Whatcha think so far? Also, I need names for his kids...--"That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!"--Mamaluigi--*wheeze* 22:55, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Interesting, but he needs a pic. And I might be able to figure out a few names. I know you are but what am I? 22:57, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

I've got a pic of him, it's only pencil art tho.--"That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!"--Mamaluigi--*wheeze* 22:58, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Nuuuuh upload nao kthxbai--You can't spell "slaughter"~ ~without "laughter"! 23:00, November 2, 2010 (UTC)I have no clue what's up with me today~
Well, okay...--"That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!"--Mamaluigi--*wheeze* 23:04, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Much better. I like it! Mind if I make a character like this? XD I know you are but what am I? 23:53, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

Uhh, sure.--"Lamp oil, rope, bombs?"--Morshufinger--"You want it?" 23:55, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

Interaction RPEdit

(Ryu-Interact with this chara here)


Hey, Ryu I had an idea where Sleg had a brother who didn't like that he was the leader and formed his own "Clan" of cryptids. They could be enemies of the regular Cryptids.....whatcha think?--Famotill 16:27, November 7, 2010 (UTC)Famotill

Ooh, that's a great idea!--"Lamp oil, rope, bombs?"--Morshufinger--"You want it?" 16:27, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

The characters design (Sleg's brother) is based off of a wrestler (LOL) named Triple H. He would have superstrength and carry a massive sledgehammer as a weapon. He would run his group almost like a gang. They can be called The Pack. I just have to come up with a name and a love interest. Oh and should he be Sleg's older brother--Famotill 16:33, November 7, 2010 (UTC)Famotill

Dis ish awesome, Famo. Go for it! :D--"Lamp oil, rope, bombs?"--Morshufinger--"You want it?" 16:36, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, but should he be Sleg's older brother?--Famotill 16:37, November 7, 2010 (UTC)Famotill

Hrrmmmm....I'm not sure...probably...oh, and it's your turn on Cryptid Chaos.--"Lamp oil, rope, bombs?"--Morshufinger--"You want it?" 16:38, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

Hey, Ryu, wanna TP? WrathOfTheNerd9000 02:51, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

Okay.--"Lamp oil, rope, bombs?"--Morshufinger--"You want it?" 02:53, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

You can start first. WrathOfTheNerd9000 02:55, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

Ok.--"Lamp oil, rope, bombs?"--Morshufinger--"You want it?" 03:02, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

TP: Sleg and PercyEdit

Part 1Edit

(Outside the village of the Dark Forest Community...)

Percy: *walking*

(Up on a small cliff that is part of the natural rock wall that protects the village. Sleg is simply observing the landscape.)

Percy: *notices Sleg* Huh?

Sleg: ? (eyes narrow)

Percy: ...

Sleg: Who are you, stranger?

Percy: Name's Percy.

Sleg: Why are you here?

Percy: Because I can be. Ever heard of a such thing as liberty?

Sleg: This village houses my fellow cryptids, shunned by society for being "too savage"...what would you even want here? You are no outcast of civilization.

Percy: Wait... *looks at picture and looks at Sleg* Sleg! *pulls out pistol and points it at him*

Sleg: ..........I assume you work for G.U.N?

Percy: Yes, in fact, I do.

Sleg: Then I suggest you leave.

Percy: I know who you are!

Sleg: I can see that, and I can also see that you wish to destroy me.

Percy: No, I don't.

Sleg: *chuckles* No? You work for G.U.N, and you're pointing a pistol at me.

Percy: Yeah, for self-defense.

Sleg: I see.....then tell me; why don't you want to destroy me?

Percy: I wish to resolve your problems peacefully.

Sleg: Hmph. Tell your Commander that; see if he agrees.

Percy: Have it your way. *shoots at Sleg*

Sleg: (Deflects with his battle axe)

Percy: *climbs up the cliff*

Sleg: (Waits)

(On the other side, in the village, Servaos and Voirrey, Sleg's two oldest children, heard the gunshot. They run up to see what happened.)

Percy: *reaches the top*

Sleg: Do you truly believe your Commander will agree to the continued existence of me and my people in exchange for peace?

Percy: He didn't send me to begin with.

Sleg: .........

Percy: What, you don't believe me?

Sleg: ...I don't understand why you would even bother to try and make peace...

Percy: I know what you've been through, Sleg.

Sleg: Oh, do you, now?

Percy: Remember your wife?

Sleg: !!

Percy: See?

Sleg: What do you know about my Ume?!

