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The character images used on this page are all recolours of Metal Sonic from different games, all officially made by SEGA.

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When he's in his early years of creation, Metal Sniper looks very much like his older brother, Metal Sonic, only shorter, about up to Metal's waist or a tiny bit higher. He is a silver colour and the inside of his ears remains the same yellow as Metal's. His irises are orange and turn light blue when he is upset or scared. His engine is much shorter than Metal Sonic's and the back of his hands are a silver-white colour, like his shoes, which have the same design as Metal's. Instead of what Metal has on his chest, Sniper has a gold lightning bolt and wears a brown belt with a gold buckle, similar to Fang the Sniper's. He has small silver shoulder pads and his hands are darker than the back of his hands, but his fingers are silver. He has a small pointed nose which is the same colour as his silver muzzle and has no mouth, like most robots.

When he's a little 'older', his appearance is the same, only he has a light brown outline around his shoulder pads. On the image it is unseen, but he does carry a black sniper rifle on his back and and has a silver pistol in a holster. When he has been active for 14 years, his appearance becomes more different than his other two. Inside his ears, the colour is red, and his main colour on his body is black. His irises are permanantly red, and he has white streaks similar to Shadow the Hedgehog's. He has very dark grey shoulder pads with a dark brown outline, and the back of his hands are a dull grey. He wears a dark grey cape and his shoes - still in the same style - are black with red where the white would usually be. He also wears a spikey belt, and on both sides of his heels is a sharp spike similar to the bolts on Neo Metal Sonic's muzzle. Metal Sniper also has a mouth.


In the early years, Metal Sniper is a nervy and shy robot. He only does what he is told because he is frightened of being 'hurt'. He acts very much like a child, and is quite curious and oblivious at times, not being smart, and sometimes lets things out which he shouldn't even say. He lacked confidence and was frightened easily. Since he was an advanced robot, he had emotions. Sniper also was very quiet unless it came down to fearful aspects. He was also afraid of being deactivated.

In the later years, Sniper gained confidence and became very cocky. He was immature and liked to make jokes all the time, and seemed to be full of energy 24:7. He wasn't too rude, but came out with the occasional insult, and seemed to back-chat a lot - especially with Doctor Eggman and Metal Sonic. Despite that he had emotions and says that he loves Metal Sonic and Cheryl Rayne, when he refers to his deceased friend Marilyn Robotnik, he doesn't seem as annoyed as he should be. Learning that he had the robotic disease (or computer virus, sometimes known as a malfunction) NEPS (None-Effective Programming Syndrome), and that he sees that Metal is letting him down a little, he is not afraid of anything if it kept his friends or family safe.

After an accident he had and awakening, Sniper's "real personality" took effect. He was serious, tough and liked doing things on his own. He became quiet again, and didn't seem to care about anything. He had a particular hatred towards GUN. Since he had reached Stage III of NEPS, he also was schizophrenic, paranoid and short-fused. After Metal betrayed him at this age, he became enraged and upgraded himself into 'Hyper Metal Sniper', with the same personality but with the craving for revenge and his goal of letting robots take over the world and wipe out all living things or roboticize them and destroying Metal Sonic. Again, he wasn't afraid of death since he learned that one day he would have to die.


Metal Sniper was created in 1996 aboard the Death Egg. He had been worked on for a few days, and during that time he had developed NEPS, meaning he never showed his real self after he was activated. As soon as he was activated, though, he took his own blueprints and ran off. He his in the storage room, and was found by Metal Sonic, who threatened him and then electrocuted him, carrying him to Eggman with the blueprints. The blueprints were returned, and Eggman stated that he would have to rebuild Sniper, so commanded Metal to take him to the Meltdown Chamber and destroy him. Metal did as he was told, strapping Sniper to a conveyor belt, but Sniper began to cry and plead for release. After some thought, Metal released him, but had to keep him out of Eggman's sight, repairing him. It was odd to see that Sniper yelped "Ouch!" when his arm was being mended, indicating that he could feel pain. Sniper was then given a sling by Metal to support his sore arm, and then revealed that he was Metal's 'younger' brother, since that only he and Metal were made from the exact same parts and relied on the same energy.

Metal decided that he should introduce Sniper to his friend, Callie Robotnik, who was Doctor Eggman's daughter. However, they were unable to find her around the Death Egg. That was when Metal could hear the sound of the Obstacle Course in use, realising that Callie was attempting to complete it. He flew in and grabbed her while Sniper turned the course off. Sniper was then introduced to Callie, and told Metal that he thought she was quite nice.

