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She's a spirit. I didn't put Mephiles name. Mason the Hedgefox did. And his fan character fights him.

Well, after Jesse talks to Tails, Oliver talks to Tikal, which is you, about Abby's werehog form.

I was editing and you made the edit conflict so you have to fix it.

Your sorry. But you still have to fix it.

Well ask Masonthehedgefox.

I'm not mad, but why don't you ask masonthehedgefox. The user.

It's okay. I'm not mad at you.

It was Mason the hedgefox and ITH. I told them not to do it again.

Fix it.

What did you do to my roleplay?!

It's okay. Mason is fixing my roleplay for you and me.

Now you really made a mess on my roleplay.

I'm not going to kick you out.

I'm not yelling at you. I'm just a little upset that's all.

It's okay.

Ask some people who knows all about wikia to fix my roleplay for you.

I ask some people in Sonic fanon chat to fix my roleplay.

Try to read How to Avoid Edit Conflict.


What characters?

They are

Sonic the Hedgehog

Klonoa the Hedgehog

Abby the Hedgehog/Werehog

Hoppers the Pixie Rabbit

Shadow the Hedgehog/Werehog

Tabitha the Cat/Werecat

Oliver the Fox/Werefox

Lewbert the Echidna/Wereechidna

Charles the Squrriel/Weresqurriel

Spencer the Bird/Werebird

Cici the Hedgehog/Werehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Timmy the Dog (Sonicyay2)

Marta Lualdi

Dana Solo (Cameo)

Dan the Dog (Cameo)

Robbie The HedgeBoy

Jack the Flying Squirrel

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Mason the hedgefox (Come On its go time 15:32, July 14, 2011 (UTC))

Zekara the duckskunk(Kaytlinfencethefox)

I don't know Sonicman667.

Yes. And also Marta Lualdi, Dana Solo, and Dan the Dog.

That's ITH character. He didn't put his character's name on it.

Maybe ITH is sick or something.


Me. His appeared when Bailey's minions attack Sonic and the others, but somebody uses him.

I guess I do. Tikal will fight Dark Gaia and Frozen Sonic will fight Bailey the Dark Wizard.

She's a spirit.


Oliver has a girlfriend. Eve the Fox.

Lewbert is an echidna as well.

Then what does?


How about not. Charles is good.

I don't know.

Charles is sweet.


I don't know.

Okay okay!



I don't know.


He probably knew.

He does.

Wait after Sonic and the others find Klonoa and Abby and meet Dan.

Very nice.

You're welcome.

Maybe a little.

I'll think of something.

I prefer Tabitha being single.

I don't know.

He hits on every girl.

Yo dawg!

Uhh, Yes. But I'm 8-Bit_legacy Now... Xoom, I Pwn Stuff 20:09, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

You may be blocked, but, If you get back on, I'm going to add categories to Wen's page. I will not do anything to the page. Pinkolol16, I love Sonic... I'm a Proud Sonic Fan 06:48, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Where are you? Tikal is supposed to seal or destroy Dark Gaia!

Sure. What is it called? Carol 17:31, August 16, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here.

Um.... I'll think I'll pass. Carol 18:45, August 16, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

I'm kinda tired. Carol 20:01, August 16, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

I'm kinda sleepy. Carol 11:48, August 17, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

Werehog Ash. Werehog, Son, Husband, and Father. Carol 16:46, August 19, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

It was great. Carol 13:48, August 21, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

I think it was someone else. Carol 17:15, August 21, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

Hey, why are you blocked from Sonic Fanon? You can edit anything you want to. Carol 23:14, September 3, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

I was accused of trolling by saying i hated Metallica. I only like one song by Metallica. and that's "One"

I don't have a Devinart.23:58, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

Chi-Chi the Poodle

Chi-Chi the Poodle

Mittens may Be a Bengal tiger Kitten now but when shes older she will terriorizes people. Mittens the Two Tailed-Bengal Tiger.JPG 00:17, September 5, 2011 (UTC)
Peanut the cat


heya! do you still remember me?Shadowluv444Every Time I See Ya I Say Sorry But Im Evil What Can You Do? 02:38, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

seriously?respond already!!!!!Shadowluv444Every Time I See Ya I Say Sorry But Im Evil What Can You Do? 02:55, October 12, 2011 (UTC)

Where are you? You're unblocked now. We can start roleplaying Sonic Unleashed 2. Carol 03:11, October 12, 2011 (UTC) Cameron is here

good.and yeah,I apologise for being everyone.with my sig.

Hmm...I don't know, how's your roleplaying? Sir Flare, Knight of The Flaming Sword 05:40, October 16, 2011 (UTC)

I meant can you follow a storyline and not send the plot on a tangent focusing purely on your character, and not insert your character into every single scene? Sir Flare, Knight of The Flaming Sword 05:42, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

Yo,u there?Just wanted to start woking on articles with you again.Pleeze reply,Shadowluv444Every Time I See Ya I Say Sorry But Im Evil What Can You Do? 22:30, October 19, 2011 (UTC)

yay^^so what do we work on first?Shadowluv444Every Time I See Ya I Say Sorry But Im Evil What Can You Do? 22:19, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

Well...ok then... Sir Flare, Knight of The Flaming Sword 00:13, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

Sorry, no it wasn't.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 06:08, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

I warned you on the talkpage, on the 17; 4 days ago. And first and foremost, you had only one complete sentence for a description: you need at least three.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 07:18, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

If you met the standards and edited the RPs when you were warned, you'd be able to keep your RPs.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 07:44, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

Our first article after we got off our bans:R.E.:Luna the Wolf

we should make a page for Luna the Wolf and give her more of a story.

here's what I've got so far:Luna is a wolf from the wolf city of Lunesta and is Tails' cousin.Shadow and Silver taught her how to use their moves(ergo the grey stripe running down her forehead and Psychokinetic mark on her left hand)but she learned to run as fast as Sonic because Eggman used her for a test subject and infused her with Sonic's DNA(a little creepy,right?).

