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The Metal Sonic is a character that appears in the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series. It is a near-perfect robotic doppelganger of Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Dr. Robotnik for the purpose of infiltrating the Freedom Fighters and locate Resistance HQ. When Metal Sonic got there, however, Tails and Cyrus were able to deduce that he was not the real Sonic. It was afterward used by the Freedom Fighters to rescue the real Sonic.

Metal Sonic is voiced by Jaleel White.


In its basic state, the Metal Sonic is a gray robot with Sonic's physique, but without gloves or shoes. Its head has three metal spines resembling Sonic's quills and a pair of triangular "ears".

Powers and abilities

Metal Sonic is able to run at super speeds that match Sonic's. It is also able to perform several of Sonic's techniques without problems.


After Sonic got captured by SWATBots in Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik had Snively build Metal Sonic instead of sending Sonic to immediate roboticization. Snively himself installed the memory Metal Sonic needed to emulate Sonic's personality. The villains then used a special machine to give the robot Sonic's appearance (making him resemble Sonic as a full-on Robian). In addition, they copied the basics of Sonic's personality into the robot as well as his memories and feelings for Amy Rose. Sleeping gas from the doctor's Sleeper drones filled the chamber, and as soon as the prince was fast asleep, Robotnik placed him in a holding cell with a large and rather warm and comfy bed for the hedgehog to sleep in for the night. After Metal Sonic introduced himself to the real Sonic the next morning, Robotnik set his plan into motion.

Later, Metal reappeared in The Slow-Mo, Voiceless Leader, seemingly being eaten by Kirby.


The Metal Sonic has a built-in special memory that allows it to perfectly emulate the personality of a living being. Having been programmed with Sonic's personality, Metal Sonic possesses many of Sonic's personality traits, but is loyal to Dr. Robotnik's cause. However, its main drawback is that it does not have a copy of Sonic's memories and is therefore not completely familiar with the habits of the Freedom Fighters. As such, it may act a bit off or seem a bit scatter-brained and absent-minded when trying to emulate Sonic's behavior. As its public personality, though it is very adept at pretending to be Sonic. It only acts like Sonic when in the presence of the Freedom Fighters, however.

When not overtly pretending to be Sonic, it is quite cunning. It prefers to have an upper hand in a fight, rather than leave things to chance (as evidenced by trapping Manic in Mega Muck before confronting him). When confused by Tails, it seems to get a bit angered.

After being reprogrammed by Rotor, the Metal Sonic became seemingly devoid of personality.


  • Metal Sonic's voice sounds exactly like Sonic's, even when becoming seemingly devoid of personality after Rotor's reprogramming, mainly because the character is also voiced by Jaleel White.