Sonic is capable of keeping up with Sonic and other speedy characters via the rocket on his back, more so as Neo Metal Sonic, and has unreal strength similar to that of very large characters like Rock and Fang. He is also able to fly with the help of the rockets in his feet.


Like all robots, Metal Sonic will short out if wet or exposed to high amounts of electricity, and can be crushed or cut, but this can be very difficult given his strength and speed.


Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Archie: Metal Sonic is designed to look like the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog, and thus, when he gains his personality, Metal Sonic grows to loathe the blue hedgehog. He is violently hateful of the hedgehog, taking every opportunity to destroy him and anyone he is allies with.
  • Sonic Boom: While the main Metal Sonic has, so far, had no interaction with Bygone Island's Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal's Sonic Boom counterpart has, though it is possibly just because Eggman(Sonic Boom) wanted to frame Sonic due to their animosity.

The Storming Alliance(as a whole)

Due to being made by Eggman, Metal Sonic has a natural hatred of his creator's enemies, and gladly attacked them as Neo Metal Sonic when they tried to figure out who was commanding the Egg Fleet.


Though the real Metal Sonic never met Infinite(presumably), he has expressed his dislike for the clones of him Infinite created to instill fear in the people of the Worlds when Eggman took over.

Dr. Eggman(Archie)

Despite being created by Eggman, Metal Sonic betrayed him in 2004's Sonic Heroes as Neo Metal Sonic to prove himself superior to all living beings, but was rebuilt an unknown time later and made completely loyal to Eggman. As stated by Metal Sonic in IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #7, he was rebuilt sometime before the Great Rebellion, and all rebelliousness was programmed out, again making him completely loyal to Eggman. With Eggman's arrest, Metal's loyalty means that he is now helming the Eggman Empire in his stead while seeking out his creator.


As Neo Metal Sonic in IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #7
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