Percy: She was your wife. That's it.

Sleg: ..........What else do you know about me...?

Percy: You have children. You're the leader of nomadic cryptids.

Sleg: Hmmm......................who's my second-in-command?

Percy: A wolpertinger named Aloysius.

Sleg: ........How do you know all of this?

Percy: I'm looking at your page on Sonic Fanon Wiki as we speak.

Sleg: ................*facepalms*

Percy: ...... What?

Sleg: Did you really have to break the fourth wall?

Percy: No, I just did that for fun.

Sleg: -_-"

Percy: ...

Servaos/Voirrey: .........

Percy: ...............

Sleg: ..........Never mind...

Percy: *shrugs and resumes shooting at Sleg*

Sleg: !! (deflects some more bullets, but gets hit a few times; his thick hide and fur helps to protect him)

Servaos/Voirrey: !!

(They quickly begin to scale the wall.)

Percy: What was I thinking? *loads pistol with 6 silver bullets and shoots at Sleg*

Sleg: (Gets hit) *roar of pain*

(Servaos reaches the top.)

Servaos: NO!! DAD!!

Percy: *slides down the wall and dashes off*

(Servaos runs to the edge just in time to see the silhouette of Percy disappear...)

Sleg: *panting* Servaos...?! What are you doing up here?!


Percy: *rushes to the G.U.N. base*

(Commander Tower happens to see him.)

Percy: *panting* Commander... I have some bad news...

Tower: What is it, Agent Percy?

Percy: I ran into Sleg earlier...

Tower: That damned werewolf...what happened during the confrontation?

Percy: A lot of things.

Tower: I see...

Percy: Do we have any back-story on him?

Tower: Some...about 8 years ago, we actually had him captive here. But he escaped, and killed off a great deal of G.U.N scientists and soldiers in the process...

Percy: I'll be back. *dashes off*

Tower: Okay...


Percy: *arrives at the village*

(No one is out on the lookout...)

Percy: *climbs up the cliff* Might as well wait.

(The next morning...)

Percy: *waiting patiently*

(Someone comes out on the cliff. But it's not Sleg; instead, it's a wore-torn, weary, mutant bat creature, carrying a walking stick.)

Percy: *turns around, pulls out pistol and aims it at the mutant bat creature* Who are you?

Raharjo: (In a rather weary voice) My name is Raharjo Ahool.

Percy: *puts pistol in his pocket* Hmm...

Raharjo: (Sits down on a rock)

Percy: ...

Raharjo: What brings you here?

Percy: Sleg.

Raharjo: What do you want with our leader?

Percy: ...

Raharjo: .......

Percy: Obvious, really. Negotiations, if you will say that.

Raharjo: I see...

Percy: Where is he?

Raharjo: He's in the village...

Percy: Lead me to him, if you will.

Raharjo: [Slowly gets up] Very well...[starts walking back towards the village]

Percy: *follows Raharjo*

[In the village, Sleg is seen sitting near his hut. The silver poisoning has weakened him, but he shows no signs of obvious illness. His wife and three children are near him.]

Percy: *whispers to Raharjo* Whatever you do, don't mention my name. *pulls his hood up*

Raharjo: Very well...[approaches Sleg] Commander Sleg, there is someone who wishes to see you.

Sleg: [Gets up somewhat painfully] I see...[looks at Percy] And you are...?

Percy: I might as well reveal myself... *reluctantly removes the hood*

Sleg: *low growl* You...!

Percy: Good to see you, too.

[Servaos and Voirrey hide behind their mother, who's already holding the infant Ivanka.]

Sleg: What do you want?

Percy: Just letting you know... if you ever lay a claw on a G.U.N. soldier, I swear I'll kill you, your wife, your kids, and your whole ridiculous clan.

[Ume, Sleg's wife, growls.]

Sleg: Then tell them to leave us alone!

Percy: I'm not in control here. Commander's orders.

Sleg: *snarl* Then go speak to your precious commander and tell him that if he continues to threaten my people, then me and my soldiers will continue to defend them!

Percy: I'll be sure to remind him, Commander. And I said that loosely because I seriously doubt you're commander of this hellhole.

Sleg: [Grabs Percy by the throat and throws him] OUT!!

Percy: *gets back up* I wish I could just snap my fingers and Sleg would die. Too bad life doesn't work like that. *pulls his hood up and goes back to the G.U.N. base*

Raharjo: Hmph. He told me he wanted to negotiate...

(At the G.U.N. base...)

Commander: [Watches Percy approach the base]

Percy: I'm back.

