Metal is an advanced element of Earth, which uses stronger and purer minerals.


As its name suggests, the element Metal generally involves control and manipulation of various metallic materials. Though fairly similar to Earth in terms of use, Metal's involvement of purer minerals greatly increases its offensive and defensive capabilities in comparison to Earth. Most attacks do very little against the Metal element, not even elements such as Water, which used to hold an advantage over Earth. However, Metal is vulnerable to the intense heat of the Fire element, and the powers of the Magnetism element. In terms of offense, Metal is incredibly effective at causing massive raw damage, due to the additional strength of the denser minerals. However, Metal can be surprisingly variable when used by a master; it can be reduced to a liquid state, then transformed into a weapon for the user. Using larger amounts of metal allow for larger and more advanced constructs. However, certain Metal-elemental techniques don't involve the direct manipulation of metallic materials, but instead using one's own energy to mimic the properties of metal; these "self-manipulation" techniques don't typically require the user to be capable of controlling the Metal element, or even Earth. But due to their similar nature, these techniques are still considered Metal techniques.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Strong Against (Defensive)

Weak Against (Offensive)

Weak Against (Defensive)


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