Cquote1 I gave you one chance to surrender, and you threw it away with your foolish rescue attempt. What a shame Cquote2
Confronting Silver, Silver's Mission

Neo Metal Sonic is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a robot originally designed by Eggman, before turning traitor and upgrading himself to take command of the Eggman Empire to conquer the Worlds for himself. In this form, he is the main antagonist of both Storm's Journey and Silver's Mission.


Metal Sonic is designed to be a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog, and thus resembles him in many ways. As Neo Metal Sonic, however, his design is drastically changed. He is taller, with longer quills, each with a white stripe on it. His arms have metal cuffs resembling sleeves, a spiked band around his waist, and a cape hanging from it.


While Metal's base form is silent, emotionless, and loyal to Eggman, Neo is the complete opposite. While remaining emotionless, he lacks any loyalty to Eggman. Cold, cruel, and calculating, Metal is a strategic leader and fighter. Even in battle, he remains calm and collected, though merciless to his enemies. Whenever someone in his own army irritates or disobeys him, he is brutal in his punishments, having left Mortimer permanently scarred and traumatized just for talking with Storm when he had been tasked with pursuing him. Neo's most defining personality trait is his vehement hatred of Sonic the Hedgehog, and obsessive desire to prove himself superior to the blue blur. This is part of what drives his conquest, as he is hellbent on becoming the "superior Sonic".


Before the Series: At some unknown point in time, Metal Sonic was built by Eggman, and later upgraded to the Neo Metal Sonic form, when he betrayed his creator and took over the Eggman Empire. Some time prior to the events of Silver's Mission, Metal had already claimed several territories on Mobius, and was looking to conquer more, focusing on one World at a time.

Silver's Mission: In the Prologue, Metal is overseeing the transit to the next land he plans on taking, though he is referred to vaguely until the end of the chapter, where his identity is revealed. Later, the Egg Fleet is noticed by Silver's tribe, though no one is aware Metal Sonic is really the one behind the helm, not Eggman. When Silver takes leadership of a small group of refugee Pokemon, they end up fighting a patrol of Eggman robots when they attack two travelers, Michael Smith and Tanner the Fox. When the group, which Silver decides to call a tribe, tries to sneak past one of Metal's bases, they end up encountering Metal himself. After Metal is knocked back, he grabs Michael, capturing the young dog. This leads to Silver battling him, but Metal brutally beats him. Metal then grabs him by the throat and holds him over the edge of the base roof, giving him one chance to surrender. He boasts that no matter what, he will take the Four Worlds, one by one. Silver instead attacks Metal with Metal Claw, forcing the robot to drop him. Seeing this, Metal assumes he will die from the fall, only to see him carried off in the talons of Aero, as Mega Aerodactyl. Unconcerned, Metal walks away, confident that his plans will continue. Later, when Silver and Mitch(now a Flygon) break into the main ship of the Egg Fleet to rescue Michael, Metal confronts them in a huge, spacious room from his throne. When Silver orders Mitch to find Michael, Metal has the white-furred dog brought out. Another brutal fight ensues between Silver and Metal. Silver orders Mitch to get Michael out, which the Flygon does, while Silver attempts to Mega Evolve. However, even with his increased strength, he is easily beaten by Metal, and suffers a broken foot in the battle. Silver reverts to his base form, and Metal grabs him by the throat. He says that Silver threw away his one chance to surrender, which Silver says he doesn't care about, because he will never surrender. Before Metal can say anything more, the ship begins to crash. Metal drops Silver, who begins limping away as fast as he can, and is rescued by Aero.

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Metal is incredibly strong and durable. He is capable of taking on four enemies at once, and even take on a Mega Lucario(albeit a rather inexperienced one) in hand-to-hand combat. He can handle fire attacks and take even the most brutal beating and not suffer a dent


Despite being built to be the ultimate machine, Metal cannot last forever in combat. His hatred of Sonic is also a weakness, as Sonic can(and has) exploit it to distract and enrage Metal


Metal's takeover of the Eggman Empire, and attempted conquest of the Worlds is based off of the events of the game Sonic Heroes, which was the debut of Neo Metal Sonic

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