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The Meta Echidna(or Meta) is a echidna who once lived in the Echidna Tribe. He was made fun of by Knuckles because he was the only male echidna without sharp knuckles. So he ran away and became the Meta Echidna. He wears metal gauntlets and a metal mask. He tried to get revenge of the Echidna Tribe by trying to the destroy the village but Dark the Darkhog came and stopped him from doing it. He said that he was sad because Dark wouldn't help him. Dark told him that he should forgive Knuckles. Meta agreed and apologized to the whole tribe. He still never took off the metal mask but sometimes he takes off his gauntlets. Meta later joined the Resistance with Dark the Darkhog

Interactions with other Characters

Knuckles the Echidna

Meta has a rivalry with Knuckles. They both guard the Master Emerald even though they end up getting into fights.

Tikal the Echidna

Tikal was pretty much the only echidna nice to Meta.

Dark the Darkhog

Dark the Darkhog is Meta's best friend. He was the one who made Meta apologize to the the tribe of the echidnas.Dark is also the one who welcomed Meta to the Resistance. He is also Meta's rival.

Blade the Hedgehog

Blade is also Meta's best friend,but he is also Meta's rival. They argue alot and fight and all that stuff.

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  1. Super Strength
  2. Super
  3. Dark


  • Meta is short-tempered, which can lead to problems
  • Meta never admits defeat
  • Meta is too confident


Meta has lots of rivals, probally because of his love for fighting.

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