However, while the two brothers were talking to each other as they walked through the Death Egg's hallways, Eggman spotted them both, furious to see that Metal hadn't destroyed Metal Sniper. Sniper was frightened as Eggman yelled at them, but Metal just looked ashamed as he admitted that it didn't feel right to destroy the smaller robot. Eggman, not believing such nonesence, dragged them both to the Prison Room and locked them away.

In the cell, where it was dark, Metal sat down, still ashamed, as he hoped that Callie was alright. Sniper told him that he must have cared about her, then asking if he loved her. Metal was unsure of how to answer, knowing that robots didn't feel love. But as he stated that, a feminine voice said from the shadows that she felt loved, which turned out to be another robot. Her name was EMMI, short for Eggman's Mechanical Manufacutred Intelligence. She stated that she loved Silver the Hedgehog, but when she was questioned of how she felt love, she explained that it was because of a malfunction she had, and if she was going through the process of being fixed, she would die. Before she time-travelled to the future (since she was a time-travelling robot), she promised Metal and Sniper that she would rescue them if Eggman wanted to dismantle them. Sniper just sat patiently with his brother. Luckily, they were allowed to be free.

In 1998, Callie was curious and wanted to travel to the ARK to see what it was like. Sniper was asked unexpectedly, since he only came into the room to play a videogame with Metal, and he stated that it was old and scary. However, he shortly decided that it sounded fun, so he and Callie had to persuade Metal. Once he gave in, they travelled to the ARK.

While walking around, Sniper said that it was a creepy place, but when Callie and Metal got engaged in their own conversation, he went off on his own and pressed a button, which caused him to fall through a trapdoor. When exploring in the dark, he found a hibernation chamber, unable to see what was inside. Out of curiosity, he opened it, and out came a girl looking almost exactly like Maria, but in different clothes, red irises and her hair tied back. She threatened him at first, but when he told her that it was 1998. He realised that it was Marilyn Robotnik, the original Ultimate Life Form who was provoked into trying to kill Shadow. Sniper accidentally brought up that Maria was killed, which angered Marilyn.

Marilyn questioned about how Maria was killed exactly, but Sniper didn't know the full story. Marilyn was about to throw a Chaos Spear at him, but dropped her arms to the side shamefully. Metal then interfered and tackled her down. Callie yelled at him to stop. Marilyn pushed Metal away, stating that she wasn't going to hurt Sniper. She was also surprised to hear that EMMI was alive, since she was friends with her in the past. EMMI then appeared as if on cue, disappointed that Metal, Callie and Sniper had left the Death Egg. However, they all began experiencing a migraine and blacked out.

Sniper awakened feeling himself held back by chains. Mephiles stepped out of the shadows, who was just a mysterious hedgehog at the time. Sniper asked for help, but Mephiles replied that he couldn't change the course of time. He learned that the others were in seperate situations of their own, but when he looked to his left, he saw Marilyn (in the so-called future) in the same situation that he was in. Sniper asked her what was happening as Mephiles went back into hiding, as she answered that GUN were going to dispose of them. For some reason Sniper felt as if had known Marilyn for a while, and then the GUN Commander showed up, aiming a gun at Marilyn. Sniper tried to defend her, but was not intimidating to the GUN Commander. Marilyn was then shot and killed instantly as the Commander walked off as if he had no choice. Mephiles told Sniper that he could stop this situation from happening if he disposed of Mecha Sonic's parts from the Storage Room, where Sniper hid from Metal and Eggman the day he was activated. Sniper then asked for Mephiles' name, and when he was told, he woke up instantly with the others. They then all returned to the Death Egg, all lying about what had happened.

(Will continue later)


Titanium Blast - Similar to Chaos Blast but with a little more power, a little faster and lasts a little longer.

Special Abilities

Arm-Lasers - Built-in arm-lasers which he can fire, which can pierce through weak structures, seriously injure living things and damage other robots badly.

Silent Running - He can run without being heard by anyone, which is his own independant ability.


Sniping - He starts off uneasy at first, but eventually he learns to snipe others.

Hacking - As he gets older, he becomes an expert at hacking.


Metal Sniper feels pain like any living thing would do, so hurting him could be a good way to lower his influences. If he is intimidated, he gets frightened and steps down, doing whatever he's told to avoid being hurt. Traps seem to make him feel less-strong, too. He is also weak to Lethal Nanites, which will delete all his data. When he's in Stage III of NEPS, he can start to hallucinate. At Stage II, he rests frequently. Also in Stage III, he feels internal pains.


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