Metal Blaze
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Metal Sonic Version 3.0, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, the Chaotix team, and anyone else who's an enemy of Dr. Nega's.
Serving Dr. Nega, fighting with worthy opponents, etc.
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Theme Song

"So, you must be the original... We shall determine which of us is more powerful soon enough."
Dimensional Chaos Part 2

Metal Blaze is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is a creation of Dr. Nega's, modeled after Blaze the Cat, as well as Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic Version 3.0. She has made her debut in the fourth episode, Dimensional Chaos.


Metal Blaze's design looks like a modification of Metal Sonic's in order to resemble Blaze (similar to how Mecha Amy's is a cross between Metal Sonic and Classic Amy).


Metal Blaze has a very quiet personality, where she's never or rarely ever seen talking. She's also very loyal to Dr. Nega, and often accepts whatever task is assigned to her, regardless of how difficult it may be on her part. Unlike Metal Sonic 3.0 and most other robotic copies, Metal Blaze does not hold a grudge against her counterparts, but that will not stop her from attempting to destroy them if she's been ordered to do so.


Metal Blaze is a creation of Dr. Nega's, which was built after the events of the EoP Christmas Special, but before Dimensional Chaos. Finding Metal Sonic Version 3.0 unreliable (most likely because of his temporary allegiance to Robotnik, as well as his actions in the EoP Christmas Special), Dr. Nega decided to create a new robot to replace him; one that he knows for a fact will continue to serve him and do his bidding, without developing a mind, will, or agenda of its own.

Rather than going through all the trouble of building the robot from scratch, Nega decided to simply use one of Metal Sonic 3.0's spare bodies as a base, and decided to modify it into a Blaze look-alike, and thus Metal Blaze was born.



  • The idea for Metal Blaze's inclusion in the story came from a hypothetical question regarding Metal Sonic 3.0's replacement in an "Ask Metal Sonic Version 3.0!" thread at a forum that SolarBlaze frequents.
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