Commander: What did he say?

Percy: Let me put it to you this way: He's pissed. Royally.

Commander: I had a feeling he'd be...

Percy: So, what now?

Commander: I'm not sure...

Percy: I made it clear if he lays a claw on another G.U.N. soldier, I'll kill him, his family and his people if I must.

Commander: I commend your bravery, but Sleg and his people are not to be taken lightly.

Percy: Thanks for the good news.

Commander: I never said this would be easy, Percy.

Percy: Pfft... you guys raised me for a reason. This is my specialty.

Commander: I know that, Percy.

Percy: I'm gonna need a squadron of our best troops. They won't be coming back, though.

Commander: ...Very well.

Percy: Send them in. And keep in contact in case we need more troops and weapons.

Commander: *nods*


Percy: Alright, troops, move out and keep a low profile.

Soldier 1: *nods* Right.

Percy: Go! The commander isn't paying us by the hour!

[The troops stealthily depart.]

Percy: Alright... *sneaks into the village*

[In the village...]

Percy: *looking for Sleg*

[Voirrey, one of Sleg's three kids, happens to see Percy sneaking through the village.]

Percy: *spots Voirrey and contacts the other troops* I've been spotted. Attack immediately.

Voirrey: NO!! [runs up to him] Please, stop!!

Percy: ...

Voirrey: Please...why can't you just leave us alone...?!

Percy: Why can't your dad stop being a total jack@$$ to the rest of the world?

Voirrey: Your people attack ours for no reason at all! We're only trying to protect ourselves!

Percy: That's a load of s**t.

Voirrey: Oh yeah?! Rathnait went out collecting food once, and G.U.N troops attacked her out of nowhere! She wasn't even in their territory!

Percy: Serves her right for being part of a wretched clan. *contacts the troops again* What's taking you guys so long?

Voirrey: That's no reason at all to get attacked!!

[With the G.U.N soldiers, Sleg and Aloysius are leading an attack on them.]

Percy: Predictable. *rushes off to fight Sleg*

Voirrey: .......

(Meanwhile, the two sides are still fighting.)

Percy: *runs towards the troops* How are we doing?

Soldier 1: Not too well...!

Percy: Obviously. *shoots at Sleg*

[The bullet misses him.]

Sleg: !!

Percy: These guys just don't know when to quit! *pulls out an assault rifle and shoots Sleg multiple times*

Sleg: [Deflects the bullets with his battle axe] Leave this one to me...!! [charges at Percy]

Percy: Men! You handle the others! I'm going after the big, bad wolf!

Soldier #3: Yes sir!

Aloysius: You heard ze man, Kameraden! Let us eradeecate zees G.U.N scum!!

[The cryptids charge at the soldiers as Sleg reaches Percy.]

Percy: This is it...

Sleg: Now we can settle this once and for all...

Part 2Edit

Percy: Your move.

Sleg: [Sets axe to the side] Very well. [suddenly dashes at Percy, preparing to use Night Slash]

Percy: *loads machine gun and mutters* Come on...

Sleg: [Swats the machine gun out of Percy's hands with the Night Slash attack]

Percy: *dodges the attack, grabs the machine gun and shoots Sleg*

[Sleg's thick fur and hide help block the bullets. He performs a twirling kick attack at Percy.]

Percy: *falls back*

Sleg: [Dashes forward and does a strong straight jab]

Percy: *groans*

Sleg: [Slashes at Percy with his sharp claws]

Percy: *dodges out of the way*

Sleg: [Slashes again]

Percy: *gets slashed in the chest and screams*

Sleg: Tell you what; surrender now and I won't kill you.

Percy: *contacts Commander Tower* We have no choice: nuke the village! I repeat: nuke the village!

Sleg: That's it; YOU DIE!! [grabs Percy by the throat]

Tower: [Over radio] Percy? Percy?!

Percy: *kicks Sleg in the chest and he drops him* Nuke the damn village!

Tower: How close are you to the village?! I can't nuke if you're too close!!

Sleg: BA*****!!! [slugs Percy with a left hook]

Percy: *dodges the attack* I'm willing the risk it, Commander!

Tower: ...Very well. Tower out.

[Tower hangs up his end of the radio.]

Percy: *hangs up and looks at Sleg* See you in the afterlife.

Sleg: I'm going to send you there first! [slashes at Percy]

Percy: Good luck with that. *dodges the attack* [Meanwhile, Guntur Ahool's sharp hearing allowed him to hear Percy speaking to Commander Tower.]

