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  • This message is to confirm that I have received your distasteful message on Skype about your total abandonement of this wiki. You have been "honorably" demoted as a result. If that's all you're concerned about, do not feel the need to continue reading this message. If you're curiosity is piqued, though, then please carry on reading and see what else I have to say.

    I'm absolutely disgusted with the manner in which this situation has been handled on your part. You deliberately ignored concern from your friend Mantis and myself, as well as left the entire wiki in the dark for two weeks. When you finally decided to give a definitive answer as to whether you were leaving or not, you didn't even have the respect to tell us yourself, but left someone else to deliver a very vague message that insists that "people who are concerned about you will be ignored forever, good day".

    Feel free to close this message if you like. I've now said my piece. Good. Day.

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    Detective SkullWolf
    Detective SkullWolf closed this thread because:
    The point already had been made. I think that's enough.
    02:04, May 23, 2015
    • Really?

      Last I checked, Skype matters don't apply on the wiki, so I don't know why your bringing that across. That's cross site drama.

      Considering you sent me a message before, and you heavily dislike me, doesn't much sense. You knew for a fact I wasn't going to talk to you, or Mantis in this matter.

      Since when does me putting a deletion template up, have anything to do with Mantis? I've told him multiple times that I was leaving and that's the reason I do such things.

      Finally, I don't believe in having so called friends, so anybody that considers me one is obviously not a friend of mine. That includes all of you.

      I never liked this wiki to begin with, so I don't know why you didn't get rid of me, sooner, TheSkullWolf.

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    • I'm not going to indulge you with an argument. It's nice to see you reveal to the entire wiki how you really feel about the people who honestly cared about you and the wiki as a whole, though (although that brings up the question as to why you bothered to be a moderator on a site that you apparently don't like, which leads me to believe that you're being dishonest).

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    • Okay, now this sounds like some funny stuff to me.

      Now I've seen some dank stuff on this wiki, but damn.. This stuff takes the god damn cake in the 'hood. Time to ice this fool.

      Never have I seen anyone try to be such a die hard 'hate me' appealer. This is freaking pathetic, but then again.. That wouldn't be out of the line considering who this is directed at. You think this betrayal is something no one saw coming? Matter of fact, even cared for?

      You thought for a time that you were some wiki villain because of the fact that you learned basic coding and originally started some anti-wiki thing for SFW. Filthy filthy liar you are too. I don't even care if you're blocked and can't respond, I know for a FACT you're going to read this because you have a lack of things to do in life you big creep.

      You were an obsessive stalker, wanna-be pleaser, filthy liar, a degenerate reject, and a busta. Metal I'm glad your goose is cooked, ain't no one gwon take care of you now. I feel bad for the folks who treated you nicely, hell I feel bad for myself cause I did the same. Heh, thing is I saw this coming.

      Boast in all the hate you get, you know what they say in death row. "Gotta give 'em all they want before they pass away."

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    • Alright, hey, Skullz is being nice here but really that's not enough. I will not tolerate such disrespect towards my friends here. Not to mention everything you've said were blatant lies. Skype does matter in this situation as it's the only way to contact you at this point. A deletion template was never mentioned in this, and beforehand when it was, had nothing to do with Mantis, so your argument has nothing to do with this.

      You claiming that you have "no friends" is something you have done in the past, but I know this isn't true. You had a friends list, and you treated people like friends, Mantis included.

      Like Skullz said, if you didn't like the wiki, you shouldn't have become a mod, or even returned after your multiple leaves.

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  • I've noticed that you've put up everything you own (including your own user page) for deletion. Is there something going on that I should know about, because from my point of view it looks like you're planning to quietly leave and I'd like to know if that's the case?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Any particular reason you're marking your stuff for deletion again?

    Edit: Okay, have it your way.

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    Unknown Raider
    Unknown Raider closed this thread because:
    I'm not answering this.
    14:30, May 8, 2015
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