This is an article about Metal Sonic (Animated), a character created by Majin Ghidorah on 12/19/2015.

Metal Sonic is an robotic dublicate of Sonic created by Dr Eggman.


Metal Sonic looks alot like Sonic except being more metallic in appearance. He has red glowing eyes and yellow-colored chest and shoulders. His head, torso and legs are a blue color while his muzzle and arms are a grey color. His feet are a red color and they got jets under them. Unlike the other incarnations of Metal Sonic he has a mouth.


Metal Sonic is an violent robot and follows every order from Eggman to destroy Team Sonic, he can scan every move they are about to do when they are about to attack him, memorizing the moves for a short period of time.


Metal was created by Dr Eggman after his latest defeat against the Team and he decided to make a dublicate of Sonic strong enough to withstand his attacks, but during the first battle, Sonic figured out how to defeat him by pushing down a large boulder at Metal Sonic, only his chip survived and he has been rebuilt many times,


As being a robot, Metal Sonic possesses incredible strength, strong enough to crush a car with his bare hands or fightng Knuckles. He also has the programming to check what move they are about to do to him when they are getting close to him. With the jets on his feet he can fly or run at Sonic's speed.


As mentioned before, Metal Sonic has almost all of Sonic's abilites including the spindashing and the blue tornado. He has also several weapons inbuilt in his body and a photographic memory bank in his chip and scanning. He is also heat or cold proof.


Metal is great at fighting with bare hands besides spindashing.


Metal Sonic can still be destroyed by some things like a large object that his metallic alloy can't resist. He also can be hacked in his program to go offline.

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