Guntur: Keep the soldiers at bay! I've got to warn the village!

Rathnait: Wait, why??

Guntur: [Starts to fly towards the village] They're planning to nuke the village!

[Back with Sleg and Percy, they continue their battle.]

Percy: *overhears Guntur and contacts Tower* Commander, nuke the f***ing village!

Tower: [Over radio] Right! [hangs up]

[A few seconds later, the nuke is released, heading for the village. By that time, Guntur is herding the frightened citizens into a huge cave near the back.]

Percy: Oh, well.

[The nuke gets closer...]


[The nuke halts in mid-air, then suddenly dive-bombs the village.]


Sleg: [Shields himself]

Percy: *being incinerated* Hey, Sleg...

Sleg: [Looks at Percy] ??

Percy: *flips him off before disappearing* I'll be back.

Sleg: Did he just flip me the bird? *rolls eyes* Childish...

[In the now destroyed village, everyone survived the nuke by hiding in the cave.]

(Meanwhile, at the G.U.N. base...)

Tower:'s done.

(Suddenly, Percy appears, badly burnt, but alive.)

Percy: *weakly* They survived.

Tower: What?!

Percy: They survived. *passes out from his wounds*

[Tower orders some soldiers to get Percy to the medical bay.]

Percy: *still breathing*

[They get him to the medical bay and some doctors start to mend his wounds.]

Percy: *breathing calmly*

Doctor 1: Thank goodness he'll make it.

Percy: *starts to wake up*

Doctor 2: He's starting to wake up.

Percy: What happened?

Doctor 1: You survived an explosion from a nuke.

Percy: *gets up and groans*

Doctor 2: Take it slow, now.

Percy: I'm fine.

Doctor 2: Are you sure?

Percy: Yeah.

Doctor 2: Alright then.

Percy: Where's Tower?

Doctor 2: He's in his office.

Percy: Okay. *leaves*

(In Tower's office...)

Tower: Ah, Percy. How are you holding up?

Percy: I'm fine.

Tower: That's good.

Percy: Anything new on Sleg? Is he rebuilding? Is he relocating?

Tower: We're not sure. There's been no activity from them.

Percy: Hm...

Tower: What are you thinking, Percy?

Percy: We have to find out what they're up to.

Tower: That's a good idea.

Percy: Chances are, it'll be a revenge plot.

Tower: Yes.

Percy: Possibly an invasion.

Tower: Hmm. Their numbers are a bit too small for a full-scale invasion...

Percy: They'd most likely increase their forces.

Tower: There are very few cryptids around nowadays...

Percy: Are you sure about that?

Tower: Yes...

Percy: They're most likely hiding.

Tower: Hiding, you say?

Percy: Possibly.

Tower: I see...

Percy: I'll go on this mission alone.

Tower: Very well.

Percy: *leaves*


Percy: *spying on Sleg and the cryptids*

[It seems they're traveling to a new home...]

Percy: *thinking* Predictable. *contacts Tower* They're relocating.

Tower: Good. That'll hopefully lead to less conflicts.

Percy: I doubt it.

Tower: Why's that?

Percy: I sense that they'll plan an attack sometime in the future.

Tower: I see...

Percy: They'll most likely attack us one by one. I'm not sure.

Tower: Then we'll have to keep a close eye on them.

Percy: Will do.

Tower: Excellent. Tower out. [hangs up]

Percy: *hangs up*

[The cryptids continue walking.]

Percy: *follows them*

Aloysius: Hmph. I doubt zat G.U.N vill leave us alone eef vee move...

Sleg: If we move far enough away from them, they won't bother spending the time to travel such a distance.

Percy: *thinking* Are you sure about that?

Sleg: And if they've got the gall to attack us still, we'll destroy every soldier that enters our territory!

Percy: *contacts Tower* Did you get all that?

Tower: Yes; they're obviously moving in an attempt to avoid future conflict.

Percy: Not only that, but Sleg said that they'll destroy every G.U.N. soldier that enters their territory.

Tower: Yes, I've heard.

Percy: I'm headed back to base. *runs off to the G.U.N. base*

Tower: Very well. Tower out. [hangs up]

(At the G.U.N. base...)

Percy: I'm back.

Tower: Welcome back.

Percy: Thanks.

Tower: No problem.

Percy: What should we do?

Tower: It may be best to wait for now.

Percy: Yes, sir.

[So they wait.]

Percy: You know, if we want to prevent an invasion, we ought to just declare war on them.

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