Because it was the only way she thought she could be released(because she knew nothing of her powers yet)she decides to capture Sonic and work for Eggman, but regrets it when Eggman blows up Freedom Fighter clones and Sonic goes berserk,rewiring his brain so that now,he willingly works for Eggman.

She turns on Eggman,so Sonic locks her up,'graced' with the job of guarding her.Eggman says"Oh well,the loss of one ally is the gain of another."(just thught you might wanna know)

HSe is often mistaken as Tails' evil twin because of her claws and dark fur.She often holds a soft glow under her fur on the night of a full moon because she was put under a spell at birth which,in turn,actually DOES make her evil(much like the effects of being controlled by Dark Gaia).She often asks to be locked away on those night,but due to rejection of this request by her kind-hearted cousin,she frenzies through the forest,destroying everything in her path.

She is a genuinely loyal person,due to her canine ancestory.She absolutely relishes the donfall of her enemies,much the same as Shadot`e and is careful who she fights most of the the time.She is also one to hold a grudge.Much like Dark Super Sonic,this is due to the pain and misery of her friends.Her white gloves each harness the power of a Moonstone(we should do an article on those,too!)which help her control Darkness Energies(I smell another article here!!!!!)at night.

She can fly like Tails(although she only has one tail)She can spindash and spinjump like Sonic(due to her mutation,courtesy of Eggman)and can use Chaos Powers(a little Chaos Fatality,maybe?)and Psychokinesis.SHe also uses Howl Bang,a move unique to her(maybe unique enough for an article?).

She developes a love for Shadow and a throst for his power only to be satisfied when.....?????????(when what?I really couldn't think of anything!!!).

Harness and Super abilities are(drumroll please lol)Werewolf Overpower(more articles????),Super Luna,Mystique Power(article HERE too?).

She has never been able to control her transformations,Sonic has a secret crush on her,her favourite phrase is"Gotta jet,Sonic wants to lose to.....I mean RACE me again."and"Of course I don't love you! I just don't wanna be seen kidnapping the World's Largest Piece of Poultry"(when Sonic almost forgets about the race that was scheduled that afternoon).She only has four claws on each paw.


Hell yeah, but first i need to go somewere, be back in 2 hours

Yep, you can be the one to knock on the door to invite them

Hello Friend

Flamelord333 14:27, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

This rolplaying is Fun.

Sorry for bugging

Can I ask you something?

Will you plz check out my wiki page on here? I don't know if it sounds good or what. This is my 1st page anyway but no one's looked at it at all. It's called Sonic the Hedgehog (In Shon's World).

Sonicsmansion97 00:44, October 24, 2011 (UTC)Sonicsmansion97

Do you know when The Choas highschool roleplay will start?

Hey wanna continue the roleplay on choas highschool?

Hey,want to Roleplay on Chaos highschool?

Do you wanna join Shadow the Hedgehog 2? 01:04, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

You're up. By the way, my name is Lauren.

Possible girlfriend for Wen the Hedgehog?! Yes? No? Maybe?

Heya! Its PeaceGrrl, best known in youtube and deviantart, but my user name of this website is Shina the Dragoness. Now, Wen the Hedgehog looks GORGEOUS!! He is handsome!! My OC named is Shina the Dragoness, have a picture but it is not yet color!! (working on it now!), is somewhat interest to be his's girlfriend. But I need permission first! Shina is really pretty!!! (I believe so!!) and yet even though she like Sonic and Shadow, if I put "Sonicman667's universe" in Shina's bio of Romantic Interest and you put "PeaceGrrl's universe" Wen's bio of Romantic Interest, we still have our primaries love interest. If you do not want to do it, then it fine with me. :3 Here a link to Lady Shina the Dragoness: . Tell me what you think!!!

Don't worry, i'm working on it now!! :)

Yeah, well....that's in YOUR universe. That doesn't apply in MY universe! GurahkWeavile 02:18, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

Lauren don't know sh*t! GurahkWeavile 02:30, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

Well, Lauren is actually one of Cameron's sockpuppets. I'm not sure about the whole concept with Tikal being married to Sonic or anything, but...yeah. Yes, I snuck in on your conversation. >:3 XD NightmareHouseFan 02:31, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

Can you make a part time staff for the Chaos High Roleplay.--HiddenChaos (talk) 22:58, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

Could Grail join the Chaos High School RP?

My wife, my kids, my job... 13:59, July 16, 2014 (UTC)

Um, hi there. TeenTitanRavenAzareth Metrion ZINTHOS!!! 20:11, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

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