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  • Hello again, I seemed to not  had the urge to look at your movie on your Project. Because i'm working on a video game project that is real compared to your writing. Now I had the time to stop by, look at your projects and pictures. Note the fence, I hate to say this to you. Here it comes. -\- mmmmm rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr What are you thinking the putting X-Men and all these video game cartoon characters. Sega will not accept this.  Because Sega is a kids court for sonic kids TV X-Men is A adult court PG FX Other characters represent a different course  My character represents kids TV, but lower the match as a child. For sonic tv. And he's really. For kids character TV show. As a baby he is. Your project is lame. Nobody. Will come here to view your project. You can sit here forever, you will never get one single sense. Really, you can block me that'll just make it worse for you. If you send this project to Sega site. They will simply band you, tell you simply stilling sonic's characters. Those are really sonic character. For me if I send my project to sega site sights they will simply think about it.  I will get a waiting. Warnings that there'd think about it. Mines will be approved, but yours won't  because yours doesn't seem very good. You might get people coming commonly, but that was the last take. The person that that block me he was in X-Men artists. That doesn't like sonic the hedgehog that wants to things different that he wants to take control of and make an X-Men road, some I just remembered you said something about shadow and sonic my bed. I didn't mean to say anything about that. Something different Anyway your project to me denied. Because the characters are mixed with  other characters and so many companies. The companies will not extend for this they will deny you as possible. It has to be very good and it will not be. The planets don't collide with each other like that it will not work. Your work projects a piece of garbage. Don't put my character in your project. Because I would take it down.  Lesson I'm not trying to make you upset or put you down.

    It's how you will see it if you want that way.

    Your movie will never make it in Sega is not X-Men.

    X-Men is not Sega.

    The totally different companies different.

    Sega will not become a blood fest and drove away all those kids that love sonic  sega will not do that.

    You have to choose one not both one.

    The one you choose you stick with it you can't just switch.

    You stick with one company and you go all the way into you die.

    And I choose Sega's gone all the way with them all the way with sonic.

    And if I stick with that I will find myself with the blue color.

    In their path is starting to come close to me as it strengthens every time I stick with them.

    The more I stick with them the more they open up to me.

    So you got to stick with one company and make one movie with one company you just can't do random mix. Characters like I want use every single personal.

    No it doesn't work that way you choose one.

    If you choose one you have to change everything they're into there  session go one way and stick with it.

    Have a nice day I hope you find your perfect path. It's like Pokémon I choosing one Pokémon and you stick with that one go all the way with it. 

    See you later have a nice.

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    • Akrivus wrote:
      لدي البلوتونيوم، والوقت لقتل الكفار. الله اكبر.


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