The Evilbreaker

aka Evil. Wait, what?

  • I live in hell
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is boring
  • I am behind you
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  • You had a note in your game to inform you of change, I am reorganizing Fan Games by sorting projects into categories. Your fighting game has been moved into

    For official Sonic Games, view the Sonic News Network

    This includes fanon, games documented/created by Sonic Fanon Users.

    • For a categorized list of fan games, viewFan Games and This category contains all Fighting games..
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  • Hi Evilbreaker! It's me, Leif. Just wanted you to know that Planet Elilaela has picked up again. I know a lot of your characters are involved, but it's a very old story. Wanted to ask if I can continue using them and finish the story. I will of course try to stay faithful to their personalities.

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