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Metal Claw (Metaru Tsume) is a powerful slashing move, aligned with the advanced element of Metal. However, it is one of the few metallic techniques which can be used by fighters without this element, creating a pseudo-metal variant.


In the pseudo-metal variant, the user extends their claws/fingernails/blade and hardens them to the strength of steel. In most cases, this is accompanied with a white or silver glow, or a gray aura around the claw. Following this, the user launches out with a sharp and sudden slash, strong enough to break stone or ice, but lacking the strength to cut steel itself.

In the true version, the user converts the claw/sharp striking point into their metal of choice, typically steel, and then slashes with it, identically to the original technique, barring the full conversion to metal, rather than simply the strength of it. This version is strong enough to cut through metal, although to reach that strength a fighter has to have trained their strength to the point where they can pierce the metal. Alternatively, the user may have to sense the imperfections in the target item in order to perform the initial piercing strike.

However, at least one in every ten uses of this technique in both of it's forms, the attack can provide a boost to the user's physical strength, making their physical strikes stronger.


Pseudo-Metal Form Users

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Metal Form Users

Pokemon Users


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Technique Rank

Due to it's self-boosting properties and the strength of the technique, it possesses a C-rank in both forms, although the pseudo-metal version is ranked somewhat lower.

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